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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Tough Decision

I don't know what is the right thing to do now. Hmmm. Looking back on some of my actions on Facebook, I'm thinking I am just not ready to associate with people yet. And no, it's not  just because of what's been happening over the last week. This kind of thing goes on all the time with me. I'm thinking of just deactivating my account on Facebook. Not deleting it, just deactivating it. Or maybe if I keep it, just keep around those INXS fans that I really REALLY trust very well. And of course family and personal friends. Let's face it, I will never understand people. Ever! This is a tough decision. I'm either going to do one or the other. This will lower me down in the number of friends quite considerably, but that's OK. I always said I would much rather have 1 or 2 good friends than 400 fair-weather ones. Really, I don't want to lose Facebook, because that's the only real way I can chat with my family now. Except by phone. So, most likely, I'm just going to do a mass clean-up. Nothing personal against those people I delete. I just need to close my Facebook account to outsiders. At least until I think I am ready. I have no idea how long that is going to take. I may have to also drop out of groups until I am positive I am ready.

Again, think of me as a wild animal. A wild animal that has to be acclimated to people a little at a time. I think for my own sake, it's best to keep just a few close friends around until I learn to understand and trust people again. I've always had trust issues with people, and I thought I was rehabilitated when I joined more INXS groups over the past couple of years. Maybe my having too many friends just went to my head and it was confusing to me. Maybe. Mind you, I am not making excuses. Just saying what is real. I'm going to stay in my own group, Tim-Hutch Love, but that will most likely be it. Anyone wants to contact me, they can do so there. But my friends can contact me any time they want. Those that remain. I will also keep family around and my closest friends. But I am going to reduce the number of INXS buds on my Facebook. For the time being.

I think my mind is made up, this is what I am going to do.

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