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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now Is The Point Where I Feel Old

Oh man! Now I do feel old! I just heard today that Prince, the man who made Purple Rain, has passed away! DAMN!! Now, I do feel old! Prince was only 1 year younger than my Timmy, so you know what I am thinking. Of course, I don't think anything drastic will happen to Timmy, the man seems very healthy. But still! It does worry me. But anyways, this is kinda getting scary. I say today is the day rock n roll is officially dead.

I was never a big huge fan of Prince, the only song of his that I even halfway like is Little Red Corvette. However, I do know that he had a big influence on 80s music. Before 1984, when Prince's album Purple Rain came out, music sucked! And I think he may have been a driving force in bettering the music of the 1980s. I know he helped a lot of small-time musicians of the 80s better their music. For example, I heard he helped in the recording of Martika's one-hit-wonder song Toy Soldiers in 1989. He did that for several others during that time period when he was really big in the industry. Some artists went on to become bigger, while some just remained one-hit-wonders. But anyways, this all means that I am getting old!!

This has been a hell of a year! A lot of 80s icons have passed away. Natalie Cole was one of those, which is a shame because I do like her. And though he means nothing to me at all, David Bowie is also gone. I even heard Roxette has had to retire because of a brain tumor Marie Fredricksson had, and had removed, but it's now beginning to affect her singing. Roxette is still among my top favorite bands. So, they've had to retire this year too. Michael Jackson is gone. MY Michael (Hutch) is gone! Now, Prince is gone. So there's no talent anywhere anymore. I don't like any of today's singers or bands. Most of them is crappy rap music anyways. No more real music exists. I'm not necessarily sad at the death of Prince. I'm sad because his death seems to mean the end of rock n roll. No one today has any real talent! I was knocked with a hard enough blow when I found out yesterday that Roxette was retiring. At least they are still alive. I do hope Marie is going to be OK. But to hear this, after hearing about Prince throughout the 80s. It makes me lose all hope in the music industry!

Thinking about this now, in the future, I'm going to be telling my nieces and nephews and their kids all about a kind of music that is now extinct. It was called rock n roll, and it was the best music you could ever hear. Nothing beats it. Surely this rap crap doesn't beat it! It cannot even begin to touch how good rock n roll is. Or was. For me, I'm probably going to be saying this to my puppies. Maybe even my puppy's puppies. Maybe even my puppy's puppies' puppies. When I used to raise chihuahuas, they were brought up on INXS. Of course I do still have my MP3 player full of music that I love. But unless a memory strikes me again, I don't think I'll be adding anything new to it. That does happen sometimes though. Sometimes a song that I haven't heard in years will re-enter my head, and I'll try to get it onto my player, if I like it well enough. Ironically, I have no songs by Prince whatsoever on my MP3 player. I do have Martika's song though. I don't put anything on my MP3 player unless it's a song I really, REALLY love! But it is sad that this marks the end of rock n roll.

Now I do feel old! Good music is gone, after being in this world for centuries. It is finally gone. This is the day music has died. RIP music (10,000 BC - 2016).

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