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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 Best Musicians Ever!

OK, in keeping with a new tradition, I have decided to make this post, discussing musicians that I think are the best ever. I love music. Not as much as I love animals, but I do love music. You all know that by now! I write about my love of music almost every day on this blog! Every thing I do is for my love of music. I used to prefer classical music when I was in middle school. But as I got older, I learned to like rock n roll music. I never would have learned had I not taken the bus to the voc school every day. I first heard rock n roll and fell in love with it in 1987, when I first started going to the voc school on a pre-vocational program. I heard it and loved it. I heard many different songs that sounded great! Need U Tonight being one of them. Anyways, here is my opinion of the best musicians ever!

Of course you predicted it! INXS had to be my #1 pick!! Need U Tonight was the first song I remember hearing from INXS, and it actually quickly became my favorite song of 1987. You could say it was INXS that got me started on rock n roll music, too. INXS are possibly the only band (besides #2) that combines great music with beautiful men! Some of the sexiest men in musical history are in this band. Michael is the best-looking singer I've ever seen in my life! While Timmy is the best-looking guitarist I've ever seen! My love for INXS cannot be measured in just the number of songs, but in the number of whole albums! They are the only band that, IMO, is that good! My favorite albums are Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, Kick and X.

2. Roxette
I know I've mentioned it, but Roxette has always been another one of my favorite bands, after INXS. I always thought Per Gessle was adorable! Never thought much about Marie Fredricksson, but she is a great singer. Per Gessle, like Michael Hutchence, had his own set of moves, which I thought were cute! I loved their album, Look Sharp, but their Joyride album only yielded a few good songs, including the title track and Fading Like A Flower.

3. Bee Gees
I've been a fan of the Bee Gees ever since I was a child. I used to have a wild, kiddie crush on Barry, who is IMO the best-looking band member. In 1979, ma got us a copy of the Saturday Night Fever album and my sis and I used to play that album over and over again! I loved Barry's voice! Plus we had Tragedy and Night on Broadway, which were also very good songs by them.

4. U2
OK, now we've passed the bands that I love for both music and cute men, and move on to bands/singers where the men are ugly as shit, but the music is good. U2 is such a band. Though I don't like any of their 90s stuff, their 80s stuff was pretty good. On my MP3 player, you will hear songs like Numb (the live version), Pride (In The Name of Love), and Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.

5. Rod Stewart
He may not be the best looking man in music, but he does have quite a few very good songs. I have several songs of his on my MP3 player. His voice is very soothing and nice, and his songs have very good rhythm as well. Among the songs of his that I have are Do You Think I'm Sexy (my answer is no, but I like your voice), This Old Heart Of Mine, Downtown Train, Rhythm of My Heart, and one that he collaborated on called All For One. He has one of those kinds of voices that when you hear one of his songs, it brings back good memories. I know several of his songs have that effect on me! LOL!

6. Michael Jackson
Well, he was somewhat decent-looking before he went batshit crazy with the surgeries. And one must also remember he was a child-molester too. But one thing I cannot deny is he did have a good voice, and he's produced some great songs in the past. On my MP3 player, I have several songs of his. Such as Bad and Black or White. I also liked his work on Free Willy, but unfortunately not enough to put it on my MP3 player. I did also make a DVD of my most favorite videos ever, and that video includes Thriller. I like the video more than the song though. Though my sis Katrina does like the song Thriller. She likes the blood and guts though. LOL! It's the Beavis and Butthead in her.

I think it's pretty safe to say that the Swedes make some of the greatest rock music in the world! ABBA is no exception. Though the men are not that good-looking, not even halfway decent, they do have remarkable songs, several of which I have on my MP3 player. Among the songs I like are Chiquitita, Take A Chance On Me, Dancing Queen and Knowing Me, Knowing You. Though this group seemed to die out with the fall of disco, I still think they're pretty good.

8. Erasure
I first learned of this group when my sis was into them in the late 80s. The men are by no means attractive, but they have some very good songs out there. Some of the ones I have on my MP3 player are A Little Respect (I prefer the Big Train remix version), Blue Savannah, Oh L'amour and Stars. They have a great voice, and I like how their music combines regular rock n roll with a bit of techno-pop.

9. Aerosmith
Steven Tyler is pretty well-known for having a disproportionately large mouth! LOL! I guess that's part of his charm. It's certainly what helps him make those long and loud screams he always does in his songs. My sis Anna does not like this group, but Katrina and I think their songs are pretty darn good. I have several on my MP3 player. Among the songs I have of their's is Ragdoll, Dream On, Janie's Got A Gun and I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing. The men are not attractive though, I only like this group for the music. Nothing else.

10. Billy Joel
Well, I guess he was somewhat nice looking as a younger man. Although today he looks like the 80s called him and wanted their hair back, and he actually sent it to them! He has created quite a few good songs in his days. Many of which can be found on my MP3 player. Some of my favorites he's created was Downeaster Alexa, We Didn't Start The Fire, For The Longest Time, Uptown Girl, Don't Ask Me Why and Its Still Rock N Roll To Me. There is another from 1993 called The River Of Dreams that I used to like. Unfortunately not enough to put it on my MP3 player.

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