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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Best Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

A while ago, I wrote a post about the stupidest reasons people think cats are better than dogs. Well, let's face it, anyone who thinks cats are better than dogs I would say has got to be pretty shallow. Probably people who have never had a dog in their lives. Because there are so many reasons why dogs are better than cats. It's hard for a lot of people to believe now because dogs nowadays get a lot of bad press. All you ever really hear about dogs in the media is how they attack, maim, or kill people. Most of those are caused by either bad breeding practices or by bad owners. That is why I emphasize getting a dog from a responsible breeder, and socialize it well! I never had a dog that has ever attacked or killed anyone. Well anyways, here are the reasons...

1. Dogs genuinely love us.
Unlike cats, dogs love us. More than they love themselves (in the words of Johnny Depp, who is a dog-lover). Cat owners think their cats love them, but what cats love is your food. Not you.

2. A dog will die for it's owner.
Dogs love us enough that they know their job is to protect us. They alert us when someone is at our door, and if need be, they will attack an intruder they think is there to harm us. Cats save themselves rather than think about us when an intruder is out to harm us.

3. Dogs have different personalities.
Cat people think dogs have no personalities, or that their personalities are boring. Truth is, dogs have plenty of personal characteristics. Which is why it bothers me when someone compares a specific individual of a breed they had with one that someone else gets. Each dog is different, even if they are the same breed.

4. There are so many varieties!
Over 400 breeds of dogs, compared to the 200 or so official cat breeds. Whereas if you've seen one cat, you've seen them all; dogs come in a wide range of breeds with different shapes, sizes and colors.

5. Dogs are more fun to play with.
I say this all the time, and it's the reason I prefer dogs over cats. Dogs keep us active because they are always active. Cats tire easily and sleep most of the day. That's why I say cat owners are the laziest people.

6. Dogs are far less destructive than cats.
Even cat fanciers say their cats fuck them over all the time. Cats can tear up your house a lot quicker than a similar-sized dog. Cats can get on the counters, where most dogs cannot reach, knock things down, tear up your furniture and wallpaper (and walls for that matter) when they use your home as a claw-sharpener. Dogs don't do that because they don't need to. This is also why cats never last more than a year in my household.

7. Dogs can be trained to either go outside to eliminate or use a litter box.
Yes, unbelievable as it may sound, a dog can also be trained to use a litter box or a puppy pad. Dogs are very versatile.

8. Dogs are better pest control.
I recently made a video, and put it up on YouTube of a cat toying with a mouse. I was unimpressed with it's torture session, because a dog would have had that mouse killed (along with several other mice) within the first 5 seconds of that video. That video is more than 5 minutes long and the mouse was still alive when I stopped filming. I said I was going to kick that cat's butt if that mouse got in my apartment!

9. Dogs are a much more ancient family than cats.
The Canidae family has actually been around since just after the extinction of the dinosaurs, about 50 million years. There are early cats, but they are not felines. We know them as civets and mongooses (family: Viverridae), which are almost as old as the canines. The actual Felidae family did not begin until about 30-35 million years ago. Yet canines are still going while felines are becoming extinct in the wild. And it's not all due to humans. It's because as a species, they are weak.

10. Dogs are smarter than cats.
Although the hardcore catfags refuse to admit it, or believe it, dogs are indeed more intelligent than cats. The world's smartest dogs, the border collie and the poodle, actually have the intelligence of a 4-year old child. Cats, on the other hand, have the intelligence of a 1-year old child, at best. Cats can't do anything right! LOL!

Yes that's right! Dogs rule! Cats... are just dumb! And yes I have had cats before. I wouldn't say they are dumb without having had one before. Its just that's the observation I've made over the years of having cats. This is why I prefer dogs over cats.
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