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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dog Breeds That Are Not Popular, But Should Be

The Labrador retriever and Golden retriever are the two most popular breeds of dogs around today. We love them because they are playful, loyal, and versatile. However, there are many breeds of dogs that display just as fine characteristics as any labrador or golden retrievers, but are not as popular, and probably never will be as popular. Not all these breeds are rare, but many are becoming endangered due to a simple lack of interest from humans. This post is not intended to encourage backyard breeders to look into breeding these dogs. This is just my own opinion of breeds that are not popular enough and I just cannot understand why.

1. Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Sometimes affectionately called "Chessies" by those that own them, this breed of retriever somehow fell by the wayside. They never gained the popularity of it's more popular relatives, the labrador and golden retrievers, and yet they are just as versatile and intelligent as they are. Being the largest of the retrievers, quite possibly plays a role in this breed's lack of popularity. However, they are gentle, trustworthy and wonderful family dogs. I've even heard a story about a Chessie that surprised it's owner by attacking a man that broke into his home, chasing the burglar away.

2. Skye Terrier
Well, back to the Skye, this breed is not as popular as it should be, despite the fact it is perhaps the oldest of the British terriers. They are loyal and affectionate dogs. There was even one case of a Skye named Bobby who waited by his deceased owner's grave for 14 years before he died. This is a testament to the loyalty of this breed. I had a skye terrier as a child and I can tell you he aided in making me a dog lover. He was so sweet and lovable! It is unfortunate this breed is not that popular.

3. St. Bernard
Though it is one of the most iconic breeds in the world, the St. Bernard is not that popular. And I don't understand why. It is a gentle giant, but will also defend it's family from intruders very effectively. One of my BILs loves the mastiff-type dogs like this. Not everybody likes having a big dog around that slobbers a lot. But they are very affectionate animals, and love being with the family. So, it is a wonder this breed is not more popular now than it is.

4. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Though this is the largest of the Swiss mountain breeds, they are not vicious. And unlike the St. Bernard dog, they do not slobber a lot. They are true gentle giants that rarely even bark. Though they do emit a sort of howling noise, they have never been known to attack anyone. During the early part of the 2000s, this breed saw a bit of a rise in popularity, but they fell in numbers again in recent years.

5. Papillon
The Yorkshire terrier and the Pug are the two most popular toy breeds in the world today. But what about the Papillon? I grew up with a Papillon and have always owned one and they are active dogs, but not flighty. They were bred to be handled by royalty, so they calm way down when you hold them, much like ragdoll cats. They are also not as yappy as other toy breeds like the Yorkshire terriers. In 1999, a papillon named Kirby won the Westminster Dog Show, and the breed's popularity began to rise, and has slowly ascended. But that progress has been slow. VERY slow.

6. Scottish Terrier
Though I would not recommend any terrier to a first-time dog owner, Scottish terriers are one of my favorite terriers of all. I had one for a while and she was the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever owned. Though like any terrier, she was plucky, and stubborn sometimes, she was also very active and superior at ridding my place of such pests as rats and mice. I used to see the results of her labors when I would go out and clean the yard! I'd see at least 4 or 5 dead rats in the yard. LOL! But in the home, she was a sweet dog, with her tail always wagging.

7. Tibetan Spaniel
Though they look a lot like pekingese dogs, these dogs are somewhat larger with a longer muzzle than those of pekingese. But like their closely-related counterparts, they are sweet and affectionate dogs. They are as affectionate and easy-going as any spaniel, and love to cuddle. They are probably not that popular because they were muscled out by the popularity of the pug, which requires a lot less grooming than this breed does. But as far as companions go, this is the nearly perfect breed for that.

8. Saluki
Though this is not a breed I would recommend for someone who is a first-time dog owner, or who lives in an apartment, this is the perfect breed if you like dogs, but you do not like dogs that are clingy and needy. The saluki is one of your more independent dogs. In fact, saluki owners have often described them as being more like cats than like dogs. And they are not as nippy and nervous as such breeds as the Afghan hound. This breed even cleans it's self like a cat!

9. Newfoundland
Much like the St. Bernard, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant. They do not even make great watchdogs because this is a breed that was created to help people, and are such people-lovers. They will normally even greet strangers on the street. Being such affectionate family dogs, they should be more popular than they are. But keep in mind, they are big dogs, and not likely to be good for apartment living, unless they are allowed to roam for a while each day.

10. Klee-Kai
If you think you're looking at a husky, think again. Introducing the Klee-Kai dog. It is a miniature version of the husky, and the popular mixed breeds known as "pomski" is most likely a result of crossing pomeranians with these dogs. They have just been brought to the World's attention recently. Though they look like huskies, and are indeed miniature versions, they are perfect for the dog owner that loves the look of huskies, but doesn't love the faults huskies have. For example, the Klee-kai does not have the advanced prey-drive that huskies have. Nor is it likely to jump your fence and wander off. Plus, these dogs make much better apartment dogs than the huskies, because they are smaller and easier to control. Though they are active, a simple game of fetch for 30 minutes a day is enough to keep them satisfied.

11. Basenji
This dog is well-known for being one of the few breeds that do not bark. The vocalizations uttered by this breed has been described as being more like a yodel. This breed is a product of Africa, and is used for hunting there. They are brave and plucky, but they are also sweet and affectionate with their family. They are also very clean dogs, that also clean themselves much like cats do. Like cats, this breed also has a very independent side to them as well. They are quite active dogs too, and need some stimulation. But they make great dogs for a person living in an apartment or small house.

Well, that is my take on dog breeds that are less popular than they should be. To learn more about these breeds and many more, read our book UMG's Encyclopedia of the World of Dogs at UMG Productions. I just updated it last night. Enjoy!

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