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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Will Never Smoke Cigarettes

A lot of people who were in that homeless shelter were heavy smokers. In fact, I think I was the only person in there that did not smoke at all. I never even went to the smoking areas, only when I had to, because I am totally allergic to cigarette smoke. When I even smell cigarette smoke, my throat closes up and I cannot breathe. I tried smoking only once in my life and that was when I turned 18. My ma smoked then. She told me to just try it once and if I didn't like it I didn't have to do it again. I've always been the kind who doesn't want to hack something I've never tried, so I tried it. One cigarette and I don't even think I ever finished it. I did try it, and I did not like it. Again, the smoke made me sick.

Well I heard that smoking causes damage to your lungs. I have enough damn respiratory problems, I don't need cigarettes to add to it! Lulu said if I hang out with her long enough she's going to have me smoking and drinking in no time. I told her it'll never happen. Because I am allergic to cigarette smoke, it'll never happen. Well, she told me about her cousin who also said she was allergic to cigarette smoke, and would not take a cigarette that was offered to her. Then later on she said her cousin turned into a heavy smoker. Well, I told Lulu that I am not like that. The fact that I also cannot stand the smell of cigarettes is enough to also repel me from trying them again. Besides the fact that it messes up your lungs, and is a very expensive, time-consuming habit. No, it'll never happen with me. I'll never be a smoker nor a drinker.

Truth is, I am also allergic to chocolate. But I love chocolate so much I cannot give it up! Fortunately it's not the kind of allergy that closes up my windpipe. I just get a bad case of diarrhea when I eat chocolate. But I can handle that! The taste and smell of chocolate makes it worth the pain! But there is nothing good about smoking. I used to hear the smokers in the dorm coughing all night long. It was a bad cough too, a bad hacking cough that you could tell they were coughing up their lungs. No thanks! I don't need that!

I remember there was this big, goofy looking guy, nice guy though, and I came across him at the Safeway store one day while I was waiting for Lulu. We talked for a bit, and then the conversation came up about cigarettes and smoking;

He asked me, "You don't happen to have a cigarette on you do you?"
I answered, "No, I sure don't."
He asked me, "You don't smoke do you?"
I answered, "No, I sure don't."
He asked me, "Would you like to start?"
I answered, "No, I sure wouldn't."

At the end of the month everybody was trying to get cigarettes from everybody else. Their money was always gone because they had to buy packs of cigarettes throughout the month. I was perplexed and thought "If these people would save their money for an apartment instead of spending every penny on cigarettes, they would have places to live in!" That's one big reason I never started smoking, I couldn't afford it. Even if I could afford it, I have better things to spend my money on than cigarettes! For example, this trip to Australia. Another thing I need is a car. Then a puppy! No room is left for cigarettes. Even if I wasn't allergic to them.

The thing is, smoking takes so much out of you, your money, your health, your time. Took Lulu 5 hours to drive the 25 miles from Wheeler to Tillamook. Know why? Because she would stop every 15 to 20 minutes to have a cigarette! The cigarette always took her 10 minutes to smoke. Sometimes she would have one right after another. That's time wasted! Time I could have spent doing something fun. Yet, smoking gives you nothing good in return. Unless you love the idea of having a bad cough. Or you relish the thought of having lung cancer. Or you get orgasms at the putrid smell of burning nicotine. I do not. So, I said to Lulu, I'll never start smoking. And I never will. It'll never happen!

After nearly 10 years of not thinking about Michael Hutchence, I should have learned never to say never. I said I would never get back into him again. But I think it's very safe to say that if I haven't started smoking by now, I never will.
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