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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fags, An Abomination?

Ya know, I wonder if the WBC is partially right about this. They are always saying how "fags are an abomination in the eyes of GOD". I know that is about what it says in the Bible and the WBC stands on street corners and shouts those words out at the top of their lungs at everybody. I've been thinking, with all the feminazi, Yatesfag, pantherfag, and Black Lives Matter bullshit I'm beginning to believe the WBC is at least partly right. One thing those 4 groups have in common is they are all made up of fags. 100% fags! No decent person is a feminazi, nor a Yatesfag, nor a pantherfag, nor approves of that Black Lives Matter movement. Even the decent black people don't go for that, because it's doing nothing but magnifying racism in this country and it's giving black people a worse image than what they already had. I'm sorry to sound stereotypical here, but black people have already been seen as being pushy, violent and annoying. All except the conservatives. But with this Black Lives Matter movement going on now, they're proving those stereotypes are true. The conservative black people are the ones against BLM, and they have a good reason to be.

But anyways, this is about fags being an abomination in GOD's eyes. The problem is that the WBC has been saying "fags are what GOD calls gay people", well I think they're wrong! Maybe the Bible does not mean gays when it talks about "fags" being an abomination. Maybe, like me, the Bible is referring to people who are anti-choice, anti-freedom and anti-rights. GOD is apparently offended by war. Fags start wars. They don't know it but they do. So it only stands to reason that possibly it was people like that who GOD sees as an abomination. The WBC themselves are a bunch of fags. They're religious fags. Not even Christfags because I don't believe they believe in Christ. But they are indeed what I call religious fags because they are hot-headed in their beliefs, they preach angrily at people, and they try to get their point across by attempting to strike fear into the people who disprove them. Generally by telling those people they are going to Hell. Well, since the WBC are nothing but a bunch of fags, they're going to Hell too.

Its one thing, I think, to stand up for what you believe in. It's a totally different thing when you're hot-headed in your beliefs. It's those hot-heads that I refer to as "fags". Sometimes the "hot-heads" are not always preachy. Like with the Yatesfags, most of them did not get preachy with me, they just deleted themselves from my friends list, and the really hot-headed fags even blocked me from their facebook. It was subtle faggotry, but it still proves they are fags. For me to block someone on Facebook, they would have had to do something REALLY bad. Like kill a puppy or kitten or person. That to me is really bad. Even though I don't like kittens, I still don't want to see them drowned in a pool or something on purpose by some heartless individual. But a lot of the people who unfriended me also blocked me, and the only reason I could think of that they would do that is because they are fags, seeing as how I was never anything but good to most of them. So, they must have had some guilt on their conscience or something, and my blog brought that out in them. Shoot! Glad I could help! People need to feel guilt when they wrong others or do wrong to GOD.

So this must really be what the Bible means when it says "fags are an abomination". It doesn't mean gays. It means hot-headed nazis. A lot of things in the Bible I truly believe was misinterpreted. This must be one of them. Gays are only trying to make peace between themselves and heterosexuals. Fags don't care to make peace. They just want everyone to see everything their way. They want everyone to agree with them. They want to be told they are right. And when you don't do any of that, that's when they try to silence you. That's why I hate fags. That's probably why GOD hates fags too. And also probably why the WBC hates fags as well. Well, here's a newsflash: I won't be silenced! They are NEVER going to shut me up. I've said that many times before. People can block me on Facebook all they want to, but they will still never shut me up! I got more than one platform. Everything happens for a reason. The people who are out of my life now, are the ones GOD chose to keep out of my life. They were not meant to be in my life at this point in time. I'm finding out it's a good thing. I don't need drama-queens in my life right now. All I need now is positive thoughts. I have wonderful friends and family now who are giving me that too! :)

So here it is now, GOD I sacrifice all this nazi, fag, radical bullshit to you!

Speaking of friends, lately I have been making friends with people I never thought I would make friends with ever again. LOL! Well, I do tend to change my mind a lot. But lately I've been making friends with show breeders. But they are nice show breeders. Not like the old farts in that one e-mail group I was on before my Groucho died. I think these people are closer to my own age. How ironic. I lost a few people on Facebook that I thought were INXS fans, and I used to say INXS fans are the best friends of all. Well, the majority of them really are. It's the ones who are also Yatesfags that are not. You'll be able to sniff them out eventually. Most of them will argue with you once you say anything bad about Paula Yates. I still hate that woman!! LOL! But it's ironic that I've traded the Yatesfags now for show breeders. And I used to say I hated show breeders. Well, I can't say that anymore. Well, I still don't like the way I was treated by show breeders in the past. But again, they were just a bunch of hating old farts who were probably angry at the world for whatever reason. I think in the case of that one guy, John Cipollina, he really did not want me in that email group. I think he was the one ascender on my application before I joined that group.

In that group, you had to be voted in or out by the moderation team. Apparently there were 3 mods on that voting team and I know John Cipollina was one of them. I remember that. I also know there were people on that group that I had seen before in other groups, and they were other groups that also wanted to censor me too. So, I believe that someone said something to him about me, and he voted no when the mods wanted to vote me in. But the other 2 mods said OK. Thus I think John Cipollina was looking for trouble from me, which is why he never said 2 words to me until I filled out this survey that was passed on to the group, and those were very hostile, angry words. He acted like a total raging lunatic. All because I said I preferred European lines to American lines back then. Well, now I've seen some very nice American lines in show dogs. But I still thought AKC should do what the FCI does, which is not allow a dog to be registerable for breeding unless it has been health-checked and cleared. I still say John Cipollina's actions were completely uncalled for. I was never rude or hostile to him. So, how dare he bitch like he did! And how dare he treat me like shit and not expect to get it thrown back in his fat, ugly face! And by ugly I mean "hateful". I'm no better-looking really! LOL!

But these breeders I've been meeting lately, are NOTHING like that!! One of them I really love because she also likes rock n roll music. So, she is someone I can really relate to. Plus, she is going to help me start a wee bit of a business, which is awesome. I cannot do any business now because I've got something special coming up within the next week. But as soon as I am finished with that special thing, I'll be able to do anything I need to to start this business. This reminds me of the saying that goes "One door closes, another one opens". I'm glad I met these breeders. They are once again restoring my faith in show breeders again. I just still need to be extremely cautious about which ones I come to consider friends. Hope that none of them are radical breeder fags like John Cipollina.

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