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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Calling All Nations!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Michael could be immortalized with his own star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood? I think it would be. I would love to see this happen! So they need more people to contribute. Michael's sister Tina and another helper have put together a campaign to help make this become a reality. I think Michael deserves it. I for one would love for this to happen as soon as possible. There is no reason why it shouldn't. Michael was the #1 trending subject on Facebook for his birthday this year, that's a very good sign. Maybe this will be the year Michael gets his own star in Hollywood. The fact he was from Australia should not stop something like this from happening here. Lots of foreign celebrities get their place in the Walk Of Fame. So why not Michael? Why not INXS as a whole? I loved these guys! They deserve to have lots of attention. They deserve to never be forgotten or left out of anything. So why not make this become a reality? Tina has been so nice in responding to all the contributors too.

When this does happen, I would love to be there to make a film of it going in, and maybe make a film of the celebration, if there is going to be one, or if it's just a simple gathering, get that on film too. Either way, I want to be able to make a film of this for my friends who may not be able to be there. This has been an on-going idea for quite some time now, I cannot wait for it to come forth. This may take as much as a year to come to life, but I totally want to be there when this thing is revealed to the world. I want to be one of the first to catch it on film. That will be the ultimate make-up with Michael. All those years I spent ignoring him, this will kindof make up for it. I did contribute what I could to the campaign. Believe me, if I could give more to it, I would! But I am doing all I can to spread the word, and I would hope other INXS fans would do the same. Meanwhile, I will try to save to get myself down there so I can make a little movie of it to put up on YouTube and show my friends. I think I will more display this film on my group, Tim-Hutch Love, than on my page. It is, afterall, a group for people to go into to remember Michael and Timmy.

Now, I wonder if Timmy would be there for something like this? Not sure, as he still lives in Australia, and he and Michael's sister were apparently not on the best terms. But it would be a great idea if all the guys of INXS could be there to see this come to life. I know I want to be there. I know Garry lives in LA. I don't know about my partner, but I would love to make it down to Hollywood just to attend this little gathering. I will bring it all to you live from my site! If you'd like to contribute, click on the link below.

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