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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fit Shaming and Fat Shaming

So now, on top of fat-shaming, there is a new thing. Fit-shaming. Oh boy! I don't believe in shaming anyone for being fat any more than I believe in shaming anyone for being fit. It just makes me want to ask "Why shame anyone???" People are stupid! Why not go around shaming people who really deserve it? Like rapists or child molesters? A fat person is walking down the road, in what way are they harming you? I just mind my own business when I walk down the road. I don't get involved in anyone's life. All I am trying to do is walk down the road. I'm just wanting to get where I am going. I had one asshole say to me on a video I used to have up "Its disgusting to have you in my sight", and I said to him "Well, no one is forcing you to look. Are they?" Makes sense to me. If you don't like the way something looks, then look the other way. Don't look at me, I'm not speaking to you. Just go on about your own business.

But I have also heard of people shaming people who are fat and trying to lose the weight. I visited one such video once before and there was another dumbass who made a hateful comment. It was a video by a woman who was overweight, and losing the weight, and telling the world how much better she felt. Most commenters who saw that video were congratulating that woman and telling her to "keep up the good work". But not this asshole. No, he said to her "And I bet your feeling much better about yourself right? Just like a rapist who molests a child and tries to cover it by saying I'm sorry. I hate you for gaining the weight in the first place!" I saw that comment and I thought this guy needs to rot in hell for that remark! Incidentally, this was the same shit-stain that commented on my video saying "I pass by fat people on my bicycle and shout names at them!" I said "Yeah I bet you do because you don't have the guts to say what you have to say to their faces. Says more about you than it does about the fat people you're targeting!" I seriously hope someday while he is doing that, he falls into a ditch and breaks his neck! It'd serve him right!

I just never understood the point in shaming anyone who hasn't done anything to anyone. A fat person out on a walk, at least they are doing something besides staying home, sleeping or eating, or whatever it is they may have done that got them fat in the first place. These dumbass bigots just need to leave them alone! They are not accomplishing anything by shouting names at the fat person. Nothing except maybe their own personal satisfaction. Me, I'm not going to give them the attention they are obviously craving, so it's like don't even try it. It doesn't work with me. My sis lost 100 pounds and I am proud of her! I don't see her the way this guy sees all fat people at all. I lived in the van and lost touch with reality, but before then, I had lost 60 pounds and I was proud of myself for doing that. I intend to do it again, and go for more! In fact, I've already started.

Well, when you get down to it, people who shame others are nothing but people who have been hurt all their lives. Their lives are miserable and pathetic and they need someone or something to lash out at. So, they pick the group of people who seem to be the easiest to target because they feel no one will defend them. And they're like "What's a fat person going to do to me? I can walk faster than they can run!" Well, of course I don't care what someone says about me, but try causing harm to my dogs and see what a scorned fat person can do to you. You may think you can outrun an angry grizzly bear! But mess with her cubs and she'll show you what she's made of. Yeah, I am much more protective of my dogs than I am of myself. They are my babies. I see them the way any mama sees their own children.

Speaking of which, I found that "I Hate Dogs" group again, I see it's still up. The guy on there talks about how "pathetic" dog people are. LOL!! What is so ironic about that is he has another group he runs that he calls "I love cats", and yet he does not think cat people are the same. Cat people are so pathetic, they even go around saying "meow", which I think is dumb!! You don't hear of dog people going around saying "arf" do you!? Not normally. I never have, and I like dogs. Well, I can imagine what this guy looks like. Judging specifically on what I have always known what men look like who prefer cats over dogs, the moderator of this group has got to be a wimp. I can picture it. One of these has got to be him...

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