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Friday, July 15, 2016

Stupidest Reasons People Think Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Well, you all know I hate cats. And Katrina hates cats too. She actually has a pellet gun she uses to shoot at them with, since the one time several years ago, stray cats around her place nearly destroyed a $50,000 sports car she invested in. The neighbors didn't stop feeding them, so Katrina started shooting at them every time they would come on to her property. The pet food industry has determined that cats are the most numerous pets around today. I dunno, I have a hard time thinking of cats as "pets". They don't love us, they only love to be fed. They just hang around peoples' homes because it's free food for them. Once they become dissatisfied with the food, I suppose is when they run away. My stepmom is a cat person, more so than a dog person. But she has had 4 cats that have all just up and ran away. So, it obvious cats do not love her back.

Anyways, today I thought I would put down some of the dumbest reasons cat people have said cats are better than dogs. These are not just made up on my part. These are comments I've actually heard cat people use as an excuse to believe cats are better than dogs! Dogs at least love us, and they will do anything to make us happy. More than what can be said about cats!

Stupid comment #1: "Hello Kitty. Not Hello Doggie."

My response: Totally stupid! Unless your whole life revolves around this stupid anime craze. Mine does not, I'm not some delusional dim-wit twat!

Stupid comment #2: "Lions, tigers and leopards all prove cats are superior to dogs."

My response: Who cares?! You put either one in a room with a lion, tiger or leopard, they'd both get eaten!

Stupid comment #3: "Cats don't have owners. They have staff."

My response: OK, if you don't mind being controlled in your own house. Personally, I am controlled enough at work, I won't put up with it when I don't have to in my own house.

Stupid comment #4: "Cats are cleaner than dogs."

My response: Well, I will hand it to them that cats are cleaner. They lick their own butts, using their tongue as toilet paper. But what cats lack in dirtiness, they more than make up for in destructiveness. I've always known cats to be much more destructive than a similar-sized dog.

Stupid comment #5: "The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats."

My response: So what?! The ancient Egyptians worshiped lots of animals! Using that logic, scorpions are better than cats. Crocodiles are better than cats. Cobras are better than cats. Dung beetles are better than cats. Besides, the ancient Egyptians are also extinct. So, worshiping cats did not save them in the end.

Stupid comment #6: "Cats are sweeter than dogs."

My response: Yeah cats are "sweeter", they still don't love you. So don't allow yourself to be fooled by that so-called "sweetness". What they 'love' is your food. Not you. There's a reason I nicknamed dogs "sweets", and not cats. The only nickname I have for cats is "useless flea taxis".

Stupid comment #7: "Dogs are cowards. Cats are not."

My response: It's sad that the world has come to this. We know we are nearing the apocalypse when an animal that would give it's life for it's owner is cast-off over a useless beast that would only save it's self in tense situations! There is no animal that is farthest from being a coward than a dog. If you believe dogs are cowards, then I'd have to question what you think real bravery is.

Stupid comment #8: "Cats are smarter than dogs."

My response: Absolutely NOT true. Take it from someone who has studied animals all her life. The reason cats seem smarter is because they are loners, so they have to pretty much train themselves. Dogs are like schoolchildren. They aren't stupid, but they also are not below learning new things from their pack leaders. It takes just as much time to train a cat as it does to train a dog. Besides, Border collies--the world's smartest dogs--have the same intelligence as a 4 year old person.

Stupid comment #9: "Cats don't kill people like dogs do."

My response: Well, back in stupid comment #2, it was discussed that people think cats are better because of lions, tigers and leopards. But how many people have actually been killed by some kind of panther in the past? Truth is, if people had as much contact with panthers as we have with "killer dogs", there would be many more deaths linked to the panthers than there are to dogs. But again, put a person in a room with a hungry pit bull and a hungry tiger or lion, which one do you think would eat the person? Chances are, it'd be the panther. Not the dog. Dogs are only as good as the people behind them. If the dog is bad, don't think bad about the dog, think bad about the owner!

Well, those are some of the comments I've heard from people who think cats are better than dogs. Take it as you will. But personally, I will continue to admire dogs! Cavemen worshiped dogs, and the results of their existence is still around today, unlike the ancient Egyptians. In fact, there would not be human civilizations if it weren't for dogs. And even the ancient Egyptians knew that. That's why the Pharaoh Hound was bred. Did you know that the Pharaoh Hound was actually created before the ancient Egyptians discovered cats? Kinda says something doesn't it?! It says that ancient Egypt did not go under until they began worshiping cats.


mikessa said...

YOU HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO LIBERALS!!!!! Everyone knows they have everything backwards just the same way they are treating our country.

you forgot something else too: Dogs can be used to help police, service the disabled, and find missing people. When has anyone ever seen a cat do anything like that?? NONE!!!! Because it doesn't exist. Cats don't even have a good sense of smell, hearing, or sight, not like dogs. They cant perform any of those skills.

And don't say that cats don't drink outta the toilet either. I have actually seen cats do the same disgusting things that dogs do. The same goes for sniffing butts and eating dumps.

Besides, kittens are not cute and sweet like puddins!! Except for Siamese kits, the rest should be put in a sack and thrown in the river. I'm on Precious Memories on FB where I post some of Odessa's pics, there's a lotta people who post cat pics. I don't respond to them at all, except for one person who lost a Siamese. I'm sorry they lost their cats, but I have no sympathy for them.

Even my clients have cats. I don't do any litter box cleaning thank god, but for one of my clients, I feed him. Its an ordinary ugly piece of shit. Mostly white with orange markings. My other client owns a longhair calico, I at least like him better. On occasion, he has licked me, but not like Amadeus did. He is also a little more shyer than my other clients cat. Actually its more like I'm pretending to like them, but I needed these clients and I need this job.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I know cats are just as disgusting as dogs. But the cat fags don't see that. This post just points out all the ways cat fags think cats are better than dogs, and the stupidest reasons I've ever heard.

I admit, there are some good points to cats. They don't require a lot of attention. You can leave them alone for several hours and they do fine. But other than that, there really is no good reason to have a cat except maybe window dressing (because they will tear up your curtains).

mikessa said...

Well don't listen to those "cat fags" or whatever the fuck you call them. There just doing it to get attention. Just like libtards, there only drawing attention to themselves and they get nowhere.

A lotta people do own cats because they work long hours and can be left alone, unlike dogs that always needs a sitter. Although I would not recommend leaving a little kitten home alone, especially younger than 6 mos, or they are gonna come home to a mess. All they need is a food and water dish and a litter box, and there fine.

I am not FOR cats, but I'm NOT totally against them in the same way that you are. There just......well, animals. But I'm not a person that FORCES things on other people. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. I gave up forcing things on others when I grew up. We did that a lot when we were kids, but we were just kids and we were stupid. But it wasn't fun being forced to like something when you really don't because it causes low self esteem in people and that your own opinions don't matter. We did that and look what we did to ourselves. That's why your depressed all the time and I have anger issues. The only ones we can blame is ourselves.

OK, I'm getting off subject here, but still......this is what those libtards do, its a fear tactic. I have a strong feeling that your cat fags are libtards because they are playing on THEIR feelings, but not your own. If they don't see the truth, then there blinder than Odessa was. Just don't buy into their bullshit, I don't. I'm too damn old for their bullshit, so fuck them!!!!

If you don't give them any attention, then they will go away.

katrina said...

cats and cat lovers can kiss my ass

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Katrina, the cat "lovers" do not bother me. It's the cat fags that do.

mikessa said...

Katrina, I think you need to educate yourself between a cat "lover" and a cat "fag" or fanatic would be the better term. I'm from a time when fag was a term for gays. I think you better tell her TF.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

People still associate the word "fag" with being gay. Everyone that is, except me.