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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is My Group Invisible??

I dunno, I feel kindof insulted by my buddies on Facebook! I have this wonderful group where anyone can go to view unique pics of INXS, pics I've had floating around on my hard drive for years for some of them, unseen by the public. The group is set to closed, so not just anyone can view these pics. I started this group for fans to come in and admire the beautiful men of INXS. I also work hard to keep my group going strong. Well, I kinda flecked off during the holidays. But I am back in the game now. I allow everyone to post whatever they want, I allow freedom of speech on my group. Every post that was ever made on that group is still up today. Well, with the exception of a post made by a troll who hacked a member's account. But that post was obscene and had nothing at all to do with INXS. It was a picture of some chick sucking a horse's penis. If it had been a pic of some chick sucking Michael's or Timmy's dong, it wouldn't have bothered me at all. At least it has something to do with INXS. But there are only a few people posting! Including myself. Most posters all go to the other groups and post and don't even give any concern about the members in my group. And these are people who are members of my group too. It's not like they're not in the group. So, I feel insulted!

At first I thought they were not posting because of the "for sale" feature that I used to have on my group. I know a lot of people complained because they could not figure out how to post without that feature popping up. So, I turned that feature off to help make things easier. But most of these people are STILL going to other groups and posting, instead of in my group. I just cannot understand it. I cannot force people to post there, and I won't try. But when I see people who are members of my group bypass my group and post their pics and stories in other groups, well it makes me kinda sad. It makes me think perhaps I am doing something wrong. But I don't know what, and no one has the guts to tell me. I'm like "Come on people! This is a forum of free speech! I won't ban you for saying what you want to say. Why don't you like posting in my group?!" The only thing that would make me ban someone is if they are just coming in to spam or troll. I don't tolerate that.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a member of several groups, and I do enjoy them. But to keep my group alive takes up all my time. And why should I comment on other groups when I am trying very hard to keep my group alive and well? That is why I have stopped commenting too much in other groups. I am in the Australian INXS/Michael Hutchence group, but frankly, I do not like their rules. I love the group and the mods, so don't get me wrong. But they don't even allow people to post links to other groups on there. That's kindof wrong. This isn't supposed to be a competition. I am also on the INXS/Michael Hutchence Fan Fiction group, and I do post there sometimes, when it is about INXS fan fiction stories. That is, after all, what the group is all about. I don't post there at all unless it is about one of my INXS or INXS-related stories. But to look at and admire pics of INXS, that is what my group is set up for. That is why I call it "Tim-Hutch Love", because it is about loving and admiring these handsome men and the work they put into their music. So, when I see someone going to other groups to post things that my group was set up for as well, and completely ignoring my group, yes it does make me feel kinda sad. I feel like something is wrong with my group that I am not seeing.

When I first started this group, one of the things that I feared the most was that it would whither and die after a few months and nobody would come in anymore. Sometimes it feels like I am right. The only thing I can do is keep trying to keep it alive. Even if it means completely giving up the other groups I am on. I'd hate to do it! I really would. But if it comes down to that, I may have no choice. I want to keep this group alive, even if it takes every last bit of strength I have left in my body. It's very important to me. I do thank the people who have continued to post to my group and help keep that place going. All I can say to those who do not post, or rarely post, and have never started a post, is tell me what am I doing wrong that you don't want to post to the group anymore? Why do you not like Tim-Hutch Love? Tell me so I can improve the group. Well, I do have a plan for when I finally reach 500 members. When that happens, IF that happens. A very special, big surprise!

Well, I want to do this INXS compilation book if I can. It'd be great! It would be nice to be able to include the work of other people in that compilation as well. I even sweetened it with a reward for those whose work(s) we choose to use in the book. But so far, no submissions yet have been sent. But we have until the end of May. And if no one submits anything, then that is fine too. I will just continue with that compilation book as planned using my own work. No big deal. Then at least the reward all goes to me. hehehe!

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