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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Hate Feminists/Paula Yates/Radicals of ALL Kinds!

This video basically puts into a little detail how I feel about radicals. You all should know by now I hate radicals! The only thing I am radical against IS radicals. LOL! I used Groucho Marx there as the thumbnail, because I like how he put his definition of politics. Yes, I do think radicals and politics go hand-in-hand. You cannot really refer to one without talking about the other. I had a little bit of fun in this video. LOL! I brought my stuffed animals up from the van (finally) and have them all lying around my living room. I included them in this video. I talk about how radicals are over-PC crybabies, because they are. I also talk about the guy who I used to be friends with, and then found out he is a radical. I am glad he is out of my life completely, even though he gave me that magazine. I still have the magazine. Not that he is getting it back. LOL! This guy Matt, I should have known he was a wussy. More than once he's talked about deleting his Facebook page due to "bullying". Well, I never saw any bullying on his page, nor did I see anyone bullying him. And, judging by his reaction to people who disagree with him, I would venture to say there really was no bullying at all aimed towards him. Someone probably just didn't agree with something Matt said, and Matt called that "bullying". Like I said, he's a wussy! To think, I even named one of my Metazoic critters after him! Well, he wouldn't be the first person that I have one of my animals named after that I don't like anymore. It was a type of antelope of the Metazoic. Oh well. It's there, cannot change it now. LOL! Generic names of animals sometimes change, but not usually the species names. I want to keep up Metazoica the way real science keeps up modern taxonomy.

Well, that incident with Matt made me look at my own position among INXS fans. I'm learning to trust people from Australia and the UK a LOT less than I used to. Though I do still have friends from Australia and the UK, I'm just going to have to be more cautious if they ask to become my friends. I think, if they are INXS fans, I should put a disclaimer on my Facebook page saying something to the effect of;

"Before you send me a friend request, you should first know I can't stand Paula Yates, I don't give a shit if she is Lily's mom, I feel ANY woman could have had Michael's child, I don't feel she is special, and I especially don't feel Paula Yates is any more exempt from criticism than any other public figure. If any of this bothers you, then bugger off and do not click the button that says "Add Friend". You are an ass-kissing radical fag and I want NOTHING to do with you! But if you are fine with me having my own opinion, feel free to add me as a friend."

This would help to eliminate all radicals from ever adding me to their friends. Believe me, I have the most awesome friends on the planet! And they get better and better as the "hidden" radicals get weeded out. In the end, I might wind up with only a few friends. But that's fine with me. I'd rather have 2 awesome friends than 400 fair-weather "friends". Quality over quantity. In fact, I think I should do a complete clean-out of my friends. If I did that though, I would have far less than 400. I think that's the way GOD wants it. LOL! I think HE wants me to only have a few good friends.

Well, I am trying to get rid of my van. Though I think I can only sell it for scraps. I've been getting the run-around. First, I called Heritage For The Blind and tried to give my car to them. I figure if someone is going to take it away from me, it might as well be for a worthy cause. And this place also gives vacation vouchers so I thought that makes it worthwhile too. They told me they would get a tow car out here as soon as the next day. The van still doesn't run, and the manager wants it off this lot, so I must get rid of it one way or another. Well, the next day rolled around and I got a confirmation letter from the Heritage for the Blind, saying a tow car has been dispatched and they would be out here that day. I waited and waited. No one ever showed up. So, I called the charity again, they said if I don't get a phone call by their opening the next day to call them and let them know. I did get nervous when on the email, it said the tow company is in Portland, 100 miles away. I asked them "Would they really come out here? They're 100 miles from where I live!" But I was always assured it is OK.

Well, the next day, I called the tow company and they told me they have absolutely NO record of having to come out to my place to pick up a car. So, I called the charity again, and I was put on hold for 10 minutes at a time while they tried to straighten this out. Well, when this business was all done, they informed me that the tow company did not want to go as far as to my place, which is what I kindof figured I would hear. But it was a big disappointment!!

So, I tried calling another charity, this one was to save lost children. This one doesn't give vouchers, but I didn't care. I need that car to go. I'm planning a move very soon and I cannot leave it here. I told them first off that I live in Astoria, and asked them if their tow company is actually willing to come out this far and they said that would be no problem. So, they took down all the info they needed, and said the tow company would be contacting me shortly. So I waited again. No one ever called. So, I didn't bother to call this one, figuring someone would call later. Well they did, only to inform me that no, the tow company does not service my area!! I just told them "Thank you for letting me know". I was so glad I didn't put too much emphasis on this one part of my day. I'd have been disappointed. But due to what happened to me with the previous charity, I thought it was best not to get my hopes up too high with this one either. So, I didn't. And it was not as big a disappointment as the first one I dealt with. So now, I'm just trying to sell it. No takers so far.

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