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Friday, April 22, 2016

Internet Cliques

I've written about this before many times. Internet cliques suck! LOL! One of my friends pointed out to me once that cliques of any kind are bad. I remember those were commonplace in pet forums. No matter what pet forum you go into, there's always going to be a clique somewhere among someone. Some of the worst has been among cat people. They are WAY worse than dog people. I know that from experience. This is why I hate catfags. It could be the cats themselves that are causing their rages. Cats have been known to cause people to lose their tempers easily. They've also been linked to autism in children. Really, cats should be completely eradicated! They are probably the cause of people going crazy today. People get cats, the cats carry diseases that messes with that person's mind, the person gets on meds to "fix" their mind, they keep their cats though, which repeats the cycle, and they have to take meds in higher doses because the small amount is seemingly not helping their ailment, and they eventually go crazy. I could tell this. The dirty dozen mob was made up almost entirely of cat people. And yes, they are crazy! And just like every other crazy cat person I've known out there, they don't know they are crazy. They only see it in others.

Now, I'm not saying every cat person is crazy. I've known some who were nice people. I'm talking about the cat-fags. The people who get angry at the drop of a hat because someone disagrees with them about something. Whether it be about cats, or Paula Yates, or the Three Stooges, or whatever! I think fags can all be linked to cats. Not all cat-owners are fags, but I'd bet you my best T-shirt that all fags are cat-owners. If you don't know what I mean, then read more carefully and think about it.

Anyways, this isn't just about cats, this is about cliques. Cliques are made up of like-minded people ganging together. Pet forums are not the only place where you will find cliques. I've also seen them among INXS fans too. Not just in Facebook groups. Any time you have a group of people communicating, you're going to see cliques forming. I used to see them in the old INXS Fan Forum, I saw them in the Switchboard, I even saw them at inxs.com when they had their forums up. I was a Timmy-fan during those periods, so I didn't belong to any cliques. Finding other Timmy-fans was hard! Most of them were more leaning towards Michael, or Jon. In the case of the old Fan Forum, a lot of them leaned toward Garry. I love all the guys, but Timmy has been my favorite for a long time! Then I used to see how the Hutch fans acted in the forums and it turned me off. I kinda dropped Michael because I didn't want to become like those people in those cliques. They were almost always rude to people who were not in their little "gang". I remember a few being more rude than others, not always Hutch fans, I remember some of the Garry fans were rude too. But that is why I am not into cliques. Though it has gotten me burned more times than marshmallows at a campfire, I always try to give everyone a chance.

I wasn't always like this. It used to be I would judge all humans based on what other humans have been like in the past. I never learned to keep friends because I get so suspicious of people, and I tend to judge them accordingly. Yes, I admit it! Though in my old age, and now having had more experiences with people, I tend to judge less now than I did when I was younger. I used to be prejudice against the Garry fans because of the actions of those from the old Fan Forum. That is until I met Garry! LOL! I remember I took to him right away. Then I realized what they saw in him. I thought he was awesome! I swore then I would never again judge another person by what, or whom, they liked. And I haven't. Shoot! I even have great friends who prefer cats over dogs. As long as they are nice, decent people, and understand that I don't like cats as much as dogs, then I am fine with them. It's the people who argue with me because I don't like cats, or that threatens me, my pets or my family because I don't like cats, those are the fags. The ones that I hate! And they turn me off completely to cats.

Well, fags come from all genres. Not just cats, Paula Yates, and whathaveyou. But I've said I will never again let the fags dictate my love for Michael. I let that happen once, in the old INXS forums. I don't ever intend on letting it happen again. Believe me, it won't! Nothing they can say or do now that is going to change my mind. One way I have of getting around the fags, I've got my memories of my meetings with the men of INXS. Including Michael. Not everyone can claim that. Well OK, so all he did was smile at me, but still. That's a lot more than most fans can claim. My biggest accomplishment in that was getting my photo-op with Timmy! To me, that was worth more than 1000 meetings with Michael. Timmy is my #1 favorite. Michael just comes in a close 2nd. Very close! That's another thing that defers away the fags in the background. Also, my dogs. When the world gets to be too much, I think of my dogs and it makes me happy again. The way they make me laugh, smile and give me pleasure, watching their little tails waggle when they see me. And especially watching the way Vegas chases his toys and his bubbles. He loves that. And I love watching that. Also, my stories. I remember when I moved to Ocean Shores, and I figured out who mcgillicutty was, I began working on a story based on those meetings. LOL! Maybe I should continue working on that. I can include the Yatesfags too. LOL! I know what most of them look like. I can do caricatures of them, easy! My stories, like my blogs, are my release. It's one way I can relieve my feelings about something. It's the only way I am able to take the harsh things in the world in stride. It's always worked.
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