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Monday, September 5, 2016

The Dark Side of My Plight

Well, I got into my apartment, and now I am almost done unpacking. I've even unpacked some things that I have had all packed up since we left Ocean Shores. The only things that I cannot unpack now are my knick-knacks. I have not really had those unpacked since we left Olympia! Well, I did briefly have them unpacked when I moved in with Patti. But my stay at her place only lasted 3 days, and I was not about to leave my knick-knacks with her! Soon, I do plan on getting a curio cabinet. Then, I can put my knick-knacks out to display. I don't even remember what all I have! I know I have a family of dragons in there. I also have a family of Ki-Rin, which are Chinese unicorns. I also have a lot of lighthouses, and some of Anna's Mount St. Helens figurines. I also have a lot of figurines I made myself of my Metazoic mammals.

I was kindof sitting back today, thinking. One of the things that sprung to mind was the struggles I went through in order to get into this place. The biggest problem was Noah. Every day I would call them and leave messages with my case manager. But for 2 long weeks, nothing would happen. One day, I decided to just bug the piss out of them. Squeaky wheels get the greasing! I called Noah and asked if my case manager was even there. Apparently she was, so I asked why she never picks up her phone. The person I spoke to said she cannot force my case manager to answer. But I was tired of calling and calling, sometimes up to 4 to 5 times a day, and never hearing back. Especially when her voicemail greeting says she will return my call within 24 hours, then days would go by and I would not get a return call.

So anyways, the secretary put me on hold for a minute. When she came back, she said that they never received the paperwork they were supposed to receive, so I had to call the manager of these apartments. I did and told them what the secretary told me. I got one of the managers of this complex and she said she had proof that she sent the paperwork in. So I had to call Noah again and tell them that the manager of this apartment told me that yes, she sent the paperwork and she had proof she did. I got the secretary again and I told her who I was. When I mentioned my name, the secretary kinda moaned a bit, I guess because she knew what I was going to say. I told her what the manager told me. The secretary said they need to just get this paperwork in instead of sitting there arguing about it. So, I had no choice but to call this apartment back again. But when I did, I got hung up on. I was in the shelter, and my roommate was in the room at that time. She left shortly after, and I walked right behind her so I could make sure the door was closed.

After she left, and I made sure the door was closed, and I'd be alone for at least a few minutes, I went back to my bunk where I had all my pics of Michael and Timmy lying around and I cried out loud! LOL! You've seen those movies where some frustrated person just collapses and cries loudly? That's what I did. I yelled to the heavens "Don't blame me!!!! I'm just a messenger! I didn't do anything! This whole thing is NOT my fault!!!" as if those people from both sides could actually hear me! LOL! I was tired, frustrated, and sick of living in a shelter! I'll tell you all now, if you have social anxiety, a homeless shelter is not a place you want to be! I'm most uncomfortable around children. I don't like hearing kids running around and yelling. I don't like the feel of them looking at me. And forget about privacy in that shelter! A few times I've been lucky and went hours without getting any outside interruptions. But most of the time, just when you think you're going to be alone for a while, someone pops in for whatever reason and you have to stop what you are doing and wait for that person to leave. Then it was only by sheer luck if they managed to remember to close the door behind them. Most of the time, they didn't though.

Well, I thought I should wait a while before I call these apartments again, give the managers here a chance to cool down. So, that is what I did. I waited about 15 minutes before attempting to call here again. This time, I got someone else, and she said she would send the paperwork again, and give Noah a call. So she did. But I still was not comfortable. So, I said to myself that maybe I should take that paperwork to Noah myself. I got Lulu to bring me to this complex to pick up the paperwork. I walked into the office and offered to take the paperwork to Astoria myself, but they told me that because I am a third party person, I cannot do it. The manager told me to keep calling Noah and tell them that I am going to start camping out in their office until something is done. I thought that was a great idea. So, from then on, that is what I did.

Even my ma and sis got involved in getting me this apartment, as did a few friends. We all called Noah, and told them something needs to be done. For a while there, I was scared to death I was not going to get this apartment. Ma called me one night and asked me if any progress is being made to get me into my new place and I said NO! I was no closer that day when she called than I was when I arrived at the shelter. Ma said "you're going to lose that apartment!" I said "That's exactly what I am afraid of! But I can't do much more than leave messages!" Ma asked me if I was calling Noah every day and I said yes. Several times a day, in fact. The day she called, I think I called my case-manager 5 times. No answer. So the following day, ma called the head supervisor and asked why nothing was being done to get me into my apartment. It was good to get family and friends together to get something rolling. I thank my friends and family for their help.

Well, after that something started going on, my case-manager kept in touch with me more. I kept asking her to please let me know when something is going on. 2 weeks later, I was finally able to move in. And I absolutely love it here. The only flaw is they put me smack-dab in front of the kid's play area. So I am still in the line of kids screaming and shouting! UGH!!! I'm not used to kids, so I don't exactly like being next to the play area. But this is a great apartment! I love it! It has everything I need, all the appliances I could ever want. I'm glad I finally got it.


mikessa said...

OK, first and foremost point of order: GET A CURIO CABINET!!!!!!! Now that you got a more permanent place to live, you can get one. I don't care how, just get it. You have had those knick knacks packed up since we left Olympia and that was almost 10 years ago. I want my Mount St Helens stuff back. And I'm sure you wanna get your dragons outta there too.
I know its a lot to ask, but please, get a curio cabinet. Find someone who can deliver to your apt.

TimGal said...

Fingerhut has some. I'm thinking of turning to them for one. I'll be glad to get my knick-knacks back out again! I do miss seeing them.