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Friday, February 5, 2016

Trolling For Fun

Yes I admit it. I am trolling for fun on this thread on YouTube. I love having fun with the fags/tards/radicals whatever the fuck you want to call them! This one person on this thread confronted me with it yesterday, some dude who calls himself Superior Scream. I told him yes I am trolling and I am loving every minute of it! For one thing, it's good mind-exercise. I am loving trolling these catfags and I love when they troll me back. LOL! I know that sounds strange, but when they troll me back, it gives me a chance to exercise my creativity. This Superior Scream guy was especially fun to work with. I was upset yesterday because of some things that have been happening so far this month, but I must say, Superior Scream made my day!! LOL!! He's been the most fun to work with so far. Another good thing about trolling, it's great training. It's interesting to see how well I hold my ground when faced with people slamming me and cussing me out for having my own opinions. That's the purpose of the fags/radicals, whatever! The day I start losing that ability to hold my ground, that's the day I give up the internet.

Well, if they want to point the finger at anyone for me being this way, I'll tell you, one person is my mom. Now, I am not blaming anyone, my mom had a huge hand in making me the person I am today. She always taught me to speak my mind. I can be nice about it if I want to. I don't go into a thread outright calling random people names. I only troll the radicals. The ones who deserve it. My mom had a positive impact on me growing up. But it was my encounter on the Acmepet site in 2001 with Kallie that had the biggest impact on me. Kallie taught me that if I am going to give my opinion, I'd better be prepared to stick to my guns! If she were to read this today, she would say "Oh NO! Don't try to pin this on me!! You are acting on your own!!" I know that is exactly what she'd say, or something to that effect. But yes, I can actually pin it on her. She totally, and possibly, inadvertently taught me to stick to my guns. I know this because up until I had that experience with her on the chihuahua forum at Acmepet, I gave my opinions, but never really took standing my ground seriously. The worst feeling I ever had in the world was the feeling of having to lie to her just to get her to like me again. It feels much better to be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I am not. Believe me when I say a LOT of people hate me because I give my opinions and stand my ground. Happens ALL the time. I've completely come to terms with it though. But on the other hand, there are lots of people who like me for it too. I've become a powerful person, so you can believe it when someone says "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I am a much stronger person and I am still alive today. If I die, I hope to still be strong in my next life. Hopefully stronger than I was in the beginning of this life. So, if anyone wants to point the finger at anyone for me being the way I am, you can thank Kallie. She is why I am so stubborn with my opinions. It was a lesson well learned!

Well, Superior Scream completely lost his shit last night because he said:

"So in short, you like to make people feel bad, basically because you can, and you're not ashamed to admit and endorse your actions because "catfags" do it too?

Ah. You're one of the best people I have ever met. Know what? You should kill all cats and the people who like them because they're scum and you're correct about everything. 

You're an awesome person."
Well, my response to him was this (his full response included):

+Superior Scream So, in summary:
1. People who like cats or people you don't like in general are "lowlife scum."

Catfags are not just cat-lovers. I have friends who are cat-lovers. Catfags are a whole different story.

2. You coin a new term to offend both gays and "cat people" and you're "okay" with that because you THINK they deserve it.

A "fag" is basically a cigarette. It has nothing to do with gays. That's something modern society made that word to be. But it's the perfect metaphoric terminology to describe hot-headed wussies like yourself. And yes, they deserve it!

3. You're judging/trolling people to get the point across that judgments are wrong? So you're hypocritically assuming that your opinion is the only good and useful opinion? 

I'm saying fight fire with fire. If they can go around saying "if you hate cats then I hate you", then they are willing to accept the consequential actions of making such judgments.

So in short, you like to make people feel bad, basically because you can, and you're not ashamed to admit and endorse your actions because "catfags" do it too?

Hell yes! Let them see how it feels. Just telling them not to judge would most likely not work.

Ah. You're one of the best people I have ever met. Know what? You should kill all cats and the people who like them because they're scum and you're correct about everything. 

So why don't you do that? I personally don't think it's right to stoop to killing people for what they like, but it seems you think that is OK. People can learn. But sadly most don't unless it is put on themselves and someone comes and says "now, you didn't like that did you."

You're an awesome person.

Thank you. :p I would say the same about you, but I don't like fags (radicals). Sorry dude.

Where he says "You're an awesome person", I knew he was bullshitting!! LOL! That's why I trolled him, and that is what set him off. His next response was this:

+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan 

Go to hell. You're a dog rapist in denial. Stay away from dogs, you nasty troll.

And I said to him this is the part I love the most. The part where the radicals completely lose their shit! hehehe! I had to do my nightly workout on the treadmill, so I left him alone for a while. But before I got back online, I said Superior Scream was going to have done either one of 2 things (or possibly both); either he was going to go to every post I replied to and call me things like "stupid", "idiot" or "moron" or all 3 --OR-- he's going to go to my videos and watch several of them and leave hateful comments on them. So I said "Let's see which of them he does" when I signed back online.

Sure enough, Superior Scream's predictable behavior went on a tirade throughout the video, saying things like this:

+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan 
You're a special kind of stupid. You need to get smarter. Maybe go to college and major in biology? 

Or give a stray dog a blowjob? Make your lips useful for once.


I'm done arguing with a delusional retard. I hope Dee, in time, sees how stupid they truly are.

This went on for several posts. I was right! I am always right!! LOL!! It never fails. When they cannot have their way, people like Superior Scream always resort to calling people who are right things like "stupid" and "idiot", and then usually it's followed by some kind of comments about sex. Well, this was his closing response to me last night:

Superior Scream
Yesterday 6:07 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

Because you're a coward hiding behind internet anonymity.

This was how I responded to him:

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:03 PM
+Superior Scream Well seeing as how I have videos of myself on YouTube, I wouldn't say I was "hiding". :) So, do you have any videos of yourself? Let's see.

So I went to his channel and looked. There were no videos or even pics of him at all! So, this was what I said...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:05 PM
+Superior Scream Hmm no. So using your own logic, I'd say you are indeed a coward hiding behind the internet dude. Sorry to burst your bubble :) LOL!

Well, this seemed to make Superior Scream even more angry. His response to this was...

Superior Scream
Yesterday 8:10 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan

How's that smiley face working out for you? You use them way too much when commenting.

You stupid, immature jackass. I would love to see you walk in PetCo and yell "catfags" at the top of your cum-filled lungs. You'd be called out about how offensive and stupid you're being. You wouldn't have the balls. Fuck you and fuck your poorly lit videos. I'm done with you. Go to your dogs. Maybe they'll "love" you and overlook your stupidity.

LOL!! He completely lost it. Well, I left the room for a minute, came back and watched a few videos on YouTube. But I also said to myself that sooner or later some sock-puppet is going to come in and pat Superior Scream on the back. I knew it was going to happen. Sure enough, it did! Someone who calls himself Victor Nega-Bunny (who I later would refer to as "the bunny-guy") came in to stroke "Superior's" ego...

Victor Nega-Bunny
Yesterday 8:14 PM
+Superior Scream
Nice burn, bud.

I was still laughing at Superior Scream. I gave 'the bunny-guy' only one response, because I knew he was just there to make Superior Scream feel better. This is all I said to the bunny-guy:

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 8:17 PM
+Victor Nega-Bunny Nice try anyways. Didn't burn though :)

No, there is no way Superior Scream could "burn" me. NO way whatsoever! I never take radicals seriously. In fact, I was having the most fun with Superior Scream! Got me laughing again last night after what was a hard day! Well, now that this sock-puppet, the bunny-guy, was here to stroke Superior Scream's ego, I knew they were going to start griping to each other about me. That's where it really got funny! They did not respond TO me directly, they just talked to each other ABOUT me. It was funny!! I guess they were hoping I would give them further responses so they could intentionally ignore me, but that wasn't going to happen. But I did look in on their griping about me and laughed a LOT! LOL! Sure enough I was right. The next time I saw them, this is what "the bunny-guy" had said to Superior Scream:

Arguing with trolls is pointless. In their minds, they either justify their actions or literally don't give two shits about how stupid they sound. Or things like common sense and reason. Personally, I like dogs and cats. Who's hating but Dee?

Just FTR, I do not hate people who like cats. I have friends who like cats. I even told this to Superior Scream, but it seemed to go way over his head. But I have no friends (and don't want any) who are cat-radicals. The radicals are the people who say "if you don't like cats, then I don't like you". Those people are the ones pushing others to agree with them. They are the ones who bully others for having their own opinion. If you were to look carefully at the comments I made on that video, you would see it's the radicals I am mostly trolling. Not the true cat-lovers. In fact, you could say I am downright sweet to the people who are just cat-lovers as long as they are not radicals. Radicals ruin everything for everybody. They always do! They are scum!!

Well, I toned down the use of the word "fags". LOL! I actually got that from Encyclopedia Dramatica. But one person who I did respect on this video asked me not to use the term "fag" negatively. He said please. LOL! That does get my attention better than anything else. I could call them "cat tards", but that makes me think of cat turds. LOL! Then I thought "Well on the other hand, maybe that is a better terminology!" Call them "cat turds". They are full of shit afterall. LOL! But all-in-all, they are radicals, so I guess to fit with modern society's meanings, I'll call them radicals.

Radicals are shit-heads! They do ruin everything for everybody! Look at what feminism has done! Chivalry is dead because of them. And all the things feminist radicals fought for, I don't even care about!! I have never voted, in all my years of being old enough to vote. I love my kitchen (obviously more than I love any cat that has ever been in my house) so I don't care when someone says "A woman's place is in the kitchen". I would never strike a man, so I don't worry about being struck by a man. Besides, for self-defense, I could just sit on them until they turn blue. I actually laughed my ass off last night watching one video where a feminist slapped some man, and then practically begged him to slap her back, and when he did she started crying and walked away saying "How could he slap me??" She asked for it though!! Men do not care anymore. Feminists want to be treated like equals, so they have to take the bad along with the good. Or what they think is good.

That's why I hate radicals. They *think* they are doing the world some good. But in reality, they are just ruining everything for everybody. I hate radicals with a passion!!!

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