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Friday, January 15, 2016

Woman Gets Slapped So Hard That When She Drops.. Well Look At Her Flip F...

Well, this is going to be an unusual day! A double-posting day! Well, in contrast to the last post I made this morning, I ran into this video last night. This is of a big man who strikes a woman in a store. Apparently she touches him and he doesn't like it and hits her hard and knocks her down. A lot of people say he should not have done that. But let's face it, the woman was getting in his face and she put her hands on him first. He warned her not to touch him too. This is a small girl, and the man is BIG!! Well, I'm probably bigger than him, but anyways, there are some ways I agree with what this man did, and some ways I don't agree. Oddly enough, coming from a woman.

Well, it all boils down to the damn feminists! They demanded to be treated like equals. So, by their logic, if a woman strikes a man, he should be expected to strike her back. Even though two wrongs don't make a right. But I bet it sure makes the man feel better! Much better than just standing there like a sitting duck, and taking it from an abusive woman. When Patti cornered me in the kitchen that third night I spent at her place, I let her do it. For only one reason; because I wanted to try and make that roommate deal work out. If I had known what the next day would bring, I would have just given up and slammed Patti. Believe me, I really wanted to do that!! I wanted so much to punch her in the face! To this day, I wish I had! Punching her would have made me feel so much better! And I would not be kicking myself so much now! But Patti told me her ex-husband was a beater. Well, after that night with her in the kitchen, I quickly understood why he beat her! She probably provoked it! I'm not normally in the habit of blaming the victim, but in the case of Patti and her ex-husband, seems HE would have been more the victim, not Patti. Believe me, I didn't do anything to her to cause her to go off on me like that. She just got it in her mind that night to tease, torment and harass me. Oh yeah! Giving her a good sock in the jaw would have felt so good that night!! LOL! I can't even begin to tell you how close I came to doing just that.

Well, I always say a real man should never strike a woman. But then again if the woman, like Patti, provokes it, or in any way instigates it, he doesn't have to sit there and take it from her. Far too many women just lash out because they believe "He's a man, I'm a woman. A man never strikes a woman!" Some women seem to always take advantage of that. Believe me, gentlemen are rare these days. Probably again because of feminists. If a woman hits a man, he shouldn't have to take it. He should not be expected to just let it go. But if a woman is just speaking her mind, and the man does not agree, and gets violent because he doesn't agree, then that's different. That should not happen! That is no reason to hit anyone. I would only really lash out if someone puts their hands on me first. I'm a big girl too! LOL! But I don't think I would knock someone out. But I could put them in a chokehold until they turn blue, then sit on them. I've done it before. If Patti would have put her hands on me, believe me when I say the outcome of that night would have been totally different! And I probably would have been jailed. But there was no real reason for me to strike her, as all she was doing was speaking her mind. I just felt like doing it. LOL!! All I would have needed to put Patti in her place was for her to just touch me, and that would have been the end of it. LOL!

Well blame it on the fags. The feminists wanted sexual equality, though in my personal opinion, I don't think a lot of women are ready for that, judging by what I have seen these days. The vegans want us to stop eating meat, which again will take away our rights to choose. People wanted racial stereotypes to stop, so they cut, edited, or completely took away any cartoons, or old TV shows in their original form that "fed the stereotypes", even though the stereotypes they want censored are usually there for a reason. You know, pretty soon we won't have anything! This world would be a boring place to live in. Anyway, here is the video of a man smacking down on a woman...


mikessa said...

I cant stand feminists either, you should hear the disgusting things I say about them.
I still believe that the woman's place is in the home and that men should act like gentlemen- open doors, pull out the chair, and help the lady with her coat. I know it sounds old fashioned, but that's me. I don't do this modern bullshit between men and women.
What happened is that the 60s happened, that's when all this crap started. Blame the hippies and radicals, they started everything even though I only knew about all these changes since the 90s. That's because in the 70s and 80s we were just kids and kids don't notice anything.

TimGal said...

Just as I thought, the 60s. Where the whole world went upside-down! I hate radicals so damn much it makes my hair bleed!!