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Friday, March 4, 2016

No More Groups

Hmm. I remember after the INXS miniseries came out, I joined several groups dedicated to INXS, and became quite active. It was fun at first, but as the year went on, and some moderators began to act like dictators, it became far less fun. One group that I became quite attached to in the beginning, but it quickly lost it's luster was the Michael Hutchence And His Life Fan Page; the page that I now refer to as "Fag Central". Why? Because it's full of fags (radicals). And they are not Michael Hutchence radicals. They are Yatesfags. They should probably change the name of their page to "Don't Join Unless You Are A Yatesfag Page". Of course I wouldn't like them any better if they were Michael Hutchence radicals. I just plain HATE radicals! If I had the power, I'd take all the radicals of the world, put them in a huge concentration camp, and nuke them all off the face of the earth! The world would be a better place if I did that, that's for sure! But unfortunately, I don't have that power. Only GOD has that power. But why GOD created radicals I'll never understand. Or maybe GOD didn't create the radicals. I think radicals must be a product of the devil. It makes sense! They ruin the world for everybody, so they must be creations from Hell.

Well, more and more radicals are deleting me from their friends on Facebook. There are a couple still among my friends that I think are very questionable. We used to be friends, and I was always nice to them, but since the incident with the Yatesfags a few months ago, I've noticed a few of them have stopped communication with me. So, they might be fags. I should delete them! I was also quite close to Matt Burney, and he deleted me. Not only that, but he also blocked me on Facebook. LOL!! I say GOOD!! I used to like him, but once I found out he was a fag, he was dead as far as I was concerned! hehehe! He's gone and I am glad. One less radical to look at. And I never would have guessed he was a radical. He squealed himself out. Eventually, I figure, they ALL will rat themselves out because radicals are dumb. They cannot keep their mouths shut forever when facing so much adversity. Either they will delete me or I will delete them. I should post those pics of Paula blacked out on my Facebook page, that'll weed out anymore radicals that may be lurking around. And really, the mods of the Michael Hutchence And His Life Fan Page have no room to talk. Maria How has actually posted pics where the other band members have been cut out. And then there is Karin H. She takes pics of Michael and Helena, and any other chick he is with, and cuts their heads out and places her own head on their bodies, just so she can make it look like she's standing in the picture with Michael. Basically that's the same thing I do with the pictures with Paula, and they all love it when she does it. So there is a double-standard there.

Anyways, another victim was claimed by this crowd of bullies in a group. I won't go into detail about who it was or what happened, as it is very personal. All I will say about the person is I've never known her to be anything but sweet and kind and very respectful. She's never argued with anyone ever, she respects other peoples' opinions. She's definitely the farthest thing from being a radical that I've ever seen, besides myself. But some bullies in a group just decided to harass her for saying how she felt. I noticed that now seems to be a trend. Especially for those groups that are growing. Once they reach 1000 members, the mods start running their groups the way Kim Jong-Un runs North Korea! I pray to GOD I never get like that. Well, I always try to keep my own moderation to a minimum. I prefer to let people have their own opinions, and I let them know that too. The only time I would get involved is if it turns into out of control mud-slinging. But what other people might think is mud-slinging, I may not consider it as such because I have such a thick skin, and I see things differently from other people. Some people are extremely sensitive. To them, just the act of disagreeing with them is enough for them to lose their shit. For me, it doesn't get bad until it turns into name-calling. Cussing I can handle. Name-calling there is no rational reason for.

Ya know, its funny I would say that, knowing I call radicals "fags". LOL!!! While in my language, I am not meaning to demean gay people, that is how a lot of people take it. Modern society are the ones that put the word "fag" on gay people. But you notice, their cause is not called "fag-pride movement", it's called "gay-pride". Really, a "fag" is a cigarette. I call radicals that because they are hot-headed, just like cigarettes. And they stink just like cigarettes too! LOL! Well! Blame Encyclopedia Dramatica! I got it from them! LOL!

Well, I notice fewer people are commenting on groups now, my group is nearly dead. I lost several people just this past week. But you know, I feel that GOD does not want my group to grow any more than what it has. I think HE thinks maybe that it may not be good for me. I never wanted to be popular when I was a kid. Though I did get a taste of popularity in the groups, it didn't change me. The only thing it did for me was let down my guard. Maybe that is why GOD does not want me to have any more friends than I have now, and why HE won't allow me to have any more visitors to my group. That is my guess. That's the way it's been working out lately. The most I've had on my group has been 357, now I'm down to 355, for the third time. People come and go a lot. But after losing that many viewers that many times, I begin to believe it to be an act of GOD. It can't be me, as I do everything I can to make that group a lot of fun. Perhaps there is more I can do to improve the group. But mostly now, I post as many awesome pics as I can find, I let people voice their opinions and I don't judge anyone. I don't even take my miseries to the group at all. I don't tell people to go out and attack those who do me wrong. I don't even use the group to attack people who have done me wrong. I'm not Maria or Roberta!! LOL! I only use the group to post pics for viewers to lust over. That could be another reason GOD does not want the group to succeed. According to the Bible, HE does not like lust.

Well, I do have big plans when my group reaches 500 members. Well I have "A" big plan. I don't want to reveal what it is here, but it will involve all the members of the group. That is IF that magical day ever comes. But I think with GOD having HIS plan in place, I may never see that number in my group at all. Even a couple of my friends have noticed whenever they post something in any of the groups, no one responds. I've been to some other groups and they are all dead. I mean, people post sometimes, but there are very few responses, despite the fact there are more members of those groups than there are in mine. I think it may be because they are afraid of being bullied. But no one bullies in the groups I am in, yet most of them get few responses. The most active group I am in is the Australian INXS page. I lurk in there sometimes, not often. I like the group well enough and I like the mods, but they censor things. Too many posts get deleted in there for no reason. I remember last year one post, from a Garry fan, went on for a few days with no mud-slinging going on at all. Suddenly one day the whole post was deleted. The original poster didn't know why it got deleted, but it upset him. I couldn't even understand why it was deleted as there was no fighting of any kind in that post. I've seen people in there thanking the mods for making that a positive place to post. But that kind of moderation does come with a price. It costs us our free speech rights, which I believe whole-heartedly in. I let people battle out their differences, because I feel nothing gets solved if people censor others. To me, that is not right. And if everyone agrees with everyone else, the world would be one hell of a dull place!! No one learns anything if someone does not criticize them. No one can change that cannot accept criticism. Those are words I live by. I take those words to my facebook page and my INXS group.

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