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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Michael and His Girlfriend

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ya know, I think this makes Paula Yates look better actually! The dog definitely has a cuter face than she does. I did this a few days ago, I thought it'd be good for laughs, and believe me, it did get a lot of laughs when I posted it! Of course you know the Yatesfags are going to hate this, but fuck them! Who cares what they like or don't like?! The only thing that bothers me is that this would be insulting to the dog. Well maybe not! It would be awesome to see Michael wrap his hands around a cute puppy! But then again, what dog would want to be Paula Yates? I know I wouldn't! I still can't stand that woman! The funniest thing is the Yatesfags think I am "jealous" of Paula. LOL!!! I still laugh about that too. What they don't know is that I got to kiss Michael. So, if there is one thing I am not, it's jealous. I'm not even jealous of people who were fans of Michael's and got to have pics taken with him. That seriously does not bother me at all. I don't know why, as other fans, who haven't met Michael, do envy those who met him. I kissed him but I never got a pic of myself with him. I guess because I know in my heart that if GOD had wanted me to get closer to Michael, HE would have made the arrangements. And since HE didn't, then it was not meant to be between us. Besides, I also know that big rock stars never fall in love with fans. They always fall in love with other celebrities. That's just a fact. And I was not famous at the time Michael was living.

Heck, I'm still not famous! LOL! I make movies, and yes I put them up on Youtube, but I don't do it to get famous. My videos do not get a lot of views actually. And even that does not bother me. I've never gotten more than 370 subscribers. My videos, on average, will get maybe 100 views in a year, yet I have almost 200 videos on my channel. And my videos get very few comments. But ya know, none of that bothers me at all. Because I am not on YouTube for the subscribers. I am not on YouTube for the views or the comments. I do not post videos every day, I only post videos when I can think of a subject. I am on YouTube because I enjoy making movies. That is all. Believe me, if views, subscribers, comments and ratings was all I was after, then I would have quit long ago. Or I would be saying at the end of each video "Subscribe to my channel", or "Click Like and comment below". Although I do encourage comments, they are not that important to my video production. I just make videos for the fun of it. Kinda like playing jacks.

Now, that is not to say I don't appreciate subscribers. I do love my subscribers. But I am saying that having subscribers is not the reason I am on YouTube in the first place. I have even removed some videos in the past, some that I felt were far too negative, as I am trying not to give negative people any publicity. I even did one episode of a semi-animated video called "Eva the Trollinator", featuring one of my characters. But I took it down because I didn't want to give the trolls any publicity. Though I may put videos like that up again in the future, they won't stay up for long. They're not designed to. Just long enough to give people a warning about the troll that will be discussed. But no, I won't keep videos like that up because I do not want to give trolls too much publicity. Besides, trolls tend to always delete their accounts and then create new ones. So, it wouldn't make sense to keep that video up. The last one I did was about some guy who called himself SMDTURBO, who most likely does not exist under that name anymore, and has deleted that account and maybe even created a new one, like all trolls always do. So, I took down that video.

I did notice when I did that video, I lost quite a few subscribers. But again, it doesn't bother me. That's their prerogative. Nobody "owns" subscribers. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why when some people unsubscribe to someone on YouTube, they always say "I was a loyal subscriber of yours for a lot of years, but now I am unsubscribing! Because you hurt my feelings!" I always say "Well, don't let the door hit you as you leave!" Again, they can come and go as they please. I will still continue to make videos as always. As soon as I am finished this month, or next month, I will be back to making videos as I have before. I will also commence posting blogs.

So anyways, what do you all think about having a statue of Michael Hutchence? I think it would be an awesome addition to the city Michael grew up in. One of my friends has now made it her legacy to have a statue of Michael in Sydney, and she has a lot of VIPs on her side. She has also created a group to promote this idea. I've been telling people in my group to get over there and tell their story of what Michael means to them. Every story counts. A couple of the mods on that group I suspect of being radicals, but that doesn't matter. I'm there for my friend, to support her in her quest to make this happen. Not to associate with the radicals. I hate Facebook though! UGH!!! Lately, I've noticed a problem when sometimes I post a comment, it disappears. Yet I know I made a comment! No matter what I try, I can never get that comment to show up again! This is getting annoying! Because sometimes I will get a notice saying "So-n-so has responded to your comment", and I cannot read it or respond! And I don't want "so-n-so" to think I am stuck up. But I cannot help it. It's obviously Facebook doing it! Like I said, if I could communicate with my family without it, I would give up Facebook altogether.

Well, I posted a few videos on the group. One of them is the full version of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong. You can apparently get chapters 2 and 3 still on YouTube, but chapter 1 for some reason, was taken down. Thank GOD I got it when I did! I put it together and remade the whole video out of it. I even got contacted by Richard Lowenstein. He thanked me for posting it and asked me some things about it. I can't say any more. Anyways, go there and tell your story! Michael meant many things to many people. I know he saved my life once. Him and Timmy are both my heroes!! I will love them forever! I only hope this statue looks good! Not like that crappy one they have at that wax museum!

Speaking of which, I am thinking about having mini statues made of all the guys. The problem is it'll cost a lot, but in the end, it'll be worth it! I'm going to do it!! I just hope the little figures look the way I want them to look! I have a line-up of artists of my own to work on this project. I cannot contact them now, as I have other things on my mind at this time. But I want to do this! I always wanted little INXS figurines made! This would be perfect!

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