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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Video Story Books

I have a new thing available now at UMG Productions' website, videobooks! I enjoy making videos as you all know, and lately have become quite versed in creating videobooks. They are books that are still stories, but not in basic book form. Basically all I do is read the stories over my computer's mic, and put pictures from the story in the video. I've done 2 already. Actually 3, if you count the Christmas story I did with Eva, Katrina and Davy. But that is not an official story on UMG Productions. It was just my first attempt at one of these video story books. I think this is a great thing to have, it would be great for people who cannot read, but still enjoy hearing a good story. Or for kids who want a nice story read to them, with pictures. Or for people who cannot quite yet grasp the idea of how to read graphic novels, which is what most of the books on the UMG Productions website is. I have also used this technology to put pay-per-view videos on the website.

All of the videos are either for rent, or download, though download costs a lot more. It's cheaper to rent, but you only get 48 hours of rent time, and you only get to run the video 2 times. I just finished completing one story, Gracie's Odyssey. I did all the voices and everything. I never realized how talented I am at creating different voices! It was exciting to try!! When you hear the story, you don't think it's me doing all the different vocals, but it is! LOL!! I even got the baby's voice perfectly!! I couldn't believe it myself! It turned out to be a great videobook! I could watch it over and over! It's probably the closest I will ever get to seeing that story in animated form in my lifetime! I always said it would make an awesome movie! It's probably my favorite story. It is classified as a UMG masterpiece! It's almost 30 minutes long too. Well, I just put it up on the website, so it is now available as a videobook.

I also did One Day In November... as a video storybook. That video turned out to be nearly an hour long, but it is the whole story, with words, pictures and music. I did put only one clip (under the fair-use act) of Need U Tonight within the video, but just a clip. I wanted to talk about the opening riffs that attracted me to the song, as it mentions in the story. I also created a few pictures for the sake of the story. I put a couple pictures of that night I went to that concert to see Michael perform, unfortunately they are only drawings, but I did not get any photographs from that night. So, I put my memory to work and conjured up some drawings that best describes what took place that night so many years ago. But the story is a good one! I suggest checking the video out. I have fun creating these video books. It's fun seeing all my ideas come to life (somewhat) for the first time! I'm enjoying this! I'm going to create more video books! If you'd like to check out what I got so far, go to the category of video books on the UMG Productions website: http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/Videobooks Or, you can also view some of our movies directly on the site: http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/Video%20Movies

Of course we still have the traditional ebooks and paperback stories available for purchase too, but I am constantly trying to think of ways to make the site better.

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