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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Strangest Gathering

Ahh, if I am able to go to this, which would be nice if I can, it'd be great. But it will all depend on where I am at that time. I may be in Coos Bay, or I may be in Aberdeen. If I am in Aberdeen or Ocean Shores even, I will be able to make it. I don't know how, but I can make it a lot easier. But if I am in Coos Bay, I won't be able to make it at all. I really am leaning more towards moving to Coos Bay. If I move there, then making it to this gathering would be rather difficult. Though not impossible. I've invited a lot of my Facebook friends there, including my sis, even though she is not an INXS fan. The main reason I invited her is because I would want her to bring Minnie and Vegas. Especially if I happen to not have dogs of my own by then, and I probably won't.

There is another drawback to going to this event. If I do go to this event, I cannot go to Australia to make my movie, and I really REALLY want that!! Of course the same thing can be said if I happen to get another dog. If I get a dog, I won't be able to go to Australia either, because I would need someone to take care of the dog for me at my home while I am gone. But if I do decide to can the trip to Australia, and just go to this event, maybe get a dog to take with me, I hope to have that dog trained. I'm going to train that dog to bite stuff that sucks, like radicals! LOL! So far though, I've noticed at least one of the radicals is not going. Maybe none of the radicals will show up. The only people I invited were my friends that were not invited. Well, I do want to support my friend, who is busy coordinating this gathering, and it would be an awesome thing to go to. I asked my friend if it is OK if I bring my babies (IF I have them by then) and she said it was. I hope no one going is allergic to dogs. If they are, I'll have to keep my dogs as far from them as possible. I just would not be as comfortable without my babies with a bunch of strangers around as I would be with them.

Well, as I understand it, there's going to be sales booths, which is cool. Maybe I will get some copies of my books to sell. Maybe gather my best INXS and INXS-inspired stories and take them with me. Who knows? Maybe some of my buddies will like them. There's also going to be drawings, and door prizes, and food! Nothing fancy though. But as long as it's not all vegetarian crap or health food, and there is some chocolate something (not with raspberries or strawberries though), I'll enjoy it! Either way, the way this sounds, it's going to kick-ass!

But just like every major event, looks like this friend is facing some turmoil. Some of the drama queens have dropped her. Probably the same dipshits that dropped me too. I just don't get involved in the drama. Like I said to this friend, it's usually nothing but a load of bullshit anyways! Nothing but a bunch of petty, small-minded people bitching about petty bullshit anyways. So, I genuinely do not get involved. This friend was always a sweet person to me! No reason for me to get involved in BS about her anyways.

I am still looking for a place to move to. My ma is coming next month, and we are going to investigate. I've even been looking back in Washington state for a place. Mostly along the coast. I want her to come, she has a car, I don't. The only way I am going to get out of here is if I am able to drive around and look. She even says she is ready to forgive Nancy. Those two can never stay mad at each other for long. Well, this was Nancy's fault. But those two have been friends with each other for about 40 years now. Nancy is a sweet person, but she makes bad choices sometimes. She does things she shouldn't do. So, she wants to see her when we go there. I told her all I want is to visit that donut shop in Lakewood. They have the most awesome donuts there!! I should suggest some of those for this INXS gathering!! They have the best donuts I've ever had in my life anyways! Well, one thing I must always have in a place I move to, they must keep the pet option open to me. I must be able to have a pet when I am ready! I told my ma that one thing I've found out about Oregon, this is NOT a pet-friendly state!! Especially along the coast. Most of the rental properties here that do allow pets are WAY out of my price-range. And if you are a pet-lover, NEVER even think of moving to Gold Beach!! Even the higher-priced rentals there do not allow pets. Gold Beach is definitely NOT pet-friendly! I'm almost ready to can this rental shit and just buy my own fucking house!!


katrina said...

your going to need a much bigger dog than that little shit you got to deal with radicals.

TimGal said...

That was a joke Katrina. LOL! That's kindof why I put the "LOL" after it.