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Monday, March 28, 2016

Road Rage Linked to Cat Owners

Huh!! This is interesting! Road rage has actually been linked to cat owners. According to this article I found in the sidebar as today's top story. Its very interesting! Cat owners are 22% more likely to suffer out of control bursts of anger than people who do not own cats. I haven't had a cat in years, maybe that is why I am so able to keep my temper down to a minimum. My heart rate is fine, my blood pressure is perfect, and I manage to catch myself before I blow my top. Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes get angry (mostly radicals are what pisses me off), but I don't have out of control anger. And most of the people I have seen with such out of control anger has always been cat-owners. I used to have a cat myself. Even though I only had him for a little while before I decided it was time for him to go, I did notice my anger was out of control sometimes when he was living with me. Cats don't last long in my house. I don't like them in my house because they are highly destructive. Much more destructive than any of my chihuahuas ever were! Well anyways, I can't live without my dogs, so it was the cat that had to go. Luckily, I didn't fall under the cat's spell like people today seem to. I recognized the cat was the problem in the household, so I gave him away, to whomever would take him. I haven't looked back and I haven't had another cat since, and I still don't want one. Especially now that I've read this!

But this all happened before I ever knew anything that was mentioned in this article! This also may explain why people today are more rude than they ever were in the past! More people are getting cats. Thank GOD I will never be one of them. Though I did once come close, about a year ago. I had contemplated getting a cat simply because I was out of story ideas, and I'd noticed some of my best story ideas came when I had a cat around. The reason for all of this is the parasites that cats carry, it messes with your brain. It makes people go crazy. This article says that about 30% of humans are affected by this parasite called toxoplasmosis. Catfags refuse to admit the disease even exists, or that they may even be affected by it. In fact, it could even be this parasite that makes them catfags in the first place. But living that kind of life, I know a cat person when I see one. They all look the same. The men who prefer cats are very, well..."unmanly". They tend to more remind me of little boys than men. Or are very meek and mousey type men.

I remember last year when my ma and I were coming back to my place from California, this young woman in an SUV came up behind us and got angry because she wanted to go a race car's speed up a mountain highway and my ma was driving the speed limit. I thought it was funny. It's always funny when these dumbasses get angry because someone ahead of them is going the speed limit, and it forces them to. I got a good look at the woman driving the SUV. She was the kind that looked like one of those straight-A students, with the wide forehead, big eye glasses, hair back in a ponytail, beady eyes and short, narrow lips. Exactly how I expect a cat-person to look. I said to myself "She must be one of those kinds of people who has about a dozen cats at home and never had a dog in her life." She was so angry, she tried to cut my ma off. Ma has a new car, she didn't want to risk hitting the back of this person's SUV, so she slowed down. Had it been me in my van, I would have hit her car. I wouldn't have cared. LOL! She asked for it, by trying to cut me off. Some guy tried that with me once before and I didn't slow down at all. It made him angrier, but I didn't care. He flipped me the bird and I just laughed at him. I always do when someone flips the bird!! LOL! It's funny!!

Personally, I think cats should be completely eradicated from human society. Get rid of the cats, we get rid of the diseases they carry. Toxoplasmosis is just one of them. But it's gotten a lot of press lately because we are just learning about the effects it has on people. Dogs, especially like jack russell terriers, are far more effective rat-killers than cats. In the time it takes a cat to kill one rat, a terrier could dispatch more than 100 rats! I've seen them do it! Dogs just move faster than cats, and they don't spend any time contemplating whether they should do this or not. They just get in and do it!

Well anyways, here is the link to this article: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/03/24/cat-owners-may-be-more-prone-to-road-rage.html

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