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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Michael Turns 56 Today!

That's right! My beautiful Michael turns 56 today! I love him and miss him so much! He was my world, he was my inspiration, he was my joy, my soul, basically he was my everything! I know this is beginning to sound like a cliche coming from me, but I loved that man with all my being. All my heart and soul. I never loved any man as much as I did Michael Hutchence. I heard when a woman meets the right man, she knows it. Well, I never felt the sparks I did with Michael with anybody else. Not even Timmy. Though I do still love my Timmy, today is Michael's day though. But yes, I do still love Timmy with everything I got left. He means everything to me. But today is my Michael's day. It is merely the 21st here in the USA, but in Australia, where Michael was from originally, it is now the 22nd.

Well, I've basically said most everything I've had to say about Michael. I just wanted to give him a shout-out for his special day. I love him so much, and I will always love him. I will always live for him. I wish he was still here. But he's not and it's all thanks to Paula and Bob. GOD I hate those two!! The band may not want to blame them, Michael's remaining family members may not want to blame them, but I will forever believe Paula and Bob were the cause of Michael killing himself. Why else would Paula kill herself and leave Lily to fend for herself? She was feeling guilty because she realized she was the cause of Michael killing himself. I say she should feel guilty! That is why I now refer to Paula as "the savage beast", because she killed my Michael.

A lot of people say not to blame her, because it would have happened had Michael been with any girl. But I do not think so. I truly believe Paula did something to him. I don't know what, but she did do something. He looked more miserable with her than he did with any other woman he was with before her. Even Helena, and he was with Helena for a long time after his accident. He still looked happier with her than he did with Paula! Paula was the one being unfaithful to Bob too. Not that I truly care, I mean, that's none of my business as I am not even a fan of either one of them. But to drag Michael into her affair just because she wanted to tout him like a trophy, it's sick! Makes me sick to think about it! Had he stayed with Helena, he'd probably still be here, probably living happily ever after. Think about it, Helena's little boy could have been Michael's. Probably would have inherited his luscious curly hair and talent, then we'd have another Michael in the world to love and admire once again. As long as he didn't go emo. Or Michael could have been with me, we'd have a dozen kids and we'd be happy together. I know I would be. But I wouldn't even let him look at another girl. LOL!

Anyways, Michael baby, I love you so much! I miss you so much! I wish you were still here with us. Happy birthday!!

Michael and his Lily-bud.

I'd swear this is one of Chris Cuffaro's pics.

I always love his hair!

Rest well in Heaven my beautiful! I'm such a nurturing person, this picture just makes me want to give him a nice, tender kiss on top of his head.

To quote my other former favorite band, He's got the look!

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