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Monday, April 18, 2016

Radical Bombs

UGH!! There is a good reason I am so glad all the radicals have deleted and blocked me from their Facebook. Because I can't stand them! I hate their guts with a passion! At least I know I never have to look at them again, and that is a beautiful feeling. No good in this world ever comes from radicals. One of my friends invited me to a group chat this morning, and I got the message when I logged on Facebook. Normally, I would welcome a chat from this friend any time. But one of the people she invited I happen to know is a radical, who has me blocked on Facebook. For the sake of this post, I'll call the radical "G". I saw my friend invited G and I could actually see G's posts! WTF is that all about??? I don't care to see her!! I thought to myself "I don't want to see her face on my screen!!" If I could see G's posts, then she could possibly see mine. I didn't say anything, I just left. I want absolutely nothing to do with G! Not even in a casual conversation with other friends. She's a fag! I hate fags (radicals). I'm not sure what she is radical about, but it's got to be something. Only a radical would be offended by me hating radicals so much.

Well, the radicals have done it again! Another friend pointed out an article that mentioned now kids in school cannot hug each other anymore. That's sad. But you know damn well it was the radicals who started laws like that! Something like that hit the USA a long time ago. Teachers could no longer hug the kids, and now kids can no longer hug each other. That's sad too. When I was a kid and had a bad slump in school, sometimes it was nice to receive a nice big hug from the teacher. When I was a kid, I'd sometimes like holding hands with my friends. Occasionally I would hug one of them, but only someone I really trusted with all my heart! I had quite a few best friends before we moved. Some of the stories I could tell you were hilariously funny!! Of course I also had my share of bullies in school, which is why I hate radicals so much. Radicals are almost always bullies. Or at least the bullying type. So there was no question in my mind who it was that started this "no hugging" policy in schools, even among children. Why not? Radicals are miserable people so they want everyone else in the world to be as miserable as they are. Some try to hide the fact that they are miserable. But deep inside, they are still miserable.

Now, I suffer from depression. Been struggling with it all my life. But I am trying to ease up on it. And I am not a radical! In fact, I get seriously offended by anyone who says I am a radical!! Some idiot on YouTube, some redneck Texas twat, said that I am a liberal and says "Do you even know what a radical is?!" I'm used to rednecks! I grew up around them. My ma is a redneck, but a civilized redneck. Usually I am used to their brutal honesty. But I really wanted to wring this woman's neck!! I said angrily to her "I am NOT a liberal!! And yes I do know what a radical is!!" In that same conversation, I'd have swore I saw Hobofart again! Some other idiot slammed me, and then told me "Your reply doesn't matter anymore because I made you repeat yourself. I win, you lose" LOL! Actually, the only reason I repeated myself was because I thought he was just a senile old man that needed clarification. But really, only old Hobofart would say that! Or someone with a similar mind. He was really probably nothing but a troll. But that's another story. Anyways, this redneck woman, seems she was targeted by radicals herself. She made a comment saying how she hoisted up a confederate flag in her yard, and some radicals came by and shouted at her "I'm coming later on tonight with some friends and we're going to take down that flag!" She told him to come on by, she'll have her rifle waiting. Typical redneck! She said in her comment that guy never did come back, but she said she waited up all night for him, with her rifle.

But I am used to rednecks. I come from a long line of redneck people. All of which had guns too, and often hunted for their own food in the woods. I even learned how to hold a rifle myself and how to shoot. I am not used to radicals. I would be happy if I never had to see another radical again in my life! But I know that won't happen. Around every corner, there is always going to be radicals. Even some you don't know at first are radicals. But as I learned, I guess you just say in front of a radical that you hate radicals, and automatically they will know you are talking about them, and then they'll leave you alone. Hopefully. But they will always be out there to ruin something for someone. Either they will make these crazy, stupid laws that will take away some right of pleasure that we have. Or they will be out there preaching, forcing their beliefs on others. Then threatening anyone with bodily harm that will not comply with them. Or threatening them with jail time. Radicals are worse now than they have ever been. I think maybe Obama is to blame. I'd like to think that once he leaves office, things may settle down. But I don't know. Radicals will always be there. Unfortunately!!
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