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Monday, June 13, 2016

Gay Club Shooting

So yesterday I heard about the gay club being shot up in Orlando, which killed almost 50 people. It is believed the shooter was a muslim. Just as I suspected! Another fucking radical!! GOD I hate radicals!! And you know how those muslims are, they push their beliefs on everyone else! Just like any damn radical!! For muslims, they push their religious beliefs on others. Gay people, as you may know, are seen as an abomination in the eyes of GOD (or for muslims, HE is called Allah). Now, don't get me wrong, I know there are some nice muslims out there. I don't mind them. It's the radical muslims I hate so much. Just as much as I hate every other radical out there! And Hillary Clinton wants to allow these people to come freely into our country! Once she takes office, we can all kiss everything we've come to know in this country goodbye! All the comforts and freedoms we once enjoyed, that'll all be gone. The people who were shot yesterday by an islamic madman were gay, people who were at a club to have fun, and enjoy the company of others of their own beliefs. I feel bad for the people who were shot, and my heart goes out to those who lost friends and family in this incident. It's all very sad! And what's even more sad is how it looks like this is going to become the norm in this country.

I gotta say, my sis believes this is a trick pulled off by the government to start the banishment of owning guns. But I don't believe that is what this is. She and one of my friends got into it this afternoon. LOL! When my sis goes off like that, I just don't get involved. She has her beliefs, I have mine. Just like when I discuss INXS, she doesn't get involved. I love my sis and I love my friends so, I stay out of it. I click "Like" on each of their posts and that's as involved as I get. But thankfully so far, this friend has not blamed me for my sister's beliefs. I think someone has though. LOL! I'm down one friend since that took place. I don't delete comments, and I think because I don't that people think I agree with them. But that's not always the case. I just don't believe in silencing others or censorship. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Whether I agree with them or not. I just wish radicals would learn to understand the same. But then again, if they did, they wouldn't be radicals.

Speaking of radicals, I found out yesterday one of them was still in my group, a woman named Kimberly. I got myself another mod and was in Facebook chat with her and said "I want that fag OUT of my group!" I don't want no radicals in my group! But if Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, people like that will be allowed to control everything. I used to be friends with Kimberly, but she changed that when she showed she was a radical. More likely another Yatesfag. I don't like Yatesfags! And they are not welcome in my group! So, together we got rid of the fag and hopefully now the group can be a bit more peaceful. One thing I noticed about the Yatesfags, almost all of them are young (no older than maybe 35), newer fans, who've never seen Michael in concert, or probably never even have seen INXS in concert, and never met Michael. I know that's not the case for all of them, I know of at least a couple who are older than me who did see Michael in concert, though I doubt they've ever met him. One such person even went to Wembley in 1991, so he said. But what I described constitutes at least 98% of what the radicals are.

Anyways, Kimberly is a classic example of what a fag is. I thought she was a nice person when I met her. But deep inside was the guts of a hater. I would say "there beat the heart of a radical", but then again, radicals don't have hearts. That didn't show up until the time I needed friendly support. I remember she even left me a comment saying "Hang in there." All along deceiving me into believing she was a good person and a loyal friend. Well, I wish I had known she was a radical or else I never would have asked her to become my friend. I would bet she'd even turn her back on Michael once she found out he was not like her. But people like Kimberly are what the people in this country are fated to become. I'd like to be accepting of all muslims. I know there are good ones out there somewhere. But just like Kimberly, they may act friendly and put up a front to your face, but once you let your guard down, they'll shoot you in the back of your head and not even think twice about it. Just as I learned from the radicals on Facebook, you have to learn who the bad people are by trial and error before you learn who the good ones are, and the bad people don't always appear bad at first. And sometimes before you can even learn from your mistake, the bad people will shoot you dead. I'm sure such was the case in this nightclub shooting. And it's sad this is what people today have become.

I blame this whole thing on political correctness. That's why Hillary wants to allow muslims into this country, because she's afraid she'll be called a bigot if she doesn't. But it scares me because of the radical muslims. We may never learn who the radical muslims are until it's too late. How many more people have to be killed before we can figure that out?? Like I said to all of my friends yesterday, this is the beginning of the end. We are heading straight for the apocalypse! It sure does feel like the end of our days here! All the good people are dying off, leaving all the bad ones here.

Anyways, on to a happier subject. Somewhat. I may be about to plan another move. I really wanted to stay here, I never wanted to move away from the coast again. I love it here so much! But I've been facing so many problems here. No busline is the biggest thing. I can't even get a dial-a-ride! And I want to go walking! Been thinking about this for some time, but I might consider moving back to Reno. Not that I really want to! I hated the heat there! And the dryness. But at least I will be close to ma and somewhat close to my pa. Somewhat. And he needs me. And I'd like to visit him sometime too. I need to see him. And ma and I can have our fun days every week again. I do miss that. It's not permanent. I am only going to move there for a while as I save up some money to get a car and a house. I want to get a mobile home and move back here to the coast. So, I am going to be saving my money while I am there. Hopefully it won't take long to at least save enough to make a down payment.


teddybear said...

she's a kok-sucker. lol. if you need me to remove anymore of those bastards let me know.

TimGal said...

A "kok" sucker! LOL! Oh GOD!!! Too funny!!!!

teddybear said...

yeah fuck her!