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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Another Move, and I Don't Want It!!

Well, its inevitable. I am getting married this year, probably in February. But there is a glitch in the plan. My partner wants me to move to Sacramento, and I have told him repeatedly that I do not want to live too far from the ocean. He knows I never wanted to leave the ocean again. But he says this will only be temporary. He calls it our first baby step. He's got some business opportunities there that he wants to take advantage of. UGH! I don't want to move to Sacramento. Of all places in the world, I never had any desire to move to Sacramento!! Or anywhere in California for that matter. I hate California!!! Not dissing my friends who live there, but California is just not for me. Every time I've ever gone through California, I always manage to get in some kind of trouble! I don't want to do that again!! Not that I go there looking for it, really! I don't! But somehow in California, it just always manages to find me. And I have spent WAY more than enough time away from the ocean!! I never wanted to leave the ocean again!!

I dunno, I don't think this partner and I were really made for each other. I mean, I love meat. He doesn't eat meat. I love the ocean, he doesn't. I refuse to go vegan, even for him! I really don't want to move from the ocean. I know I will be miserable, even with him there. I'll be miserable, because it'll either be too hot, too dry, and too far from the ocean to hear the waves. He promises this will only last for a few months, while he's there getting on his feet. He also promises me a much better life than the one I am living now. He's from a wealthy family, so I believe him. He's a hard worker too. He says after he's connected with a job here, we'll save enough money to move, possibly to the east coast, where he has some associates. Wow. I've never lived on the east coast before. Connecticut sounds like a cool place to move to, I think I want to move there. The east coast has some nice coasts, and the coastal towns are better developed than they are here. But they also have hurricane threats every year. NYC got slapped by a big one in 2014. I'll just have to learn to deal with them I guess.

When I moved here, I had hoped this would be the last place I'd ever have to move to. But I never counted on actually getting married. Oh well, at least it'll make my ma happy. If I move to Sacramento, I'll at least be living less than 100 miles away from her. It's just that I know the few months my partner and I will be there, I know I am going to be miserable, because it's just not where I ever pictured myself living. Sacramento also has a high crime rate. But then so does NYC, Portland and NJ. I'm just not looking forward to this move! You thought I was miserable in Montana? I have the feeling I'm going to be much worse living in Sacramento!!
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