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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Creepy Performance

There is a big thing trending on Facebook, a man named Corey Feldman, whose performance of his new song "Go For It" on The Today Show is receiving quite a lot of bad attention and it really is causing him some damage. I heard from one report that now Feldman is afraid to even leave his house. I say "What the fuck is the big deal???" Not that I personally care anything about Corey Feldman. I have a favorite band, and I am happy just following them. I don't go for any of these emo groups around today. But why is everybody getting so uptight about this guy's performance? Because he spazzed out during his performance? People are calling Corey Feldman a "weirdo" and a "freak". Well, everybody has their own style. If you don't like Corey Feldman's, then just don't watch. Simple as that. If he's too weird for you, then turn your head. But like I said, everyone has their own style. Sometimes, during the Rockstar: INXS series, I used to think Marty Casey spazzed out a little too much, but that's his style, and a lot of people liked it. I used to see Marty fans all the time, that no matter what, they still liked him.

As for Corey Feldman himself, I say get over it! You put yourself out there, you open yourself up to criticism. I do. Believe me, on a good day, I'll get called a freak or a weirdo. On a bad day, I get called much worse!! LOL! Sometimes I provoke it, I go on YouTube and provoke the fags and yuppies just for fun. It helps me build up that thick skin I've become famous for. It helps too! I once heard that before you can become famous you have to become infamous. Some people actually like the "freaky" dances this guy did. But once you put yourself out there, you open yourself to criticism. Simple as that. You've got to learn to take it with a grain of salt. I also learned not to defend myself because again, I put myself out there. And the viewers have a right to express their opinion of me. About half of what they say is true anyways. Most people who watch my videos say I am fat, and that is true, I am fat. Not being negative, just being honest. I've known it long enough to know that it's true. I can admit it to myself.

Ya know, that's why I put the "LOL" in my responses to fags, and I'll tell you, it drives them CRAZY!!!! LOL! But I laugh because they try so hard to insult me with "you're fat" or "your a moron" or "I'd love to beat the crap out of you!" And yes, I spelled "your a moron" incorrectly because ironically enough, that is how they spell it! LOL! It's funny! One guy this morning said to me "I would love to meet you in person just so I could beat the shit out of you you cowardly cunt!" I said to him "I would love to meet you in person, because I would love to see you try it!" My BIL taught me karate. Though I am extremely rusty, but some things I can still do. But face it, even if he were to meet me in person, I highly doubt he'd have the guts to touch me. He's just a troll. Trolls are nothing but cowards themselves.

But as for Corey Feldman, I say if you don't like what people are now saying about you, either change your style, or learn to take it with a grain of salt. Or just take yourself out of the media. You were not meant to become a celebrity. Some people will like his performance, some won't. That's just the way it is. That's the way people are. Apparently he took down his performance from Facebook. It's kindof a shame, because there are those who did like his performance I am sure. Not everyone hated it. Or thought it was weird. Know how I know? Lots of people still like Justin Beiber and Hillary Duff. If they haven't scared away all their fans, then there are some people out there who will like anything.

Anyways, here is the "offending" performance...

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