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Friday, February 12, 2016

So What About Getting Older?

As I am getting older, I notice a lot of things are different. How the world perceives me is different. People used to just call me a fat whore. I was fine with that. But now, I've noticed a lot of people are adding the word "old" to that phrase. So now, I am not just a "fat whore", but also an "old fat whore". Getting old is different. LOL! My feelings and cares are also changing I noticed. The things that bothered me when I was younger, no longer bother me as an old person. I guess because a person gets my age, they get used to certain situations and become numb to it all. I became numb to "fat names" ages ago, and it stopped bothering me when people would call me "fat". Hey! At least it's true! I am fat. But this is who I am. I can live with the name calling, even learn to love it! Yes, you read that right; "love it!" My sis never could handle the name calling, which I guess is why she wanted so badly to lose weight. I say let them call me names all they want to. It's their right to free speech. I get called names all the time, believe me when I say it has zero affect on me. What I really want is for someone to come in to one of my videos and come up with a more creative name than just "fat old whore" or "fat old cunt". Those are pre-school-level names. I still have a $50 prize waiting for anyone who can come into my videos, without quoting any comedy acts, and come up with the most creative insult they can think of. So far, no one has been able to claim that prize. Not that I believe they will accept it.

When someone resorts to name-calling, they are either hurt or feel insecure by the person they are targeting. I am stubborn! I admit that. I'm sometimes proud of my stubbornness. Any time I haven't been proud of being so stubborn has not been because of anything that happened online, believe me! LOL! When someone online calls me names, I know I either hurt that person's feelings sometime in the past, or they see how strong I am, and how I won't back down, or I called them out on something they did not want to be called-out on, and I made them feel insecure because of it. That has almost always been the case, if not ALWAYS been the case. Name-calling is a last resort. It always denotes a weak person, which is why I rarely call anyone names. I call a spade a spade. I am fat, so I expect people to say I am fat. I have been called "fat" in a non-aggressive manner too. Though I would prefer higher-level name-callings than "you fat old cunt" or "fat bitch", I don't think that's likely to happen any time soon. I guess people these days just don't have the brain-capacity.

Anyways, what I don't understand is what is so wrong with being old? When I was in middle school, in English class, I had this teacher, who must have been in her 60s named Mrs. Gee. Well, in that class I had to sit next to a big, fat girl named Sandy Tincher, who was the most negative person I think I ever met in my life. Her whole hour during that class was spent saying things like "GOD I hate this class!" and "I hate old people!" and calling the teacher "stupid" and other things like that. Fat girls like her give fat people like me a bad name. She was worthy of the title "fat bitch" because she was fat and bitching was the only thing she had a talent for. She was the classic model of a fat girl being a bitch. Anyways, she'd be my age now. I wonder if she feels different being an old person herself. I'll tell you, I don't understand people who use "old" as an insult. Unless you plan to kill yourself when you reach 35, it's going to happen to you too! You're all going to get old. I never made fun of old people. Ever! I always found old people to be fascinating. Even when I was a teenager. But anyone who makes fun of old people, I always wonder what they plan to do when they get old? Or do they plan on just ending their lives before they get old. We don't get younger, we only get older. All these young people today who make fun of old people, I wish for them to become invalids when they reach old age, with no kids and no spouse to take care of them. Or if they do have kids, stick them in a home for old people. Maybe that will make those people think for a change.

Or what about their parents? How do these people, who hated old people when they were younger, feel about their parents getting old? Well, that would be hard to say as it seems kids don't love their parents anymore. Maybe they would be happy when their parents die? I don't know. I do know a lot of people who are the same age as me who have lost one, or both, of their parents. I've been lucky so far. I don't have any grandparents anymore, but both my parents are still here. However I do know, and dread, that inevitable day when my parents are going to kick the bucket. I feel bad for my friends whose parent, or parents, are deceased. That is why I thank GOD mine are both still here today. I'd like to enjoy the time I have left with them, however with both of them living so many miles away from me, that's harder now. My father is now the most untouchable, because he lives in Arizona, which is too hot for me! And too far south. And dad told me he would never move to Arizona!

Well, that's one of the many mysteries I will never understand about people. Fuck me! LOL!! But I am an old person. I am happy with the person I am, young or old. I don't care!

Let me tell you all, I wouldn't be a teenager today if someone were to pay me! The schools suck today, the TV shows suck, the music sucks!! Everything teens are supposed to love today SUCKS!!! I love being old. I love looking back on the things we had when I was a kid and remembering how lucky I was to have it in my life. I'll tell you, I probably never would have known about INXS if I had grown up in today's world. When I was a teenager, (most of the time) kids were innocent. We had better cartoons coming on TV in the mornings and afternoons. Sesame Street was still Sesame Street, the way it was meant to be with the little cartoons and skits and everything. Music was real and true, and came from the heart of those who sang it. And captured the heart of those who played it. We didn't listen to fanatics, whiners and radicals. Everyone had a dog, few people owned cats or paid them any mind at all. There was no such thing as "political correctness". We had better role-models. We went outside to play at our friends' houses instead of playing on the internet or video games.

But what have today's kids got?? Nothing! They're dumber than they were when I was a kid, far less innocent, the only role models they got are crappy ones today, all the good cartoons are no longer played on TV because they had to give way to "political correctness". Sesame Street should change it's name full-time to "Elmo's World" because that's the only character they seem to highlight nowadays. Kids today don't watch cartoons that are good and genuinely fun, but instead want to watch anime-style cartoons, which is nothing but crap! There are no real musicians today, Michael is gone so there is no INXS. Just Beyonce who does not sing about subjects she believes in, but instead has a group of writers to make up songs for her to sing just to keep her paycheck coming in. You couldn't pay me to buy a Beyonce album! She is so phony it's unbelievable!! And Kanye West is terrible too. Seems the only musical genre anyone today thinks is worth anything is rap and RnB and that is totally SAD!!! Today's schools are nothing but crap, and they are serving salads now instead of burgers and pizzas for lunch, which I also think is sad! Part of the fun I had in school was sitting down to have a nice burger and fries or a slice of pizza. If all that had been served back in my days was salads, I'd have rather brought food from home! And who are their role-models today? Donald Trump and a stupid grumpy cat!!

Yup, you couldn't pay me enough to be a teenager in today's world!! I'm glad I am old and we had the things we had when I was a teenager.

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