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Friday, January 29, 2016

Things I Did This Morning That I Hate

LOL!! I thought this would be an interesting subject. Things I did this morning (alone) that I truly hate! Well, I didn't do them actually, they were things I saw this morning that I hate. So, revamp the title a bit. Anyways, these are some things that I would absolutely love it if I never had to see them again in my lifetime. But unfortunately I don't think any of these things are going anywhere, just going to become more popular.

1. Videos that you have to read!
I hate these!!! They are videos people on YouTube make that have loud music and you have to sit close to the screen in order to read them. And unless the videos are done by professionals, the words are never up long enough for anyone to read them!! I have one video like that myself, but out of literally over 160 videos, it's the only one, and I did it for UMG Productions. But I am a pro. I put the words up long enough for people to read them. This is the kind of thing that should only be done by a professional video editor. Not by the average Jo-Blo who can have an account on YouTube! Unless you want your video to be seen only by speed readers. But not all of us are speed-readers.

2. Donald Trump
No, I did not "do" Donald Trump! I hate that guy!!! I can't stand him!! I don't ever want to see his face again as long as I live! But unfortunately it looks like he is fated to become our next president. He's ahead of everyone in votes. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with America??? Why are we only drawn to the worst possible candidates we can ever encounter for president???!!! We haven't had a decent president since Jimmy Carter. I guess for the same reason that stupid grumpy cat and the Kardashians are so popular, because everyone now loves things that don't deserve love. Things that do nothing for fame except just being famous and having their ugly faces plastered everywhere! Geez!! It's a sick world we live in!!

Well shoot! I thought this was going to be a long post, but I guess I was wrong. There really isn't much I hate. Sorry Dirty Dozen Mob! LOL! Oh fuck 'um! Everything else I saw today I loved. Some pics of Michael and Timmy, and a video of a movie that I've never seen before that played Never Tear Us Apart (the song). The movie was not even about INXS! It's wonderful to see INXS being used now in other movies and TV shows. I'm also stocking up on cookbooks, ha! I know I don't need them, but there are some I would love to have back, so I am getting them again. I'm still waiting for one that I ordered to show up. Then my collection will be complete. I think I even found a book that shows how to make truffles like the Sweet Shoppe does in Phillipsburg, MT. I LOVE their truffles!!!!! I could get a whole box of them and be happy! Now, I think I've found out how they make them. That's good! Now, I can make my own here at home.
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