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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letter-Writing Day

I think it's a cool idea. One of my friends has organized a world letter-writing day. Shoot! I wouldn't know who to write to. But this should be kinda fun, so I decided to participate this year. I'm an introvert. I am not in the habit of writing letters. But anyone who wants me to, I will write to them, maybe send them a motivational message. The only thing is I hope I have moved to the place I am going to move to by the time this event rolls around. I still want to move to Coos Bay. But it is looking more and more like that will be an impossibility. I may have to stay here for a while. With me having to rent a car once a month, it's been almost impossible to save some money. I did not get as much as I would have hoped for this month. I'm upset. But even if I wind up still here in Astoria, I'm hoping to move to a place where I can at least hire a dial-a-ride so I can go places every now and then! Staying couped up in this house is getting to be bullshitty!

I rarely even write emails to anyone, unless they write to me first. And it has been many a year that I've even considered writing snail-mail to anyone. I don't even go to my mailbox every day. Not unless I am expecting something, because my inbox is a block away. I especially do not go on cloudy or rainy days, again, unless I am expecting something. So, I am hoping to be in my new place before this event happens in September. But I do like the person organizing the event, and he said I could write to him. Well, that'd be great. Maybe too, I might learn to trust some people again. It'd be great enough to know not all the world is full of radicals! Maybe I'll even spice up my letters by putting it on my very best stationary. hehe! Of course I am going to write to my family, and the friends who want me to write to them. I am a little nervous doing this though. I'm not sure I want strangers to get my mailing address. Well, one good thing is the radicals all have me blocked (as far as I know) so at least they won't be getting my address! LOL! Can you imagine the lynch mob that would come after me if they did get it? I'm only going to give my address to people who ask for it, and only in PMs, and only if I trust them!

Of course, I just remembered something. One of the fags does have my home address. But it's only this one, and I do hope to be out of here by then. It's the guy who sent me that INXS magazine. I had to give him my home address to get the magazine! Well, maybe with him having me blocked on Facebook, he cannot access my messages anymore. I hope not! I don't care to hear from the radicals. And as bad as he is, he might share my address with other radicals! Well, hopefully I will only be here for maybe a few (?) more months. And he's not getting my next address, I don't care what he offers!

Damn! Now I went and made myself nervous!! I need to get out of here soon!

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