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Monday, September 26, 2016

I Amaze Myself!

I could not believe it! I got up today, with the desire to go for a walk. So, I got myself dressed up and put my tennis shoes on and said I was going to walk as far as I can take it, then turn around and come back home. The other day, I found the bread store, which I always go to for some things, not just bread. But I always see some huge silos in the background, and I said I was going to walk to those today. So I did. But when I reached them, I figured I hadn't walked far enough, so I continued on. I walked until I came to the fork in the road. I was not so sure I should move on, I only just moved here and frankly, I don't know this town that well. But I wanted to keep going, so I went. Before I knew it, I had reached the edge of town! I mean downtown! I had walked approximately 2 miles, maybe 2 and a half! I was amazed!! It was almost nothing!

Well, I gotta confess, I didn't walk much since I moved here. But it's cool anyways to know I can do it if I want to! I can walk all the way from my apartment to the edge of town. I want to do it again tomorrow! Maybe make that a regular route for me to walk every day. I even stopped to look in a furniture store that was there that I wanted to investigate. I do need more furniture, and I got some cute ideas looking in there. They have curio cabinets, but they are not very big ones. There is another furniture store there too that I also want to look at. Maybe I'll find a bigger and better curio cabinet. Never hurts to look! I even saw a grandfather clock that I want! I always wanted one! Maybe someday I will get one.

I wasn't even tired when I got back home. Not bad for a fat chick! I'm so versatile, I even amaze myself! I do need to get back on track losing weight again! I hate some of our genes in the family. If we skip one day of our lifestyle change, we can put on 5 pounds!! I need a dog! Very bad! I need something I can go back on walks with. But right now, my goal is to save my money to get myself to Australia next year. I need to go and see that statue of Michael being unveiled. I love that man so much, each day I seem to love him more and more. I cannot wait to make this movie devoted to him!

I managed to lose over 60 pounds when I was in Reno, because I was going to the gym every day, twice a day. I need to start doing that again. The move here to OR is what threw me offtrack. Living in the van with rain constantly going outside, it was kindof depressing. So, it was hard for me to keep up with my change of lifestyle. But I think I am finally ready to get back on track. Too bad I am out of those pills! But eh! Who needs them!? I did without them and did fine when I was in Reno. I just worked hard all summer there. I can do it again. This is why it does not bother me when people call me "fat" or something to that effect. Well hell I am fat! LOL! Let's be honest here! But these kids are always trying to bring that up about me when they get pissed off at me, and I'm like "So what?!" They want to call me names? I say go for it! Do your worst while you still can. I'm getting back on my change of lifestyle! I'm not going to be fat for much longer after that!

Well, that's a teenager for you! I'll tell you, I would not be a kid in today's world if my life depended on it. I love my generation. I'm happy being in my 40s now! Kids today have lousy role-models! I have wonderful role-models, like my favorite men of INXS. Speaking of which, some kid this morning, who is a video-gamer, was telling me to kill myself by drinking chlorine, or something of that effect. He said if I don't do it, he'll kill 2 dogs a week. I told him if he does that, I will kill 4 cats for every dog he harasses. LOL!! Of course I wouldn't really, I just like to tease catfags like him. He asked me what Timmy-Hutch-Fan means and I told him that if I have to tell him, it'll cost him 2 dead cats. LOL!! That shut him up for the most part. That is until he saw my videos, then he comes back with the usual 1st grade-level insults about me being fat and I am a male grandma, and other such horseshit. I just said "thank you for watching my videos" and smiled.

I can say I have been literally called every name in the book. I've even had people saying I look like a man. Well, it's been said before. LOL! I don't care, as long as they watch my videos, I couldn't care less how I look to these kids. I get paid each time they view my videos, so I don't care if they say shit about me. I mean that in all sincerity. Other peoples' opinions of me do not mean shit to me. I'm working on a change in how I look and how I am. I noticed an amazing thing today. I actually looked at myself in the mirror tonight and I saw underneath the fat. I said "My word! I do have a pretty face! If only I would lose weight!" Well, I used to be told I was pretty when I was thinner. Maybe I can do that again. Who knows?


mikessa said...

What I say is this:

You know, I'm glad I'm fat. Because I can walk down a street and not worry about getting mugged, murdered, or raped. And you with that skinny toothpick body of yours, you make yourself a target for every dumbass out there.

TimGal said...

True, who is going to want to try and kidnap a fat person? It's like trying to steal a tiger as opposed to a tabby. LOL! But you are losing weight girl! By doing so, you're going to make yourself a target.

mikessa said...

not when I tell them I once weighed over 300 lbs. That will totally gross them out

TimGal said...

Its not about "grossing out". It's about what a kidnapper can grab and push into their car in a hurry.