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Monday, April 4, 2016

The Myth of Climate Change

I thought this would be an interesting subject for today, the myth that is going around about climate change. Of course we all know that the Earth is seemingly doomed because of this thing called climate change. But the real big myth the government is passing around is that we are the cause of it. I think Obama started this faze, and he has all his supporters repeating it. Of course I know humans are assholes, but I don't believe we are the current cause of global warming. As I understand it, this kind of thing has been happening for many eons, far longer than humans have even been on Earth. The vegans want to blame those of us who love meat for climate change, but then again, I notice most of them are Obama supporters too. So, they may just be repeating it because they want to continue to support Obama, even when he could just be wrong!

I admit, I used to believe humans were the cause of global warming too. That is until I heard about this conspiracy theory. The thing is, all the planets are going through global warming as well, even other planets where there are no people. All these fumes and chemicals and factory farming, whatever you want to put the blame on for global warming, does not escape our atmosphere, and there's not enough of it anyways to affect other planets. So how does one account for this? Well, about once every 100,000 years all the planets go through what we know as "global warming". This is a natural cycle. It can last 1000 years or more. But it does eventually subside. We now just happen to be at the beginning of one such process. You can't really blame people. You can't blame factory farming. You can't really blame volcanoes or whatever! This is just a natural process our galaxy goes through. The government does not want you to know this. But it is true.

Before this process is over, we will see the extinctions of many creatures. Maybe even ourselves. We are not helping by chopping down major jungles like the Amazon, which does help in regulating our Earth's climate. But I suggest, don't stop farming! I enjoy eating meat! I can't always afford bison now, but I have begun getting organic beef. It has no hormones or antibiotics, which is the junk that makes people get fat. Now that organic beef is cheaper! Anyways, that I hope clears up the myth of global warming. The government wants to make it sound worse than it really is. They want to blame humans. They want to blame things that annoy them. Like the vegans. So what are they going to do? They're going to make us all feel guilty by throwing in "Our world is in jeopardy. We're suffering now with some problems of global warming and we need to stop it!" Well, try as they might, they won't be able to stop it, because this is something that just happens. Humans may have a lot of awesome technology, but we still cannot argue with Nature.

All I am saying here is don't fall for all this left-wing government bullshit! I'm probably going to get raided for this post, but people need to know the truth. Of course if you are a vegan on some kind of mission to stop people from eating meat, you're not going to believe anything in this post. But that's just your opinion. I know nature. I live by nature. When I found out about this conspiracy theory, I knew it couldn't be true. It's just a ploy the government is using to try to control us. We have the constitution, so they cannot make us a communist country. So what's left for them as a tactic to use against us? Guilt! That's what.


mikessa said...

Very interesting topic here. I can vouch for this.

Actually this so called climate change has been around longer than Obama had been in office. It actually started with a man named Al Gore who claimed that by now the polar ice caps would be melted off. He said that as a way to make money.
I too used to believe that humans caused global warming, but I was dumb and stupid then. After reading from SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS on the subject (not from the Star Confidential or Cosmopolitan like those libtards do), they stated that climate change, AKA global warming, does not exist.
First of all, humans cannot create enough carbon to literally choke a planet. Its not scientifically possible. Second, climate change has been going on ever since the birth of the planet, so its been around a lot longer than even the dinosaurs were here. So nobody better say that humans caused global warming.
The only thing that would cause a worldwide global weather change is a volcanic eruption so big that it would block the sunlight for an extended amount of time. Look at Tambora in Indonesia. That eruption caused a year without a summer in Europe and the New England states. And there's Toba also in Indonesia. When that one went off about 10,000 years ago, it dropped the human population to just a few thousand and caused what we science majors call a nuclear winter- global freezing of the earth. Those are NATURAL events, humans didn't cause those volcanoes to go off and screw the weather.
Also, did you know that the shithead governor back in WA state is planning to shut down the coal mine here in MT? All this is over some stupid attempt to "reduce carbon emissions." Again, left wing propaganda about global warming. The truth is that if they shut down the coal plant here, a small town in eastern Montana will become a ghost town because that's the only job they have in this place. Plus the energy rates will go up and people will have to go back to living in the dark ages.
Those libtards need to do real research about this and stop believing in everything they read in tabloids. That's why there totally brainless.

TimGal said...

You hit the nail on the head! It's all about money and control!