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Sunday, February 7, 2016

An Interesting Experiment

Well, I can honestly say, this trolling for fun has taught me some interesting things. But ya know, I think it's time to move on, because I have an even more interesting idea in mind. Not sure when I will do it, I have to prepare myself emotionally for it. The idea came to me yesterday from an encounter with a hit-and-run troll who called herself Nini Beauty. I was thinking what if I were to go into a video for dog-lovers and do exactly the same thing with them as I have been doing with the cat-radicals? How would they react? I don't mind the cat-lovers. It's the radicals I hate. By doing this trolling for fun, I've found that the cat-radicals are no different than any other radicals. But what about dog-radicals? How would they respond to a person who hates dogs? Are they as bad as the feline radicals? Are they worse? Do they even exist? I've never encountered them myself, probably because I have 2 dogs myself and I love them more than life it's self. But this Nini Beauty implied they are very bad. So, I am kinda interested to see for myself.

I thought about maybe finding a video somewhere on YouTube, which is like this one about people who hate cats, go to that video, and tell everyone I hate dogs. I want to see how they would respond. See if they act the same way the cat-radicals did. Or if they are worse. Or if no one responds at all. This would be a very interesting experiment! But like I said I have to prepare myself emotionally for this, it's going to be hard pretending I hate dogs with such passion. I hope Minnie and Vegas never reads my responses. This is going to be much harder than it was to pretend I hate cats with such passion. I mean, teasing the radicals is fun, but to be honest, I really don't hate all cats as much as I portray on that video. I still love siamese cats. I like black cats too. It's really just tabbies I hate. I just did it because I love to harass the radicals. LOL!! It's fun pissing off radicals. OK, so I turned troll for this venture, but if I do the same in a dog-loving video I would have to turn troll there too in order to get the full-effect.

There are some things about dogs that I do hate. I hate their butt-sniffing behavior! That is the worst thing about dogs. Cats are butt-sniffers too. That's why they hold their tails in the air. Its a mutual-exchange "You sniff my butt and I'll sniff yours and we'll both be happy together forever!" It's just that cats are daintier than dogs when they poke their nose in your butt. I used to have both a dog and a cat, and I slept with the both of them in my bed occasionally. I woke up in the middle of the night once, and felt someone's nose in my ass. I thought it was the dog. I felt down there and grabbed the nose out of my ass, and it turned out it wasn't the dog at all, it was the cat!! Up until then, I never knew cats did that either. I thought that was strictly a dog-thing! Over the years of dealing with cats, I've seen many cats poke their noses in peoples' behinds. So, dogs are not the only ones who do that. Dogs though also like eating crap, and I hate that too! That's something cats don't do. Big dogs are especially notorious for that! I'm not saying smaller dogs don't do that, just that I've seen that behavior more from the bigger dogs. I once had an australian shepherd that would stick his nose in the cat's behind while the cat was trying to take a dump, and lick the crap as it was coming out, and eat it. Obviously, if you are eating right now, you may not want to read this blog post! LOL!! But those are a couple things about dogs that I do hate.

Well, one of my friends (and only one) has a siamese kitten and he posted a picture of himself holding that kitten, and I said "That is the cutest dang kitten I've ever seen!!" It's an extreme wedge-head too!! It's a beautiful siamese!! Good to see at least one of my friends has a cat that isn't an ugly old gray tabby!! Another friend recently got a cat and announced it to everyone, and it's an ugly gray tabby! I didn't congratulate her. I just thought "is that the best you could find in a cat??" An ugly old gray tabby!!! I hate them! They are the biggest eyesore in the cat world. I find black cats to be the friendliest of all. Yet, people still have suspicions about them. Oddly enough. Oh well. Not my problem, I still would never have another cat myself. But I cannot tell the people on this video thread that I don't hate cats as much as I portrayed on there. LOL!! That would tip off the radicals. Well, some have already got the message that I am trolling for fun! But it's also added a great deal to this experimental thing. I accurately predicted Superior Scream's actions, and I am proud of myself for that! I still got it!! LOL! I'm still good at pinpointing a person's personality. And back in the days of the old INXS Fan Forum, Penny said I was "way off" in knowing what people are really like. LOL!! I would say on her I was definitely right, but I always judge how a person is by their actions on the internet. Of course I know you cannot judge a whole person by their actions on the internet. But you can get a good idea. Especially when you've never done anything bad to said person, and they still treat you harshly. Penny did. I didn't like Penny! She was something of a bully. And an asshole. Anyways, that was the way she presented herself on that forum.

Well, everyone on that video now thinks I am the wicked witch of the west because of the way I talked down at the radicals. But I do truly hate radicals. I got to have my fun with them, but I think I want to prepare myself for the next experiment. But if I am going to do this, I need to create a mock-account because if I don't, people will see I have dogs in my videos and know that I am lying when I say I hate dogs. But still, I have to prepare for this emotionally because it's going to be hard for me. But if I am going to receive the full effect of this experiment, I must hold my ground! I don't know when I will begin, and I have no idea which video I will do this on. But let's see what happens. It may be a while. I have to cut all ties to this cat-haters video. LOL!


mikessa said...

Never assume that cats don't do the same things dogs do. I seen cats sniff butts all the time. I even seen them drink outta the toilet. Cats are just as disgusting as dogs are. As for eating dumps, I don't know why dogs do it anyway. Now that is really disgusting and will not tolerate that behavior.
How can anyone say no to a Siamese? They are just like the perfect cats, especially with those big blue eyes and the black face. SWEET!!!

I cant really say much about radicals and why they exist. I thought radicals died back in the 70s. But for some reason, they are making a comeback. Next time tell them that your a radical....your a radical when it comes to getting rid of dumbasses, haha.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Everything is making a comeback! Including racism. Seems to be worse now than it's been in the last 20 years. Everyone says Obama is to blame for that too.