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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slander Off

LOL! OK I never have been one who cares what someone else says about me. I just overlook it. I've never even dreamed of suing anyone for slander because I personally have always believed in freedom of speech. That includes freedom of expression. Sometimes, it is not always a nice thing to hear when someone is saying bad shit about you, but I'm always like "Oh well! So n so has a right to their opinion". But yesterday on Judge Judy, I saw a case that would make the dirty dozen mob leap for joy! You all know the 12 mob loves to accuse everyone of slander, well, everyone except themselves. Their attitudes are always like "If one of us didn't say it happened, then it didn't happen!" Well, this case I saw yesterday would be very interesting to them. One woman was having a car fixed by a man she hired over the internet, and she said he didn't complete the job. Well he said he couldn't finish the job. Then he said that she posted something about him on the internet like "Beware of Meth Mechanic". LOL! Judge Judy was then like "How dare you say something like this?!"

Well anyways, when all was said and done, the judge awarded that guy $5000 for slander. That's actually the first time I've ever seen a slander case win anything. But I knew the plaintiff's fate was sealed when she called him a "meth mechanic". That's one thing I am very careful not to do! No one can ever say that I have stated positively that anyone I have a problem with has used meth. In fact, the only person I have speculated using any kind of drugs was Patti. But even with her I've always stated that I was not sure, and did not have any proof of it. That's a disclaimer I used in that, because anyone can speculate. As long as I didn't state it like it was absolute facts. There are just some places a person has to draw the line at. Accusing someone of using meth with no proof is among those. Accusing someone of having AIDS is another. Accusing someone of raping babies is another. If one has proof of this, that's fine. They can state it. But if you're just saying it because you want to "get back at" someone, that's illegal. That's why I am very careful not to say what I don't believe is true.

I've never sued anyone for slander. I never had the desire to. And no matter what the 12 mob says, I've never slandered anyone. Nothing I've said about anyone in the past has been any less than speculation. But they love to go all around the internet and tell everyone that I slander people. But they do that without knowing the whole truth themselves. The only reason they target me the way they do is because I said that I don't trust them and I don't like them. I still don't! I never will. The more they target me, the more I'll say I don't like them. They're never going to shut me up. They'll never take down my blog. Even if they succeeded in that, I'd just go and make a new blog. In fact, since the 12 mob loves my blogs so much, maybe I might switch to another blog host. One that charges people per view. And when I do that, believe me! There will be no way they can copy and paste posts to other places. People will have to pay me if they want to see those posts. Some sites have that feature! I might start taking up with one of them. I might as well! I might as well get paid for this.

They should not be surprised that I have not yet been sued for slander. I'm sure a lot of people have talked to their lawyers, but so far, I've never been asked to appear in court for a slander charge. Know why? Because I know what I can say and what I cannot say. And I never say what I know I shouldn't say. I've always been very careful not to do that. Yet the 12 mob still accuses me of "slandering" people. But at least I know what my rights are, and they cannot overwrite the laws. They can go around telling people I "slander" others till the cows come home. But I think in the end, they should learn the real meaning of the word "slander". I know they also want to see me grovel, which I will never do! Again, I gave up giving apologies to anyone that I don't feel deserves it. Sorry! LOL! You're like 4 years too late on that one. Before that incident with the note on my sis's door, you might have had a chance. Today, it ain't never going to happen. Ever! Never ever ever! No matter what.

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