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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Update To FAQs

I added an update to my FAQs section. Since radical people are dumb and I will probably forever have to keep explaining what constitutes a "radical" to me, I decided I had better put up what the difference between a radical and a fan is in my FAQs section. So, it is now there permanently for all to see. I still hate radicals!! I can sound passionate about radicals. Yes it's true. But I've always had nothing but bad experiences with radicals in the past. I love INXS, but I don't consider myself a radical INXS fan. I don't care if there are people out there that agree with me whether or not INXS is the best band in the world. Because to me, they always will be. That's all that counts in my book. That's the end of the relationship I have with INXS. I love the guys, I love the music. That is IT. I don't feel it is my personal responsibility to convert non-fans into fans. If I share my love of this band, and it does happen to convert a non-fan into a fan (it has happened before with me), then that is great!! But one thing I will never do is cuss and cry because someone says to me "INXS sucks dick" or something like that. That is what a radical does.

Sometimes, I might question someone who says that. I might ask them "What makes you say that?" but that's it. Their opinion is just that: THEIR opinion. We all have a right to it. A lot of people may think I am a bitch now, but that's just their opinion. LOL! Let's face it. People are the biggest wussies on the planet! I mean that! To them, if you don't agree with them, you're a horrible person. If you are honest with them, you are a horrible person, or you are crazy. Of course I love it when people say I am crazy. LOL! Because I AM. I don't deny that at all! Recently I posted something on Facebook that said something to the effect of "The only people that get mad at you for telling the truth are the people who have been lied to all their lives". Unfortunately a lot of people fall under that category. My parents did not lie to me. But society has. My parents taught me to treat people the way I'd want to be treated, and I do. There is no greater way of showing someone you care than to be honest with that person. They may not see it that way, but that is what I feel. Much as I hate people, I always treat people the exact same way I would want them to treat me. If I go offtrack, then I expect to get the same from others. It's a two-way road. I hate radicals, more than any other kind of people. Well, irresponsible people too, but they kindof fall under the category of radicals. But I'd expect them to hate me back, which is fine by me.

I am also not politically correct. That's something the radicals invented. I call a spade a spade. I don't call it an "upside down heart". I don't sugarcoat anything. All my friends know that. There are some exceptions. For example, I am 1/4 Cherokee, I do not call the native Americans "Indians". That's kindof confusing. I call the people from India "indians". As I understand it, it was Christopher Columbus that began calling native Americans "indians", because he thought he was in India when he landed in America and saw the people. So, that is where I try to be politically correct, but it's still for my own personal reasons. To be less confusing. Yes there are native Americans who call themselves "indians", but I just don't believe that is correct terminology. I also never call black people "niggers" because that is just an ugly word!! Though I know there are black people who call themselves that. I leave that to them on purpose, because even though I am not a white person, they would still look at me and take it the wrong way. I do usually call them "African Americans" though. But not all of them have roots from Africa. My best childhood friend didn't, and she was dark-skinned.

Well, I do try never to become a radical myself. Even with things I love like INXS and animals. That would actually be kindof hypocritical of me! LOL! The only people I exempt from labeling them as "radicals" are very close family and personal friends of the band. Sometimes I even have a hard time believing friends unless I know them and trust them myself. Like I know Michael has family on Facebook. If someone shit-talks Michael in front of them, I would expect them to stand up for him, simply because family should ALWAYS stand behind family! I'd do it for my family. I also know some of the people I know on Facebook are close friends of Michael's too, and I'd expect them to stand up for him. Though I think most of them choose not to. That's their choice though. As long as the opposer is not saying things like "Michael gave Paula an STD, forcing her to be hospitalized" with no proof, I probably wouldn't say anything either. Now, when I say friends, I mean actual friends of Michael's. Not friends of friends, I don't care what they say or think. That is to say people like Jannah, who is only a mere friend of a friend of Paula's, and probably not even really that outside of Facebook. She only knows what this (highly biased) friend says to her. She wouldn't know the whole truth. Which is why I do not listen to friends of friends. I believe Michael's sister FAR more than I believe Jannah. His sister was there. Jannah is just a radical fag that believes whatever Paula's friend told her.

I have a father who is a retired police officer, and a cousin who is still a police officer, and another cousin who is a lawyer, I have law instilled in my brain. LOL! I always say if it isn't admissible in a court of law then I cannot go along with it. And hearsay is not admissible. So, I tend not to listen to friends of friends, because then it turns all into "Well she said this" and "She told me this is what happened", and blah-blah-blah. I am very jaded, I have limits to what I will believe, and I do know someone who met Paula Yates and described what her encounter with her was like firsthand. So, I tend to believe that. All I can believe is what someone sees with their own eyes. Not what someone was told what happened.

Well, I admit I am passionate about radicals. They ruin everything for everyone and that does tend to make me angry, which is why I look at radicals with such passionate hatred. Hey! They do the same to me I am sure. But I thought I should post that I've put on my FAQs what to me makes a radical a radical, and why I feel that way. Not that I truly believe all viewers are going to view the FAQs, but they are there in the top bar.

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