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Monday, April 11, 2016

Animals Everyone Else Thinks is Beautiful, But I Think Are Ugly

OK, now that I have posted animals that I think are beautiful, but everyone else thinks is ugly, I thought in this post I would go the other way. Now, I am going to post animals that everyone else thinks is beautiful, or fascinating, but I think are ugly! If you are a fag, or weak in any way, and you think this is going to disturb you, then stop reading right now. Just leave this post immediately and go on to what you believe would be a "happier" or "more positive" post. Or go visit another blog. This isn't about you. This blog is all about me. By listing these animals, I am in no way trying to sway anyone to agree with me, or change their own mind. This is for demonstrative purposes only. So now, let's get started.

It's safe to say I hate any spotted felines. Jaguars are among those. They are the largest of the new world felines, and to me, every bit as dull as the rest of them! I can't stand these beasts! And I get pissed off when people compare my Michael to a panther of any kind! Sorry to my friends, but Michael is NOT a panther!! He's much better!

Well really, I don't like any large felines. So they are going to make up the majority of this list. Cheetahs are no exception. I think their small head, wimpy body, and so many spots it looks like they have a bad case of the measles, make this one of the ugliest animals I've ever seen in my life. That plus the black, dead-looking eyes. Cheetahs are however, the only felines that kill 100% of their own prey. All other felines have been known to scavenge, or steal, kills from other animals. Though the panther fags refuse to admit it.

Like I said in my last post, I don't like ANY large felines. Though I do think snow leopards are the most gorgeous of the feline family, I find others, such as this African leopard absolutely repulsive and disgusting! Sometimes they have been known to kill for fun. Other people like them because of their spots, I think their spots are not at all impressive. And their dead-looking stare makes me want to shout at them "STOP FUCKING LOOKING AT ME YOU UGLY BEAST!!!"

Of all the panthers that I hate, lions are probably the ones that I hate the most! I can't stand even looking at them in books. Other people think they are "majestic" animals. But I don't. I find them to be lazy, useless, and disgusting. They make me physically ill to look at. Lions definitely have been known on many occasions (and we've all seen them) to kill for fun. They kill hyenas all the time for the sake of nothing but pleasure. IMO, lions are the real cowards of the animal kingdom. They would be nothing without their size.

There is a reason I refuse to call Michael's daughter "tiger", it's because I can't stand the beasts. Other people look at them and see their stripes on a reddish-brown body and think they are "beautiful". I look at them and all I see is the ugly, sickening flabby skin on their belly, and it reminds me of why I am afraid to lose weight at my age! I think tigers look like a blow-up doll that was over-inflated and then deflated, being left with sagging everywhere. Besides they are lazy and stupid creatures.

A lot of people think koalas are cute. They are what a lot of people consider "cute", in an obvious kind of way. Too obvious! Too obvious for me. I'd probably like them better if they had long, grasping tails like their close relatives, the phalangers. But they don't, and I think it makes them look kinda ugly. Besides the fact that they do nothing all day, except eat, sleep and take a dump. Still, I think they are somewhat cuter than a lot of other animals on this list.

Again, I would probably like them if they had longer tails, but they don't, and I don't like them very much. They remind me a little too much of giant guinea pigs. Besides the fact that they just look cumbersome. They just aren't at all among my favorite marsupials.

Guinea Pig:
I admit it, I am not that fond of guinea pigs, although I do like a lot of the guinea pigs' wild relatives, like the Patagonian cavy and the capybara, I just don't find guinea pigs very impressive at all. As pets, I've only known them to be skittish to a point where I just cannot get into them, and love them like a person should any pet. I find them to be somewhat annoying, which is why I would never have another guinea pig in my life.

Gray Tabby Cats:
It doesn't matter if they are solid gray tabbies or have white to break the monotony, I think gray tabbies are the ugliest cats of all!! Every one of my cat-owning friends always has a gray tabby. The coloring is dull, they are nothing special to look at, and they are WAY too common! I've gotten to a point where I look at other peoples' cat pictures, or I hear my friends talking about their cats and I'm like "If it's a damn gray tabby, I don't want to see it or hear about it! Get something better, then try me!"

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