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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nightclub Shooter Identified

Yesterday was buzzing on Facebook about the shooter being identified. It was a man named Omar Mateen. From his name, I could tell he was of islamic descent. So yes he was a muslim! I knew it! He pledged allegiance to ISIS, and as you may know, ISIS is a very radical christian group. If ISIS takes over the USA, anyone who commits a sin of any kind will be put to death. Much like in those islamic countries. That means if I am caught ogling my pics of Michael and Timmy, I could be put to death because that would be considered "adultery". LOL! I learned that when I was living in the van and I had to stay at this shelter that I hated! They too were a radical christian group, and in fact, I was kicked out of there because I refused to give up my pics and they said that looking at these guys was "committing adultery". But these guys are a source of comfort to me. If I had had my dogs, I would have been able to give up the pics, no problem. Just keep the dogs near me. But I didn't have them, so the only thing I could turn to was these guys. And all I have of them are my pics.

Well, believe me when I say that I am glad I was kicked out of that shelter. Not just because they were going to make me give up my babes, but they had a lot more rules that I would have found very hard to live with. Not being able to go out for one thing, without being accompanied by the house attendant, and she was big, fat and lazy. It was a lot for her to even walk down the hill to the convenience store with me, and I remember she griped all the way. Not that the house attendant was mean, mind you. She was actually a nice person. But she was fat and lazy. I'm not that lazy. I'm much more sedentary than my sis is, but I am not that lazy.

But anyways, Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 in his attack before he was gunned down by police. Again I say I HATE RADICALS!!!!!!!! Even though I myself am a christian woman, I am not an islamic fag! It may have been a gay club that was shot up, but it is the shooter that I call a fag! Because he IS! He is what the very definition of a fag is. He obviously must have had a very fiery temper to pull off a stunt like that. So, he's a fag! And I hate fags. They're even worse when they go out and physically harm someone. But the reason he did it, just as I suspected, is because being gay is against islamic beliefs. That's exactly what fags do, they argue, fuss, and sometimes even kill when they meet someone who does not agree with them and will not bend their will to follow them. Some don't argue, as I've seen on Facebook. They just drop you and put you on ignore with no explanation and for no reason except that they are fags themselves. Well like I said, at least I don't have to look at them on Facebook! LOL! Hopefully I won't see them anywhere else either.

I was watching a video yesterday and I noticed there is another guy, MrRepzion, who pretty much said the same thing I said in my last blog post. He used to be religious. For a while there, he was even anti-religion. But he says he doesn't mind religion as long as people don't go out and harm others over it, and I agree with him. But like I said about radicals, most of them are under the age of 35. Mateen was 29! Those people have not completely come to terms with their fanhood yet. Most people, until they have reached 35 years old, do not know how to handle fanhood. Therefore, they do not know the difference between being a fan, and being a radical. Sometimes, even if they are over 35, it can happen, like if they are a newbie to that particular type of fanhood. The woman I spoke of in my last blog post, Kimberly. I found out she's well over 35 years old! In fact, she's older than me! She's older than my sis! But she is also a newbie amongst INXS fans. She's never seen them in concert before, she told me that herself once. So, obviously she has not come to terms with INXS fanhood yet.

It takes a while to come to terms with things like that. I didn't learn until I was in my early 30s, and a chat with Timmy changed my whole attitude. I used to feel like I had to viciously defend Timmy at all costs, and that anyone who didn't like Timmy was not my friend! But Timmy did not feel that way at all. He took everything in stride. I love that about him. So I said to myself "If it doesn't matter to him, then it shouldn't matter to me." So, that is how I handle fanhood. Now, I don't care if I meet someone who does not like Timmy or even INXS. As long as I stay loyal to my guys, that is all I care about. I even have friends who are not INXS fans, and that's fine with me. Of course there are other cases where a fan has not come to terms with their own fanhood and they are over 35, but those are like extreme mental challenges. That is to say, people who are psychotic, or schizophrenic. But those people will likely never come to terms with any kind of fanhood. They can't help it though.

Well anyways, I am sure such was the case with this Omar Mateen guy. He even has his smug little picture up on the internet. This is what he looks like:

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