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Monday, March 7, 2016

Goodie! How Exciting!!

My last post was crossposted to the MH and His Life fan page. Good!! I'm glad! Go ahead and post this one there too. Ya know you people can post comments on my blog. There is that capability. Ah heck! They won't do it because they're spineless. And chances are I probably won't respond.

Anyways, I wanted to touch up a little bit on what I was thinking when I wrote that last post. Someone I know and love dearly was bullied on one of the groups for having her own opinion. I won't say who, but it doesn't matter to this story because I have seen it happen all across Facebook. I will forever stand up against bullying, and also will stand up for free speech. If it upsets people that I was upset hearing about someone I adore being bullied, well then that's the problem of those people. I suspected the bullying to be from "Fag Central". But I was not sure. I just wondered because I myself was harassed for having my own opinion. I was also banned for having my own opinion too, and I believe that to be a violation of my rights of free speech. Not only that, but they posted about me on the group AFTER I was kicked out, and also on a group that I was not a member of, never had been a member of, and never wanted to be a member of. I am not an evil person. They could have said what they wanted to say while I was in there. Or they could have said it on this blog. The comments are open, even to anonymous commenters if they wanted to stay hidden.

Yes, I said that the mods there acted like dictators. Because they DID! I know these people hate honesty, but I'm gonna say it whether they like it or not. I'm always honest with people, I believe that to be the way to be. I expect the same thing from them. As for my hatred of radicals, there is a BIG difference between a radical and a fan. I am an INXS fan. I've had people say to me "INXS sucks" and "I don't like INXS" and "INXS bites". But I don't care. That's their opinion. That's not my opinion. That's what makes me a fan. I've said this before, radicals are the ones like the mods in this group, that kick people out because they don't like the same things the mods like.

I wondered why when I looked in on my Facebook page today I was missing a lot of friends. This has to be some kind of record. LOL!! I went from 412 friends to 403 friends in one night. LOL! The numbers will probably keep going down. But hey! That's my job. I know I did my job well when I start losing friends. Like I've said, I'm not a politically correct person. I will voice my opinion, especially on my blog, because I feel I have to. And I will always stand up against bullying. I was bullied as a child, so I know what it feels like. I find even as an adult, there are still bullies out there. If I see a friend being bullied, yes I'm going to react. I'm not trying to be hostile. I just feel the bullying should stop. Once it does, I will stop speaking against it. But unfortunately this is a big world and people are cruel. So, it looks like I will always have to stand up against bullying.

As for calling the MH and his Life fan page "Fag Central", I did not mean EVERYONE in there are radicals. There are (or maybe WERE) still some people in there that I like and that I remained friends with. But then the mods began acting more like dictators. And I really do not care to go back or have anything more to do with that group. Some people have dropped me as a friend and I am fine with that. Believe me. Those that are still among my friends, thank you. I will continue to love my most loyal friends. Those who stay with me, you're awesome!! I must say, you are the strongest of the strong!!

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You have serious issues.