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Saturday, June 11, 2016

So The Radicals Have Done It Again!

There is a new story going around this morning. A young singer named Christina Grimmie was unfortunately gunned down by a suicidal madman while she was handing out autographs in Orlando, FL. Why she was gunned down I don't know just yet. There has been not much of a release of information about this story. But she was still alive when she was taken to the hospital last night, yet unconscious. She died some time later though. The gunman died at the scene with a self-inflicted gunshot. Just like a typical radical coward to try to kill someone and instead of facing punishment, turn the gun on himself and kill himself! UGH!! Makes me think of that dumbass Matt Burney! Though I know he couldn't have been the gunman, it's the exact same mentality! I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this himself!

Well, I don't know this chick at all, I never heard her sing, and frankly, I don't care to. I have no interest in someone who got their start on shows like The Voice, or some other reality singing TV show! What makes me mad about this is this idiot that shot her while she was innocently handing out autographs! This is no doubt why it's getting increasingly harder to meet your favorite celebs. This is also why I hate radicals with a passion and I want to avoid them at all costs! One of my friends pointed out that Prince stated once that fans today have become fanatics. I agree with him too! And it ruins everything for everybody else. Even us non-radical fans. Everybody today is a fanatic! Or some kind of radical. I even saw a video this morning of a woman on an ESPN news show who was offended by the term "hard work". I heard that and was like "WHAT?!?!?!" The problem was she was an African-American, and she said that the term "hard work" makes her think of the old slaves who used to gather sugar cane and cotton in the fields, and she said "THAT was 'hard work'!"

Like I said before, people today are wussies!! There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that it was some radical of some kind that shot and killed this young woman. Whether he was just an obsessed fan, or someone who was pissed off because Grimmie took someone else's place in The Voice, someone that the gunman liked more, or whatever! No one knows at this time. But either way, I'll wager you this guy was a radical. People like him are the reason why I hate radicals so much! And people like me, who stand up for what's right, are what radicals fear and hate the most. I will always stand up for what's right! I say this young woman should never have been shot or killed! Whether you like her or not, that's a horrible thing to do!

I'm glad I am not one of those kinds of fans. I'm one of the more decent fans. I love Timmy! I love him to the moon and back! Maybe beyond. When I love someone that much, I want to see them happy. All I'd ever want is to see them happy. And I am not one of those kinds of fans that would say "I think he'd be so much happier with me in his life". No, I'm not like that at all!! I know Timmy has a family, and I know he's happy with them. And that is all I'd care about. If Michael were here, I'd be saying the same thing about him. But unfortunately he never looked happy with Paula. So, I don't believe he was happy with her. That's why I hate Paula Yates so much! She made him miserable. She hurt my baby and I don't dig that!! But I don't ever want to see Timmy dead. EVER!!! It'd break me physically and emotionally. It hurt me bad enough when Michael died. I couldn't stand to lose Timmy too. That's why I do not understand people like this guy who shot this Grimmie woman. If he was merely nothing but an obsessed fan, why in the world would he want to see Grimmie dead??? Why not be happy for her??? Why wouldn't he want to just see her happy? I always thought murder is what you do to people you don't like (not that I condone it, but it would make better sense). Not what you do to someone you like.

Ya know, I heard about the guy who was obsessed with the singer Bjork. Back in 1996, he sent a bomb to the singer (which fortunately never got to her) and made a video stating that he wanted to kill her, and then kill himself and then the two of them could live happily together in a paradise world. So he sent that bomb to her, intending to kill her, and then he shot and killed himself on camera. I just don't understand fans like that! Bjork had just gotten married at that time. Shouldn't this fan have been happy that Bjork found someone who makes her happy? That's what I would have felt. Besides that, you have no idea for real if a "paradise world" really exists! He could have meant Heaven, but you don't marry in Heaven. And you don't go to Heaven if you intentionally kill yourself or another person! You just lie in the ground and rot. That's not "paradise". And if Bjork had also been killed, then that would have been murder, which is a sin. And a sin like that sends you straight to Hell! Not exactly my idea of a "paradise world".

Well anyways, RIP Christina Grimmie. So sad your life was cut so short because of some dumbass radical! Believe me, I can relate!


katrina said...

i saw this on your facebook page, its a fucking crisis, people today are fucked!

TimGal said...

And just yesterday there was another shooting up in the same area! Over 50 people were killed then too. We are definitely near an apocalypse! Which makes me think, do you really want to have another baby during this time?

katrina said...

we planned this baby before all this shit started happening.