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Friday, March 18, 2016

What School Didn't Teach Me

You may not believe this, but I learned a lot more watching television than I ever learned in school. I was watching a video once by a guy on YouTube who calls himself Red Pill Philosophy. The guy is a dickhead, but I kinda like him! He makes some good strong points in his videos. I know better than anyone people who are honest and speak their minds are often seen as assholes. LOL! Anyways, in one of his videos he talked about how schools don't teach kids anything. About the only thing I really learned in school was how to HATE people. I'd see the kind of people my age in schools and even walking home from school, and then I compare them to animals. I'll tell you all, a dog barking at me scared me a LOT less than seeing a 7 year old riding his bike next to me. At least the dog had it's reasons for barking at me, and I knew that. But people shouting obscenities at me for no reason at all, I couldn't see the point in that except maybe a desperate attempt to get my attention and get an angry response from me. But I don't even understand that.

On Judge Judy today, there was this 21 year old boy who did not even know the difference between "maternal" and "paternal" grandparents. LOL! To which, Judge Judy answers "Stay in school!" Of course a 21 year old can go to college and learn more than he could in high school, but I can tell you, I never learned the difference between those two words in school. Ever! It was never discussed in school. I actually first heard the terms "maternal" and "paternal" from nature shows.  Then it was a case of process of elimination. Like for example in a group of gorillas. The male was often referred to as the "patriarch", and the dominant females were referred to as "matriarchs". So naturally I assumed that in that sense, "matriarch" was referring to anything to do with the dominant females, aka, the mother, while "patriarch" referred to the father. That wasn't something that school taught me. That was something I learned growing up watching nature shows all the time. While other kids my age were watching Sesame Street and Romper Room, I was watching the Wild, Wild World of Animals, World of Survival, and New Wilderness. Those were my shows.

Now, I would occasionally watch Sesame Street, I still have collections of classic skits from the earlier days of the show. But I did not watch it all the time. If I found a nature show that looked even more interesting, I'd tune in to that instead. And even within Sesame Street episodes, I would see little movies about animals with music introducing them, and that made it fun.

I learned to love animals when I was a young kid. I can remember when I was 3 years old, in preschool, I think this was the first pleasant encounter with an animal that I can remember. One of the teachers brought in a tiny little toy poodle dog. It was so little and so cute! It looked at me and seemed to smile. That made me feel happy. I begged my parents to get me one like it, but they never would. At that time, I remember we had a big, clunky english setter dog. I hated that thing. It kept jumping me every time I went into the back yard. The little poodle was not like that! So, I learned to love smaller dogs. At that time, we also had an old stray cat that would come to our door and beg to be let in. I really liked cats when I was a kid. Of course I grew out of it. Well, that was one time school did come in handy. But that was preschool. That wasn't like high school or middle school or anything like that.

Half of the things I learned in my later school years, I don't even need right now! For example, I never understood the reason why history is mandatory to graduate! What the hell was I supposed to learn from taking history?? So I know the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, big deal!? So far that is not knowledge I've had to use in the adult world. And how could I forget the day when we celebrate it every year on July 4th?! And what about the Civil War? What the hell was I supposed to learn from that that I need in my adult life today? Nothing so far! Or World War 2? What am I supposed to take from that experience? Nothing! Except that people are assholes! But I did not have to take history to find out people are assholes. All I had to do was just look around and see how people were acting.

Now, school would have been much more useful had it taught me things that I did need to know, like how to understand why people do what they do. I know why I do what I do, I was brought up this way. I was taught to treat people the way I'd want to be treated. But I cannot believe for one second that other people were brought up to be assholes and pricks! One guy who used to bully me in middle school, his father was a strict disciplinarian, all the teachers knew it. But he was one of those kids who would bully me all the time, and as far as I knew, I never did anything to warrant his attacks on me. I'd never said 2 words to him or about him in fact. Not to his face nor behind his back. Until he started bullying me, he was one of those kids I never even gave a second thought about. I told one of the teachers about this kid's actions against me, and the teacher knew that boy's father would not like to hear about him horsing around in school like that. So, I couldn't understand why this boy kept harassing me like he did in school. Except that maybe I was easy prey because I was this shy, quiet kid who kept mostly to herself.

Well again, go try to figure out people!! I surely never will. LOL! It's bad enough I am stuck in this body. I think GOD intended at first to make me an animal. A monkey I think. LOL! But at the last minute, for reasons known only to HIM, HE made me a human. UGH!!


mikessa said...

Let me tell you about everything that we learned in school: its bogus!!!
It used to be that when kids went to school, they actually learned something, but that was in our parents generation. By the time I was born, everything changed. The 60s was like the start up time for standardized tests, electronic learning, ect. Not many things was hands on learning which is how most humans learn. Common core started in the 60s, I heard.
Remember how we had to learn thru watching videos, tape players, and stuff? That is not REAL learning. Believe me, I can learn more doing things on my own than sitting in a classroom doing the same thing. That's why people from our generation to today are not properly educated. Its just gotten worse today because of common core. Teachers are not teaching the truth and the reality, only teaching to prepare them for standardized tests.
The problem is is that we were born at the wrong time. I been saying that for ages.

TimGal said...

I believe you dude. I actually did learn more watching TV shows and doing things myself. None of that stuff school can teach you. Things were better I guess back in our parents' days because classrooms were smaller then. A child didn't just graduate, they graduated when they could prove they knew enough to go out into the world and perform their jobs right. I say schools today need to go back to the 3 r's, reading, writing and arithmetic. Those are the only things people really need to learn in school.