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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cat-Fight Continuance

Oh boy!! LOL! I love when this happens and I am proven right. Remember the video I talked about where it shows people who hate cats are introduced to kittens for the first time. Well, I keep getting notices from that video, someone somewhere comments on the things I say. I prove basically why dogs are indeed better than cats. It's true!! People today deny it, but it is true. A cat will never be born that is better than a well-maintained dog. Well, I compared cats and dogs to like-minded people. I mean people who have made careers of these things. The things that make them comparable to dogs and cats. I said "If a cat can be compared to a person, they'd be serial killers. If a dog can be compared to a person, they'd be soldiers." Which I've always found to be true. I compare dogs to soldiers because they are trained to obey, they aim to please, they're hard, tireless workers, and they protect their leader. The very things a soldier is supposed to do.

Cats, on the other hand, are a TOTALLY different story. They are the very definition of a serial killer. Though the catfags try to deny it. The reason why is the reason why I compare cats to serial killers. I compare them to serial killers because they are everything a serial killer is. They're quiet, they work mostly at night, they manipulate people with charm and grace, they lure you in with kindness or friendliness, and they torture and kill en masse for the sake of pleasure. I don't think I've ever made a more accurate analogy of both species in my entire life. Both are very true! Though I don't think cats are charming and graceful at all, but it seems that is how they manipulate those who like them. I personally see right through their little scheme. I've had years of practice at it!

Well, someone on YouTube, who calls himself Spectreofwar (I shortened his name to "the war guy") gave his own completely distorted views of what I said about dogs being soldiers and cats being serial killers. As a catfag, he obviously doesn't agree with me. LOL! But that is OK. Looking at his post, it's easy to see he does not completely understand dogs, or cats for that matter. Here is the whole conversation:

8:24 AM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan What? If cats would be people, they'd be politicians and businessmen (the very affluent type that thinks the world revolves around them). If dogs would be people, they'd be teenage gang members, always looking to impress someone regardless of what it is they do, susceptible to terrible habits and bad behaviour, and not above being total assholes.
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Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
10:15 AM
+Spectreofwar LOL! Not sure how you figured that analogy, but it is perfectly obvious you don't know dogs. I never have had a dog that is anything like you describe, and I've had a LOT of dogs! In fact, the way you describe dogs is more like the behavior I've seen in cats. Not dogs. LOL!
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12:35 PM
cats don't try to impress people and I had about 2 dogs that acted like that.
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
1:40 PM
+TaraSobiki Then you agree, cats are definitely NOT like businessmen or politicians. Both are ALWAYS trying to impress people. That's what they are about. And if you had 2 dogs that have acted the way the war guy describes, then it can be blamed either on yourself, or the person you got the dogs from. Bad dogs are the products of bad breeders and bad owners. Dogs don't do it by themselves. Cats, on the other hand, are evil by nature. So, I don't like them.

Well, sorry to say, but the war guy is wrong in his views of both dogs and cats. If a cat could be compared to a politician or a business man, it'd be one that is either a total asshole or an unsuccessful one. Since cats do not "try to impress" and do not aim to please. Any politician or businessman that is like that cannot be very successful or affluent. It's obvious the war guy's comparison is based solely on prejudice, not fact. And look at his comparison of dogs!! LOL!! Totally, TOTALLY WRONG!! And it seems as if his opinion is focusing entirely on the negative side of dogs. The side that is only the result of bad owners. Not bad dogs. In fact, like I said, his comparison to dogs is more like what I've found cats to be like. This is another reason I really do not like fags.

Well, not everything the war guy says is totally wrong, I mean, even soldiers can be complete assholes. But nowhere near as big of assholes as serial killers. The difference is that serial killers hide it behind kindness and manipulation; just like a cat. And cats do think the world revolves around them. But they would not be very affluent if they don't aim to please or if they don't impress anyone. And yes, dogs do look to impress, it's a part of their nature, they aim to please their leader. That's what makes dogs so wonderful, and better than cats. At least in my eyes. I've always been a very good doggy-mommy. My dogs have always been well-behaved. Nothing like the "teenage gang members" that the war guy describes.

This is the part of the story where I praise responsible breeders and responsible owners. Yes, I know I hate show breeders, though I am trying to work on that!! But I like them much better than the irresponsible breeders who just breed to whatever they think is "cute", or what will create "cute mongrel puppies", or because someone looked at their dogs and said they wanted one like them. Those are NOT good reasons to breed!! You have to study their personality, as well as their lines to see how well they mix up, and know what you are doing before taking the plunge into breeding. That goes for when you want to breed only once, or if you want to make a hobby out of it. Those things are essential. I still don't like the show breeders who choose to be assholes, and believe me, there are many!! But I have also met some nice ones.

Well, I still stand by my analysis of cats and dogs. I never had a dog that behaved the way the war guy describes. The trouble is people match themselves up with the wrong breeds, then blame the dog because it does what it is either programmed to do by the nature of the breed, or what it is trained to do by the owner. This is why I now keep chihuahuas and papillons, instead of pit bulls or golden retrievers. I know chihuahuas and papillons very well. I know how to handle them, and control them. I know how to train them, and I would never get one from an irresponsible breeder. Shoot! I may get some hate-filled comments because of this, but this is also why I don't do rescues. Though I wouldn't mind fostering. But rescues come with a lot of problems. I dunno, maybe if I found the right dog at a rescue shelter, I'd adopt it. But it hasn't happened lately.

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