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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Facts Vegans Seem To Reject

OK, every once in a while I gotta write up something on vegans. It's not that I want to demean my vegan friends, it's just once in a while they do something, or say something, that makes me scratch my head and wonder why they would think that. Vegans want to be above any form of education, at least some of the wild ones I've seen on YouTube do. Let me first get this out of the way, I do have vegan friends, and I've stopped trying to shame vegans already. I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But these are facts that seem to be rejected by vegans all over. Even though there have been studies done to prove these facts are real. So, let's get started on these.

1. Plants are living things too.
Yes, I have actually met vegans (who are probably teenagers) that believe plants are not living things. The fact is, they really are. They are living things that just want to live as well. Think about that the next time you poke your fork in that salad. Those are actual, living, breathing things you are stabbing, and unlike a cheeseburger, that salad is not dead.

2. Plants feel panic when threatened.
Plants, just like animals, feel panic. They do not express panic the same way an animal does, they do it chemically. You know the smell of fresh-cut grass after you mow your lawn? That is the smell of grass panicking, alerting other grass stalks that there is danger.

3. Plants just want to live too.
Broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts the way we know them do not exist in the wild. Wild versions of these vegetables are inedible because they defend themselves by producing toxins. They do that because they don't want to be eaten. What we get in stores or in our vegetable gardens, are the modified domesticated versions of these veggies. The fact is, whether it is a plant or an animal, every living thing just wants to live. But nothing has a designated 'right' to live, in the world of nature.

4. Cows are not that intelligent.
Vegans think cows know when they are about to be slaughtered. I got bad news for them, but they don't. They don't understand the concept of life and death. They may feel a temporary loss when one of their herd is killed, but it does not last long.

5. Vegans are hypocrites.
They call us meat-eaters hypocrites. But the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen are the vegans. Especially those who claim they do what they do for empathy towards animals, but then they bash other people who choose not to go vegan. Also, if you live in a house, or you have a garden, or you own a cat and you are a vegan, that also makes you technically a hypocrite.

6. No matter what the human race does, we are always going to be impacting other species in some way.
There is nothing we can do to keep our species going, and not in some way be affecting the existence of some other species. As I mentioned in my last post, we build houses, which takes land away from another animal. We plant gardens, which is encroaching on another animal's territory. And many vegans I know own cats, which kills all kinds of wild animals, and has even caused the extinction of many species over the years.

7. Eating meat is not a 100% horrible thing.
Again, everything we do is going to impact the existence of some other creature somewhere. Eating meat of an animal is not the worst thing that can happen to that animal. What is worse is if the animal is killed but not eaten. All those nutrients just go to waste then. Meat consumption is part of the natural cycle of living.

8. Humans were meant to eat some meat.
We are not strict herbivores like the vegans want us to believe. Strictly herbivorous animals have much longer digestive tracts than what we have. Herbivores can be identified by their natural pot-bellies. Humans are actually omnivores, which means we live best on a diet of both plant AND animal matter.

9. Face it, the only reason vegans feel for animals and not plants is because plants don't have faces.
It's a simple case of out of sight, out of mind. Animals panic and they have facial expressions that can show panic, thus making vegans feel sorry for them. Plants don't have faces, so they cannot show panic the way an animal can. They can only show panic on a bio-chemical level. But vegans do not understand this, because it is not actual, physically visual. Thus they do not feel sorry for plants.

10. Mushrooms are more closely related to people than they are to plants.
But yet, the vegans often eat mushrooms in place of meat. Why is that? Mushrooms also are living things that just want to live too. Don't they have a "right" to live without the threat of being eaten? Again, they use toxins to prevent themselves from being eaten by predatory humans. So, we should also not eat mushrooms, just like we should not eat animals.

I say, the animal is dead, it cannot feel anything. If we don't eat it, some other creature will. If you feel sorry for the animals, then also you have to feel sorry for plants too. You have to feel sorry for bacteria too. And viruses. These are all living things. They're all just trying to survive to reproduce. But we kill them for science, to prevent ourselves from getting sick, and in the case of plants, for food. But the cheeseburger we consume, is horrible and we are rotten people for eating it. It just doesn't make sense to me. The cheeseburger on our plate is the only thing on our plate that isn't going to feel pain when it is cut up.
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