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Saturday, September 17, 2016

If Cancer Was A Person...

If cancer was a person, he would be the most hated and sought-after person on the planet.
If cancer was a person, he would be the biggest jerk the world has ever known.
If cancer was a person, I would love to meet him, just so I could kick his ass!
If cancer was a person, he would be harder to catch than Bin Ladin.
If cancer was a person, he would have been in so many bar fights that he'd be banned from all public places.
If cancer was a person, I can imagine what he'd look like; very handsome, yet very deadly.
If cancer was a person, he'd be a serial killer with more deaths under his belt than Gary Ridgeway.
If cancer was a person, he'd have 3 children; Benign, Malignant and Terminal. Benign would be the friendliest.
If cancer was a person, he wouldn't care who you are, he'd hate you no matter.
If cancer was a person, his favorite animal would be the lion, because they too kill for fun.
If cancer was a person, he would never walk alone. He'd be surrounded by like-minded people.
If cancer was a person, he would not quit fighting you until he won. Only the strongest would win.

The reason I write this is because cancer claimed my father this week. My sis and I got there on the 14th, went to see him that same day, he was still alive then. I believe whole-heartedly that he kept himself going just so he could be with me and my sis. He knew we were coming. He died the very next day, the day my sis and I were due to go home. I got the news from the neighbor, who is also a driver for Uber, and was there to drive me and my sis back to the bus station. But he and my father were very good friends. He too was saddened by his passing. He said he woke up at 6:30 that morning and saw the car (hearse) there, taking dad away. I really wanted to get the news from Kathy first, his family. I know they didn't plan that, so I don't hold it against them or anyone else. I knew they wanted to wait until we got home to give us the news because they didn't want us to think about it on the trip home. But that is OK. Yes, I did cry a lot on the way home, and when I got here. I still don't think I am done.

The hardest thing is going to be not talking to him or seeing him on the holidays. I'm really going to miss that. He always made the holidays so special. He always called and made sure we had a nice holiday dinner. He always went above and beyond the call of duty for me and my sis. That's the kind of person he was. Even when he was fighting this disease, he cared more about how me and my sis was doing than he did about his own health. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, he was going walking every day, for 5 miles or more. He was a man who never cared about how he was feeling. He never felt pain, he never got sick, the only time I ever saw him cry was at my grandma's funeral. I don't think I've ever heard him say "ouch" in my life! I've never even seen him call out in pain before. So, it was hard seeing him in a bed, being ravaged by cancer. But he never cried. He was never bitter. He never asked "why me?" He was not that kind of person. He even had an opportunity to go someplace that is especially studying merkel cell carcinoma to get it cured, and he would not take it. He stuck to the doctors he had there in Phoenix, and said whatever is going to happen will happen. He had complete faith in GOD. While my sis and I were there, we even read some passages from the Bible to him for fun. Kathy knew he enjoyed that. Dad was never bitter about this happening to him, that's for sure.

Ya know that first night after he died, I was thinking a lot about Kathy, and how she must have felt lonely not having him next to her in bed, and knowing he would never be in bed with her again. I wished I could comfort her in that time, or at least talk to her. I know she would have needed someone there. I'm sure though that her family was there. She's lucky to have them.
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