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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Facebook Friends and Killer Clowns

The apocalypse is coming! LOL! But instead of the 5 horsemen, we're being invaded by killer clowns. UGH! The only clowns I know of on Facebook are the people who deleted me from their friends! LOL!! But that's not what I am here to talk about. This is just a message to those who ask me to become their friend on Facebook. Take notice, I am not really that desperate for Facebook buddies. If I know you, and you've either impressed me, or I somehow like you, I will add you to my friends. But if I do not know you, and you have not posted anything on your timeline, or if everything in your timeline is in spanish or some other language I don't speak, do not expect I am going to accept your friend request. Now, that is not to say I do not like people who speak only in other languages. But my point is, why? How can I be a good friend to someone if I cannot understand and communicate with them? I get involved in the lives of my Facebook friends, as much as they allow me to. I laugh with them, cry with them, tell them I am happy for them when something good happens, send condolences when something bad happens. I've prayed for some of my friends who have asked for it, or needed it. I know people have private lives they don't want to post on Facebook, and I understand that. I do not expect anyone to post everything that happens in their lives. There are things about me the internet still does not know, and never will know. They are secrets that are going to the grave with me.

I've been getting a lot of requests lately from people who only seem to speak spanish. I cannot accept them! I don't know these people, and probably will never know them because of the language barrier. I cannot get close to someone I cannot understand. I'm not saying they are not nice people, just saying how can I be friends with them when I just cannot read anything they post? I got one request from someone who had nothing posted on his page. Nothing except pictures. No comments from himself or anything. I saw I had a few mutual friends with him, but I asked him if he's an INXS fan, and he never responded. So, I deleted him. This morning I also noticed someone added me to a group that was nearly 100% spanish speaking. I don't know why people always are thinking I speak spanish. Could it be somehow they know my last name? I don't know how! I left that group. I told them I cannot stay there, I don't speak spanish! When someone comments, I can use Facebook's translating feature. But when they post a picture and it's written in spanish, I cannot tell what it's supposed to say. So, I cannot tell them whether or not I like their picture. And that sucks!

So, it's not them, it's just me. Really. I have a few friends who mostly speak spanish and I am fine with that, but they've been my friends for a long time now. They are some very loyal friends too. But I just cannot accept any new ones. Sorry people.

Well, there is a new trend out now, killer clowns are stalking America. Maybe the world! Some have caused some serious trouble! Some have raped women, some even at gunpoint, or knifepoint. I can only say wow! With wide eyes! What is this going to do to the people who are already coulrophobes? I think it's just going to add more people to that parade! I've seen reports where one kid told of a clown that was thrashing a knife around chasing him, and several more reports of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods. One boy was walking to the bus stop and a man in a clown mask followed him. They've been using laser pointers, and luring kids with the promise of money. Seems most of their victims were young boys, but I am sure there are some girls they have harassed as well. This trend seems to be spreading. I'm just waiting for the day to come when there are reports of clowns actually killing people.

You know what I blame all this on? As much as I hate to admit it, I blame all these shows that glorifies such characters as The Joker. Don't get me wrong, I love the Joker as much as any Batman fan! But somehow he is being glorified enough to where people are wanting to imitate him! I think that is what is causing all this BS going on in the world today with these scary clowns. I can only hope their only objective is to just scare people. I hope they do not turn to actually killing people.
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