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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Everything Man

I feel like posting a blog today, I don't know why. So, I'll just ramble on about something. I did hear from my partner the other day and he still wants to get married. I said fine. So when? LOL! He can only tell me now "very soon". I said to him whenever he is ready, I'll be here. Or in Coos Bay. One of my Facebook friends is looking out for me. I love her to death for her concern. I'm very grateful. But she believes he may be a scammer. But I don't believe he is. I've known him for several years now. He's never asked me for money, and in fact he's given me money several times before. He comes from an upper middle-class family, and he knows I'm broke as shit. So, even if he asks for it, he knows I can't give any money to him. If he wants to marry me, then that is fine. It's all up to him. I'm in no rush, believe me! But he also knows I will not move to California, where he always winds up at. I told him if he wants to do this, he'll have to come here. I don't like California, and I won't move there!

I am actually exactly where I want to be. I'm a coast girl. But I hate heat. That's why I don't like California. It's OK to visit, but living there for me is out of the question. It gets WAY too hot there. Too hot for me to tolerate. So, if we stay on the west coast, we have to live in Washington or Oregon. If we move to the east coast, I either want to stay in Connecticut or Maine. I'll settle for Massachusetts, as long as it's by the ocean. All I care about is if it's by the ocean. I want to live in a little seaside cottage, with a house full of dogs. Dogs and birds. All kinds of birds. I want to be able to take those dogs on hikes down the beach in the mornings and afternoons. He's a great guy though. He's always been a great friend. I do love him. I'll do most of what he says, but where we permanently live is where I have to stand firm. Oh yes, and he'll probably be coming to Australia with me too. I told him he can be my cameraman. While I am touring the town, I need a camera guy. I cannot always hold the camera myself.

He said he wants to be my "everything man". LOL! Well, if he comes, he is in luck because I plan to go to that little Indian restaurant Michael went to with his pa and stepmom on his last night. My partner can lead me through what would be edible to me. GAH!! I'm not into Indian food! I'm really not into any kind of ethnic foods. I just like good ol' American. I was born to be American, that's the way I'll live. But for one night at least I will bite my tongue and try some Indian cuisine. But I won't like it. I tried chicken curry before, back in 2005 and I hated it! Normally I like chicken, but I hated chicken curry! I am indeed the pickiest of eaters.

I've been seriously thinking of going into business for myself. When my partner gets here, he wants to open up his own IT company. But I would not be happy with that. He can have his company, I want to open up a funsy-type business. Well, I love animals, so I think I want to open up my own pet store. It was a dream of mine when I was a teenager and in my early 20s I even took a correspondence course on how to run a pet shop. I might go through with it. Of course I am not going to sell puppies and kittens, but things like birds, fish and other small animals would be great. But I think what I am going to have is a space for breeders to rent and post their own available puppies and kittens for sale. I think I'm going to turn a whole wall into a bulletin board and rent spaces on that board, charging people per week to keep their ads up. Of course people will argue "Why do that when you have Craigslist?" Well, in my store, I'll guarantee no scammers will be allowed to post, and most likely no scammers will contact the advertisers. I think what I'll do is keep the board in a locked room, and only allow access to people who want to view. I might even have a viewing room to rent to people who want to show off their pups or kittens to potential buyers, so the buyers don't have to go to that breeder's home. The breeders can keep their privacy and still allow buyers to come to the store and view what they have available, and the breeders can still get to know the potential buyers. It'll be fun!

That's one good way to run a pet store and still be able to offer everything to customers. Of course pet supplies will also be available. But I don't want to limit to just pet-supplies or run-of-the-mill birds and fish. I want to offer unique things. Unusual things. Things you cannot find at any old regular pet store! I want to pride myself on having things that no other pet store has. Birds, fish and herps that you cannot find anywhere else. All I need now is a storefront. And someone who knows how to fix it up to have what I want it to have. What I've always wanted was to have a store that has living quarters above it. Then that would be awesome!!! I can live and work all in the same place. Just me, my partner and the animals.

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