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Monday, January 25, 2016

Celebrity Smack-Down

I should have wrote this a few days ago, but I've been busy working on a different kind of video I want to put on YouTube. It's not a videobook or a vlog. It's Eva, the Trollinator. hehehe! It's going to be my new way of calling out trolls and dislikable people on YouTube. It's going to be a semi-animated series. I know I didn't ever want to give the trolls any more attention on YouTube, but sometimes a troll comes along that is so incredibly stupid it makes me laugh so hard, I just have to give them some kind of notification. This one will talk about some piece of work who calls himself SMDTURBO. He's probably the dumbest troll I've seen on YouTube in a long time, and this video will explain why. It should be up within the week.

Anyways, the reason I am writing this blog, I want to give a shout-out to Garry Beers of INXS. The poor man was cornered and stomped by a big, dumbass bully whose name is Robert McGuigan. It's all because of Garry's dog getting loose from his collar and getting into McGuigan's yard and greeting his dog. Because of that, McGuigan kicked my Garry in the face, and I don't like that!! I hate bullies!! I just hope Garry is OK. Garry, as I understand it, tried to calm the situation down, but McGuigan would not hear of it, he just kept punching and kicking my man!! If I had been there, I would have slammed down hard on McGuigan, believe me!! Garry did manage to get his dog back on the leash, and he walked off, to my knowledge, he did not touch McGuigan. Just got his dog and walked away, and you'd think it would have ended there. But no. Because McGuigan is a dumbass bullshit bully, now I heard he is stalking Garry, threatening him with further harm, driving by Garry's house, shouting at him with all kinds of obscenities. Seriously, a normal person would have just let this go. But then again, a normal person would not have gotten so outrageously angry just because one dog wanted to greet another dog. I don't know what McGuigan's problem is!

Well, I wish McGuigan would just leave Garry and his family alone!!! Why does he feel the need to carry on, stalking and harassing my Garry? Garry is such a nice guy, he was always good to me when I met him. And before McGuigan reads this, IF he happens to, and gets some kind of horseshit idea in his pea-sized cranial-glob, I just want him to know that Garry and I are not close! He did NOT put me up to this! He just happens to be the former member of a band I still love very much, and I don't want to see him hurt!! So, my advice to this McGuigan character: LEAVE MY GARRY ALONE!!!!!! JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!! YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND HE WILL STAY IN HIS CORNER, FAR AWAY FROM YOU AND YOUR WRETCHED KIND!!!!!!!!! I wish I was able to get down to LA myself, if I hear of this idiot harassing Garry again, I'd make my way down there and I'd sit on McGuigan until he turned blue!! You don't want a fatass blob of a woman sitting on your damn face do you?! If so, then keep on harassing Garry and I will eventually! If not, then just leave him alone!!

As for my words to Garry Beers himself, don't blame yourself man, this is not your fault. From what I read, it was just an accident. I guess the thing they got going around now where they say you should leave 2-fingers width between your dog's neck and his collar is not good enough. A dog can easily get it's head through that. I was taught when I walk a dog, especially a big dog, to use a choke-collar. Though the animal-rights activists seem to be against that. I'd never leave that on them, I'd only have it on to walk them. With little dogs, you don't really need it, but bigger dogs would because they are so much more powerful than an average person. I do so hope that Garry is OK. I hope that he stays OK. I'm going to be looking out for this story, if there's anymore details that come up, or if there's any new developments. But my prayers are with Garry that he and his family stays OK. He has a restraining order against McGuigan, but it does not seem like McGuigan is honoring it. Poor Garry was torn up so bad by his encounter with McGuigan, he cannot even go to rehearsals with his new band. I feel so bad about what happened to him. I don't want him living in fear, or having to worry every time he steps out of his house that some psycho savage twat is going to jump him. I want Garry to be happy. Right now, that would make me so happy. Even though INXS has disbanded, I still love these guys so much. I lost my Michael. I don't want to lose another one. I will keep praying for GOD to keep his safety angels with Garry and his family until I know everything is safe for them.

I love you Garry. Keep on doing what you've been doing. I wish you very well with your new band. I hope to see you performing someday. GOD be with you all!

In other, more exciting news, my Michael was the #1 top trending subject on Facebook for his birthday!! Ohh, I am SOOOOOOOOO happy about that!! It does melt my heart that new fans are popping up everywhere. It's good to see that INXS is still very much appreciated. I still love these guys so much! I always will. Like one of my friends pointed out this morning, if I live to be 95 years old, I will still be bopping my head to their music with enthusiasm! I love them all so much!!
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