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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Celebrity Chasers

Ahh I was so happy for one of my buddies yesterday. After all these years, she finally got to meet Tom Jones! HA!! Well, she'd been after getting a photo-op with him for so long, she tried twice and figured third time would be the charm. It sure enough was!! hehehe! I couldn't help but smile with her on that. I heard Andrew Farriss was going too. I wonder if she saw him? Me, I'd have just been happy to see Andrew! I personally don't care about Tom Jones, but that's me. Not saying the man doesn't have talent or anything, I think he sings really good. But I never had the desire to meet him myself. I guess because my mom already met him. She worked backstage with him in the early 70s in LA. She told me all about what went on behind the scenes with him. She said women would throw their underwear and bras on stage and he would take them and just chuck them all in the garbage can backstage. I never understood why women do that anyways!! Why waste a decent piece of clothing on a celebrity that is only going to throw it away anyways? Bras are not cheap either!

I remember a long time ago, when the delusional mods forum was up, their cover photo was a picture of JD Fortune holding some loony-ass chick's bra in his hands. I would be willing to bet my entire life on the fact that when JD took that bra backstage, it wound up in the garbage can. So, the fool who lost that bra will never see it again. Not even on JD. What a waste! But anyways, this isn't about delusional fans or mods or whathaveyou. I just think it's wonderful this friend finally got to meet Tom Jones, if that is what she wanted. I think if I had been that bolder in the past, I could have had Michael, and Michael might still be alive today. Yes I got to kiss Michael, but looking back on it now, I wish I had done more than just one simple kiss. Maybe in the long run, it might have saved his life. I don't know though. I was watching my "Remembering Michael" DVD that I created back in Reno. On that disk, I have the VH1 documentary about Michael. Martha Troup, who was one of INXS's managers, did an interview on that show, and said there were many times Michael would say "I'm out of here!" Several times apparently he wanted out of the band. But she said something kept pulling him back.

Also on that disk, I have a show that did an extensive interview with Paula. There was an article out that infuriated Michael, saying Paula deserves to be slapped. LOL! Michael was pissed, but personally, I'd be all for it. Not for "falling in love and not being pretty enough". That's not why she deserved to be slapped. She deserved to be slapped for still being married to Bob Geldof, and having a child with Michael Hutchence. In the days of the Bible, and still today in some countries, Paula would have been stoned to death for doing that. Even in supposedly civilized cultures, something like that is frowned upon, though not necessarily will get her stoned, it'll still get her some hard looks. Paula should have completely divorced with Bob Geldof BEFORE creating a baby with Michael. Not while she was pregnant with Michael's child. Not that I care anything about Bob Geldof, the man is a loser lion anyways. But if Michael and Paula were looking for answers why the papers were saying she deserved to be slapped, that would be what I would put my money on being the reason that was said. And Paula herself instigated the tabloids in the first place.

Maybe I am unique among people, or maybe it's the brand of autism in my body, but the idea of stalking my favorite celebrities never appealed to me. I got to meet the guys of INXS. That's good enough for me. There are no others I am interested in having any interactions with. I've just always been somewhat lucky with celebrities. When I last visited Hollywood, my Groucho and I were both in the path of a movie being made. I saw cameras everywhere, movie-studio style cameras. I don't know what movie was being shot though. I'd never know unless I happen to see a following of fans everywhere because I don't know one celebrity from another these days. That's why I love INXS, they are unique. You got 2 extremely handsome men leading the band, one nerdy guy, one soft and cuddly guy, another mildly handsome guy, and one that is just wholesomely cute. Well, one of the two "extremely handsome" men is deceased, but the other is still there for me to enjoy. But in INXS you got a little bit of everything put together. You don't see that in any other band anywhere! I personally don't think Tom Jones is all that handsome, but my ma and some of my friends do. I think he's a cat person besides. Men who prefer cats are never that handsome. Sorry to say, but I've usually found it to be true. They almost all look dykey.

Well, really beauty is in the eye of the beholder. After looking at Michael and Timmy for so many years, all other men pale in comparison. I even came across one person this morning on YouTube who said David Bowie had beautiful eyes. All I could say was "EWWWW!!!!!!!!" I can say, with absolute honest certainty, that NOTHING on David Bowie was "beautiful"!!! The man was 100% UGLY! Even his singing! I know people who have met him, and said he was an OK guy, but I say no. I have zero interest in him. There's nothing about him that I even remotely like. I don't even like hearing about people who've met him. To me, it's all a big "so what?!"

Well, I am still waiting for my partner. I found out he went back home. I was like "WHAT?!?!" He told me he missed his home and the food here was expensive. I said "Well of course it was, you were in California! I told you not to move to California!" So, I have no idea what is going to happen now. Oh well! No big shakes. Not to me anyways. It's all up to him. Believe me, I am in no rush. He said he's coming back though next month, and he wants me to buy a car. I told him to send me the money and I'll get him whatever he wants. LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I'm not just marrying the man for his money or business sense. He's a good guy! Not sure how ready I am for marriage, I've been there once before and didn't like it. I had to get rid of a lot of my basic freedoms I enjoy. But I am thinking maybe with me being older now, perhaps I will enjoy it more. I still plan to go to Australia though. Nothing is going to stop me from making this movie. Nothing except maybe GOD HIM self. That's the only thing though. But every day I do pray to HIM that this idea works out well. To me right now, getting this movie done the way I want it is much more important than getting married. Though one has nothing to do with the other, I'm doing this movie regardless.

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