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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Last Thing

OK, I took down last night's post. Relax people. I was just speculating. I didn't mention names so I was not meaning to hurt anyone. One of my friends, one of my most loyal friends, confronted me about this. I don't want to upset her, because I like her a lot. I like her even more now actually! She's earned my respect very well. And really, I was not trying to be vindictive. If I was, I would have mentioned the person's name and posted her pic. But I didn't want to go that route. However, I don't always know when I am being vindictive. I see other people doing things, and I believe it to be OK. Just saying, not making excuses or anything. Well, the person who told me, I like her a LOT. The last thing I wanted to do was upset her, so I took last night's post down. I am at peace now.

I'm an introvert, I don't always know when I hurt someone else's feelings. My feelings are not easily hurt, so I often think other people are as hard-skinned as I am. I usually laugh in the face of adversity, that's how I am. Think of me as being like a wild, undomesticated animal. I do what I do, if you play with me, I may get a little too rough, but I don't know I'm hurting you. Not unless you tell me. I commend this friend for confronting me on this matter like she did. I'd have more respect for people if they came to me themselves and told me how they feel. But most people don't. Especially on the internet. They just turn and walk away without saying a word. Or, in the case of Facebook, just delete you without saying why. It doesn't help me understand them at all. At least if I delete someone, they're going to know why I did it. One person I deleted recently, I sent her a PM before I did it to a link to this blog where I discovered she had slammed me behind my back. I'd have preferred she'd have slammed me to my face. I'm still going to avoid the person I spoke of last night at all costs. LOL! I still want to go to Australia though. I want to do this video! It's something I've never done before. And probably will never have the chance to do again.

Like I said before, I may be an introvert, but I am not an evil person. I have more respect for people who tell me how they feel when I do something, right or wrong, than I would have if someone just slams me behind my back. Who likes being slammed behind their back? Yes I talk about people on this blog, but my blog is open. The comment section is a free-for-all. If you have something to say about one of my posts, you have the option to say it. You won't be blocked, your comment won't be deleted. Just say what you feel. I won't always respond. I don't even guarantee it will be read by me. LOL! Cuz that's just how I am. Usually I respond only to comments that are not anonymous. And I don't cover-up either. I'll come right out and confess. I was brought up to always tell the truth, no matter what. But believe me when I say it's not always easy to be honest. But John Lennon was right, it does get you the right kind of friends. Even he has earned my respect too. I never considered myself to be a fan of John Lennon. But he does have more of my respect now that I know what he's talking about. LOL!

However, I want to keep these up. Because I thought they were funny...

The radicals viewing my blog before.

The radicals viewing my blog now.
And if you don't like what I say online, send me a PM. I may not respond right away, but I do eventually respond. I don't always stay on Facebook for long. I pop on and off of Facebook like Christmas lights. I may be there one second, and not there the next.


mikessa said...

I think you need a lesson here, no one is thick skinned especially nowadays. Everybody's a wuss!!! people are so hung up on their "itty bitty feelings" being hurt that they think they have to be coddled around like babies. They like to put on the "woah is me" act. Very few people this day and age are thick skinned and most of them are from our generation and before.

TimGal said...

Well dude, it's more than that. This complaint was from a friend. It's one thing when radicals get upset with me. It's very different when a friend is upset with me. It feels different. And this friend has been loyal so far. And she does things that makes me feel happy. So I don't want to upset her. That is why I removed the post.