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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women's Day

Oh Wow. Now I've heard it all. Women get an international day all to themselves. I love being a woman, sometimes. LOL! It has it's good points and it's bad points. Last month I swear I got PMS. That's one of the things I hate about being a woman. Women also put on weight faster than men. So there's another thing I hate about being a woman. I'm one of few women that doesn't give a shit about this feminist movement, so that makes me somewhat unique among women. But then I am always unique. I'd prefer to be a lady, rather than a feminist. I was brought up to act like a lady, so I try. I can be a bitch too, but it's only skin-deep. LOL! I'm sure being a man has it's good points too. They don't have to pull their pants completely down to take a wizz in the woods. Did I say "wood"? LOL!!

Well, a lot of women have gone on to do some magnificent things. My #1 hero is Dian Fossey. I look up to her as a source of strength. Yes, I learned a lot of my strong points from her. She battled for what she believed in. She even laid down her life to save mountain gorillas from extinction. If I had to go by a manmade tragedy, I'd rather it be as I was fighting for what I believe in too. I've been an admirer of Dian Fossey's since 1988. I could not wait to see Gorillas In The Mist when I would see the advertisements on TV, before it was in the theaters. I read her book from cover to cover, several times. I love it. When I was thinner, I thought I even looked like her. IMO, she was the greatest woman ever to walk the earth! She did not succeed in stopping the poaching of mountain gorillas, as I hear it is still going on today. But she did slow it down, and she did bring awareness of what was going on between the gorillas and people. For that, I admire her. And I will always admire her.

However, she is the only woman I admire. Well, unless you count my family. I admire my sis because she is a great sis! She ambitioned to lose 100 pounds and she did! My sis has made sacrifices for me too, and I admire that. I admire my ma because she too has made sacrifices for me and my sis. She has also changed through the years, and she never stopped loving me and my sis. I even admire my stepmom, she kicked breast cancer's ass! She cleared that hurdle. I admire that. I also admire my friends. Now, I can honestly say I've got the most loyal friends ever on Facebook. Oh yes! I got down to 401 friends. I expect the numbers will still drop. But for now, it's good to find out how many real friends I have! Some of my friends are worried this will get me down. I tell them no. Please don't worry about me. This is my job. It's what I do. I keep everything honest. If I lose so-called "friends" because of that, well, they were not worth keeping in the first place anyways. But I love my friends for their concern.

At the same time, I understand how hard it is for people to stay loyal to a person like me. I'm an honest person, sometimes brutally honest. And I have lost friends over the years because of it. It comes with the territory. LOL! I fight for what I believe in, and many people find that intimidating. They can't take it so they leave. But I won't change. I've been on the other side before and it was the worst feeling in the world!

Anyways, Dian Fossey is about the only famous woman I can think of that is worth a mention. I don't take well to female singers or musicians. I'm not saying they cannot be good musicians. I'm just saying I don't take to them very well. There are a few I like so, I can admire them. But IMO, and this may not be popular opinion, music is mostly a male-dominated occupation. Or it could be just because I am a woman, looking at the good-looking men in rock n roll, I take to them quicker. But there are some songs sang by women that I do like, and I've got them on my MP3 player. But as singers themselves, I am not into them. Even when I was a fan of Roxette, it was Per Gessle I admired. Not the woman, Marie Fredriksson I think is her name. I don't take to female TV personalities. Some look nice (as women go), and are nice people I'm sure, but I just don't take well to female celebrities. Again, it could be because I myself am a woman.

Now I wonder if there is an international men's day. Gender equality. LOL! That'll be the day to celebrate my men of INXS. Well, I am always celebrating them anyways. I love those men! They are the greatest!

Well, the saga continues this morning. One of the Yatesfags tried to join my group last night. I rejected her because I don't believe her to be an INXS fan. But I have the feeling I am going to be antsy about letting any new people in there for a while. This girl, I'd seen her before, and she was one of the radicals. So my guess was she was going in there just to stir up shit. If she wants to stir up shit, she can do it here. One of my friends pointed out she actually likes small, intimate groups like mine. So maybe my group growing larger would not be such a hot thing afterall.

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Anonymous said...

Did not realise that you were a woman. Thought that you were a man in drag. Learn something new each day!