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Friday, September 30, 2016

How I Became an Animal Lover

I've always been an animal lover! Ever since I was a kid. I have always been much more at ease around animals than I've ever been around other people. Animals are great for comfort. They don't judge us, and our pets love us unconditionally. They never back-talk or connive us. Wild animals, for the most part, if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone. People could learn a lot from animals. I know I go through my life like a wild animal. For the most part, I try to stay away from other people and go on about my daily routine. If I know someone, and I like them well enough, I'll say hello, sometimes talk to them. But sometimes too, I just want to be alone, with no other people around. I guess you could say I am a solitary creature, who communicates very little with others of my own kind outside my own family group. To this day, I still prefer the company of animals to people. And the more I learn about people, the less I like that race.

I've been an animal lover pretty much for as long as I can remember. No one else in my family ever loved animals the way I do. My ma even once joked that I must have been an animal in my former life, because I am the only one in my family that loves animals so much. If such a thing is possible, I may have been. I carried a lot of wild animal instincts into this life. If I was an animal in a former life, I wonder what kind of animal I was? Maybe a deer, or a gazelle, because I am a timid person. I'm generally quiet, and I don't even like to fight with anyone, not even if they attack me. Mostly I prefer to walk away from trouble as opposed to standing and fighting. Or maybe a dik-dik, or something small like that, because I like to stay concealed as well. Usually when I am in a big room with a lot of people, I like to seek out the most remote, out-of-the-way spot to have a seat in, where I won't be too noticed, but I can still observe everything. That's the way I've always been.

I think I've always had good memories of animals. My parents did everything they could to hinder that, but never succeeded. My first recollection of my love for animals was when I was in nursery school. We had a teacher that brought in this very tiny toy poodle and let each of us kids hold it. I remember it was so tiny and so cute, and it seemed to be smiling at me! I wanted to take it home with me. Holding that little dog made me feel a happiness that I never felt in my life. I wasn't even a dog-lover! I had friends that had dogs and I always hated them! But they were bigger dogs. This little poodle was so tiny and cute, nothing like the big monsters my friends had that would knock me down.

A couple years later, we moved to a rural area, and I had more friends that lived on farms. I remember the first friend I ever made in that area was a boy who lived on a farm very close to us. I used to walk over to his house every day. Well, one day I visited his place and he had baby chickens and baby ducks, and I could not resist them! They were the ultimate in cuteness!! I remember holding them and what I felt when I held them was different than before. I felt what I can only describe as being 100% pure love! A love like I'd never felt before. As I was holding these little darlings, I felt like the world around me had disappeared. All my attention was focused on these babies. Even when my friend was asking me to play something else with him. I didn't want to leave, I so enjoyed it there. Of course a lot of that dissipated when we got chickens and ducks of our own, and I would see babies like that every year. But even then, it was still a lot of fun when we had babies.

When I got older, and I started breeding australian shepherds, I got the same feeling. Whenever me or my boyfriend who helped me, had fresh new pups out of the oven, it was a happy, loving feeling to be holding them and loving them. Feeling them squirm in my hands, hearing their sweet little whimpers. Again, it was a love like I'd never felt before in my life! I was always excited when one of our pregnant females was expecting and I would wake up in the morning and we'd have baby pups in the nest. Same feeling several years later when we started breeding chihuahuas. Only these were half the size of the shepherd pups, and their little whimpers were cuter and sweeter. It was so easy to feel an intense love for these little babies. I always got emotionally attached to each and every pup, which came in handy when I was trying to find the best homes I could find for them. I always got compliments about how affectionate and intelligent my pups were. Well, I knew what I was doing! They went to their new homes pre-cuddled.

Well, I used to love cats when I was a kid, and yes, I knew several kittens that I had fallen in love with. A cat was even my first pet I can recall as a child. I used to have kids all the time trying to convince me that dogs were better than cats. But I just would not bite. Nowadays, I'd believe them! LOL! The reason I don't have cats anymore is because they don't last long in my house. The longest time period I've ever had a cat was 2 years, and I wound up sending him to a new home anyways. Partly because of my father. And partly because I was tired of him destroying things, and you could not train him. These days it's all I can do to keep the cats around here off of my patio. When I see them, I yell at them to get out of my yard. Lately, this ugly gray tabby cat has taken a liking to my porch. I don't like gray tabbies! Yesterday, when he came onto my porch, I opened the sliding door and shouted out at him "Go home, ugly cat!!" I don't know who it's owner is, and frankly I don't care! And I don't care if they heard me calling their cat ugly either. If it hadn't been a gray tabby, I wouldn't be calling it ugly in the first place! Get something better, then try me.

LOL! Reminds me of my dad! He used to hate chihuahuas, before I started breeding them. We had a neighbor that had a chihuahua when I was a kid, and that dog typically got out of it's yard. One day it did and me and my friend Tara were riding to my place on our bicycles, and saw that dog again. It had what Tara thought was a sore on the side of it's body. So, she picked it up and we rode back to my place. My father did not exactly like having that dog on his property. He shouted to us to "Get that ugly dog out of here!" I tell you, he HATED chihuahuas back then!! LOL! But he eased up on them when I started breeding them, and he realized what beautiful animals they really are when well bred. I dunno though, nowadays breeders are going more and more for the extreme flat noses in chihuahuas and I personally don't like that! They're beginning to look like pugs, not chihuahuas. I like their noses to have a little bit of length. Not a lot, but indeed a little bit. But they are still beautiful when well-bred.

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