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Sunday, March 27, 2016

OMG This Is Too LOL!!!

LOL!!! One of my friends shared this with me, I love it!! A little humor on Paula Yates. See the picture below? My sis thought that was really a man! LOL! I mean really! Look at it! Paula had a manly face. Fake boobs, fake lips, probably a fake vagina too! Funny how her kids all look like their fathers and not like her. Except for Lily and Peaches, her kids are heavy too. Paula obviously either has the fat gene in her, or someone else had those kids, and Paula just didn't want anyone to know. Either that or feeding your babies silicone makes them put on weight.

Anyways, I posted this here because tonight, I was kinda kicking around a cute idea for a new story. I was thumbing through some ideas I had jotted down many years ago for an INXS story, and came across an old idea. The story has Michael and 3 girlfriends fighting over him. They were Kylie, Helena and Paula. But I thought instead of doing that idea, how about ME and Michael and Paula. I always said what it would be like if I had grabbed Michael before Paula. I thought I could put that to work in this story. Those of us who really love and care about Michael would love it. The Yatesfags would hate it! LOL! I kissed Michael, back in '91. So, I thought I would begin the story there, only carry it a bit further. I thought about having me (well, Candi is my bad girl, so it'd be her instead) grabbing Michael and whisper to him "Meet me after the show baby" and they do.

I picture Candi and Michael sitting together on a sofa backstage, alone. Then in walks a naked Paula. I heard she actually did do that once, so this wouldn't be just simply 100% made-up. I figured out how to draw Michael, though I don't do it very well, now I have to figure out how to caricaturize Paula. I've never drawn her before, I never had the need or desire to. I can figure it out though. That won't be difficult. I couldn't possibly make her look any uglier. But from there, you can imagine what Candi's reaction would be. Just like I always said I would react, that's how Candi would react. I'd tear Paula apart if I'd caught her messing with my man! If I like this well enough, I might include it in the latest INXS compilation story book. I still need to finish the story I've been working on with Jon!! That's a good story! I definitely want to include it.

This is the same compilation I thought would be a good idea to get other people involved in, though so far, no one has contributed. But that is OK. No problem at all. I will continue to publish it as planned, with works from our own authors. No big deal. Since getting this new idea, I might go with that as well. In my last compilation book, Kooky Kritters, I had 3 stories all of different animals with funny names. It came out great!! Well, I have been planning this INXS compilation book for a while now. I just thought it would be a great idea to get other people involved in it. Give them a chance to display some of their own fan fiction stories. But if they don't want to contribute, then that is OK too. Ya know, as often as I write INXS stories, I should make them a part of our character line-up! LOL!! But nah! I'm just doing this for this compilation book.

Some subjects I write about quite a bit in my stories. All of those subjects are things that have had some huge impact in my life. I've got more stories about Mount St. Helens than any other subject. That mountain helped make me the strong person I am today. I'm a survivor! I even have INXS and the volcano in the same story, which will be included in the compilation book. And then there are other stories that take place on or near Mount St. Helens. Even one that takes place just before the major eruption it had in 1980. I put my own eruption scenes in the story. But this new thing with INXS stories, I dunno. I keep getting inspired. Story ideas have become so scarce for me in my old age, I gotta take down as many ideas as I can.

Stories that include Mount St. Helens are:

The Waking of the Volcano

The Mountain is Exploding!

A Tribute To Mount St. Helens

INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens

The Time Machine


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